Walkthrough for the Month of April [Persona 5/ P]

This article is for the month of April and a walkthrough for Persona 5. There may be some variations due to the choices made. But if you have better ideas then please comment below.

April Walkthrough

In the month of April, the protagonist finds himself being brought over to a family friend. While there, he gets to explore and visit some people to learn more about them. Despite his initial disinterest, he creates Social Links with them after his persona awakens. When moving around Shibuya, you can explore and interact with different people. While walking around, take note of the time of day and how much it can chew up.

If you want to check each of the confidants, click the linked names. Or, click here:

During this month, there is a palace that you will explore. For the full walkthrough of the palace, click here.

Also, before you use this guide there are several assumptions:

  1. You have a persona of that particular confidant. Having a persona of the matched confidant can easily boost your chances of maxing out the confidant faster.
  2. You have yen to throw around.
  3. You’re cocky enough to take on the palace the day after you found the infiltration route.


DISCLAIMER: Any similarity in activity may just be a coincidence. The format for the walkthrough may appear similar to other walkthroughs but there is no intention to copy. The information is also compiled also from our sister company: gamy.jp.

April Walkthrough

Date Details
April 9 Moving into Café Leblanc

  • All you can do now is Sleep.
April 10 Visiting Shujin High School

  • Just a bunch of cut-scenes. Nothing much to go with.
April 11 First day of school
April 12 Class Question Answer: Logic (Knowledge +1)
Debut of Kamoshida Palace
April 13 Investigation of Kamoshida Palace
April 14 Talk to Ann Takamaki for information.

  • There are a lot of cut-scenes here but I’m not gonna spoil.
April 15 Kamoshida Palace infiltration
April 16 Head over to Takemi Medical Clinic

  • Remember this place well. If you max out the Death arcana, she gives a bunch of cool stuff plus that SP Adhesive with Invigorate 3. That’s gonna be helpful especially in the long run.
April 17 Head to the Airsoft Shop

  • When you get inside, you’ll come across Munehisa Iwai. On a personal note, I don’t suggest buying anything yet since there are some stuff that can drop in the palace that are way better than the equipment there.

Evening: Leblanc

  • Now, you’ll have a crafting tutorial. You’ll learn how to make lockpicks. My suggestion: always keep at least 5 of them with you. A lot of the treasure chests per palace that require lockpicks have SP regen items which will definitely save your life.
April 18

After School

  • Head to the library and borrow the Captain Kidd book.
  • Part Time Job system unlocked.
  • Head over to Shibuya station and choose from one of the magazines
  • Note: For this case, I suggest either getting the Flower Shop or the Covenience Store. The Convenience Store doesn’t raise any parameters but it does give you information for one of your later requests. The Flower Shop on the other hand grants +2 Kindness and 3,200 yen. Bonus if your customer likes your flowers.
  • Before tackling any of the jobs, do buy Plant Nutrients. Every 16 days, you can feed your plant some Plant Nutrients giving you an easy +2 in the Kindness parameter. Although, there are times it can give you a +3. This is especially important for certain Social Confidants later on.


Buy crafting materials at Yongenjaya recycling shop.

  • One of the major reasons is that it’s easier to craft lockpicks. That way, you won’t have to miss any items on your first run.
  • It’s random so always check whenever you have the chance.

Head to Takemi Medical Clinic

  • Death Confidant Start
  • Best you max her out, she gives good items that can spare your SP chewing.
  • Every time (or at least almost every time you have an encounter with her), you get +1 in the Guts Parameter.


  • Clean your room


  • Answer to class question: C (Knowledge +1)



  • Spend more time with Ryuji
  • 1st Choice: I’m counting on you! (+3)
    2nd Choice: What about them?
    3rd Choice: Do you want to go back? (+2)
  • Use plant nutrients on plant in your room (Kindness +2)
  • Talk to the customers to make them leave Leblanc Cafe. That way, you can either study in one of the booths or read a book on the bar.
April 20 Morning

  • Reading on train: Captain Kidd book (Guts +3)


  • Head to the library to grab the Zorro book in exchange for Captain Kidd.
  • Check all healing items
  • Make sure you have the proper equipment.
  • Infiltrate Kamoshida Palace
  • Reach the treasure
April 21 Afternoon
Send a calling card

  • On a personal note, I always deal with the boss right after I finish the infiltration. That way, I block out one of the possible bad endings. Besides, you have more room for your parameters and social confidants this way.
  • Make sure you have your lockpicks. That way, you won’t miss anything.

Crafting Time!

  • Personally, this is far better than relying on that godforsaken batting cage for Proficiency. Not only do you make useful stuff for your missions but, you also kick up your proficiency.
  • My suggestion: make a lot of lockpicks, Stealthanol, and Goho-M. 
April 22 Kick Kamoshida to the curb and change his heart.
April 23 Morning

    • Class question: Singing (Knowledge +1)Afternoon
    • Spend time with Ryuji Sakamoto
    • 1st Choice: Let’s not fight (+1)
      2nd Choice: Calm Down, Ryuuji (+2)


  • Spend time with Sojiro Sakura (Hierophant Confidant Start)
  • This is one of the social confidants that need a certain level of kindness.
  • If you do manage to at least reach Level 6, you get a lot of buffs and your SP chewing won’t be so bad.
April 24 Afternoon

  • There are a lot of things you can do for the day. You can head over to the Diner in Shibuya along the Central Street and grab a parameter raising drink. Buy sell your stuff from the Palace (if you completed it already) and etc. Personally, I made my way to the Diner to kick up a stat of choice.
  • Watch movie at Shibuya theater (Guts +3)


  • Either read the Zorro book or study in the booth. It’s a toss up between Knowledge and Kindness.
April 25 Morning

  • Reading on train: Zorro book (+3 Kindness). If you didn’t read the book, you can still finish it the evening of this day.
  • Class question: Knowing your actions are wrong / Conviction that you’re right. (Knowledge +1)


  • Exchange Zorro book for Carmen book
  • Spend time with Tae Takemi (Guts +1)
  • Death Rank 2
    1st Choice: “I have a bad heart.”+2
    2nd Choice: “I agree.”+2


  • Spend 500 yen in the Bath House (+2/+3 Charm)
  • This would work better if it were raining. However, there’s also a chance that it’ll buff your Guts instead.
April 26 Afternoon

Things you can do:

    • Order Hamburger at Big Bang Burger (Knowledge +2, Kindness +1)
    • Diner – choose your drink of choice for a +1 of your parameter of choice
    • Part-Time Job (Flower Shop for Kindness, Convenience Store for money, Beef Bowl for Proficiency)
    • Airsoft Shop for buy and sell
    • Cinema
    • Check for any available Social Confidants


  • Spend time with Sojiro Sakura (+3 Kindness)
  • Hierophant Rank 2
    1st Choice: Making Coffee (+2)
    2nd Choice: That guy seemed suspicious (+2)
    3rd Choice: I want the ladies to love me (+2)
April 27 Morning

  • Answer class question: Four (Knowledge +1)



  • Spend time with Ryuji Sakamoto
  • Note: This may vary depending if (A) You have a persona to the corresponding arcana, (B) You’ve been constantly trying to max this portion out, (C) Not spending time with him at all.


  • Train in how to make coffee (Leblanc)
  • This is especially helpful when you’re running dungeons. Majority of the coffee heals SP. Most of all, this also helps in raising your Social Confidants should one of them want to hang out with you.
April 28 Afternoon

  • Spend time with Ryuji Sakamoto
    Chariot Rank 4
    1st Choice: Are you worried about him?+3
    2nd Choice: But you’re doing great! (+3)/ I know how you feel (+3)

Bathhouse (Charm +3)

April 29 Afternoon

Spend time with Ryuji Sakamoto at Ogikubo

  • When doing this option, Ogikubo appears in the map and you guys can go get Monja.
  • Here, you can also invite people to different places and increase their Social Confidant points.
  • Sometimes, another confidant will appear in that area making it a double whammy for both confidants.


Choose either to:

  • Study
  • Craft items
  • Make Coffee
  • Read a book
April 30 Morning

  • Reading on train: Carmen book (+3 Charm)
  • Class question: Wonder / Child / A prodigy (Knowledge +1)


  • Spend time with Tae Takemi (Guts +1)
  • Death Rank 3
    3rd Choice: “I don’t mind.” +2 / “I need the medicine.” +2


  • Spend time with Sojiro Sakura
  • Hierophant Rank 3
    1st Choice Medium Fine +2
    2nd Choice: Is it troublesome? +2

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I have no idea how a starting character would be able to finish the castle in one day. I ran out of SP about a third of the way through, and physical attacks take way too long to be effective. Other than that this guide is very thorough and helpful, though.

Tried this guide but on April 20 only reached halfway before running out of SP. So my calendar days got messup.

I usually use more physical attacks than SP-consuming skills to have an easier time. It should get you at least to finish the infiltration.

I already follow all your instruction but On April 19 when i spent my time with Ryuji in the 3rd choice i choose “do you want to go back?” But I only got 1 point (even i choose the other one i still got 1 point)

Katherine Baskerville

This may be due to lacking a persona under his Arcana. Check if you have a persona under Chariot. ????