Persona 5 Royal - Fishing Mini Game

Guide on the Fishing Mini-Game in Persona 5 (P5), including method, bait types, and species of fish.

Fishing Mini Game

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In comparison to Persona 4 Golden, there is no need to acquire a fishing rod to start fishing in Persona 5. To start the mini-game, head to the Ichigaya fishing pond near Shinjuku and pay ¥3000. By paying the fee, you will obtain 7 “Small Boilies.” When you reel in multiple fish, there is a chance to obtain prizes.

The best time to fish is in the evening because you can take advantage of a discount. You will earn some Proficiency after a fishing session.

How to unlock fishing

There are two ways to unlock fishing> You can either purchase the book “Fishpond Spotter” or have Ryuji invite you to the fishing spot.

How to catch a Fish

The first step to becoming a good angler is to use the appropriate bait. The next step is to determine which direction to throw the bait. Before throwing the bait, a power gauge will be displayed. The distance covered depends on the force applied. After some time, it is possible to get a “Hit.” Reel in with the ○ button. Keep everything aligned with L1. To successfully catch the fish, you have to drag it all the way to yourself.

Third Eye

You need to visit the Hinokuniya bookstore in Shinjuku and buy the book “Essence of Fishing” for 2,800 yen. Read the book and you will obtain the third eye ability. To use the ability, press L1 to spot which fish sparkle. This helps you determine which yields better points. This is handy for reeling in the points needed to purchase the best bait.

Attendant’s Shop

Fishing rods

Name Points (Pt)
Casual rod 300
Powerful rod 2,000
Miracle rod 10,000

Bait types

Name Points (Pt) Fish Size Fish caught
Small Boilie Small Otakaramasu
Medium Boilie 60 Medium
Large Boilie 250 Large Musou Bee
Delish Bitterling
Top-class Boilie 400 Large Ichigaya Guardian

Earning the trophy

You can earn the “Guardian of the Pond” achievement by luring the Ichigaya Guardian to you. You need to use the “Top-class Boilie,” which costs 400 points to unlock. Once you have the bait, you have to catch six fish in one sitting to summon the guardian. Use third eye to spot the guardian, a sparkling golden fish. Once you found its spot, isolate it from the rest of the group to minimize your chance of reeling an unwanted fish. Keep tossing the bait and retrieve it to make the guardian draw closer. When the guardian is close enough to the edge, let it bite the bait and reel it in. Catch it successfully to earn the trophy.

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    • Maybe you should get good?

      Not to be rude, but I haven’t known anyone to have too many issues catching fish, at least not after they get the hang of it. It’s tough to figure out for sure, but the better rods also help in many ways. You can get them through points, but I think there’s also one you can get at the sporting goods store in the Underground Mall in Shibuya.

  1. In Persona 5 Royal you need to use Unsuspicious Bait to be able to get hit from Guardian, I tried to use Top Bait, it will chase then it will neglect the bait once it near. and there is no trophy for p5r

    • I don’t recall what bait I used to catch the Guardian in P5R, but I will say that while there is no trophy, there is an achievement in the Thieves’ Den.