Mini-Game: Fishing [Persona 5/P5]

This Page contains a guide on the Fishing Mini-Game, including How to Participate, What to obtain, and What bait to use. We will be updating this as we go along.

Mini-Game: Fishing

This article contains information on the Fishing Mini-Game in Persona 5. It provides a summary on how to participate, how to catch a fish, which bait to use, and the corresponding fish that can be captured.


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In comparison to Persona 4 Golden, there is no need to acquire a Fishing Rod to start Fishing in Persona 5. To start the Mini-Game, simply head to the Ichigaya Fishing Pond near Shinjuku and pay ¥3000. By paying the fee, you will obtain 7 “Small Bait.” When you reel in several Fishes, there is a chance to obtain prizes.

The best time to Fish is during the evening as the Spot offers a discount.

How to catch a Fish

The first step to become a good angler is to use the appropriate bait. The next approach is to determine which direction to throw the bait. Before throwing the bait, a Power Gauge will be displayed, and the distance covered depends on the force applied. After some time, it is possible to get a “Hit.” As soon as it reaches the red Gauge, pull it with the ○ button. Keep it aligned with the L button. To successfully catch it, you have to drag it all the way to the last tile just before you.

Bait Types

Name* Fish Size* Obtained Fish*
Small Baits Small Otakaramasu
Medium Baits Medium
Large Baits Large Musou Bee
Delicious Tanago
Top Grade Feed Large Ichigaya Nuushi

*Please bear with us as we struggle to translate these terminologies
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