Judgement Arcana Compendium [Persona 5/ P5]

This article contains a guide for the Judgement Arcana.

Judgement Arcana (XX)

When using the Judgement Arcana, they’re not exactly the best to run with. The social link for this can sometimes take long to level up thus, granting less EXP. However, they do have a variety of attacks. But their main specialty is their ability to cast Almighty damage. Spells such as Megido and Megidolaon are common among the persona under the Judgement Arcana.

The Judgement under the Tarot cards are associated with realizing one’s calling. People who are under this card also show that they gained a deep understanding of life. They also have a feeling of acceptance and absolution.

Persona under this arcana also are deities shown at Judgement day. They are the deities that escort the souls and try to keep the rest of the universe in balance. Commonly, they show that they are intelligent beings. Those under the Judgement arcana view the world to have infinite possibilities. These persona are powerful when combining their intuition with their smarts, their thought process is among the most vast and realistic.

For the Judgement Arcana, Persona 5 has Sae Nijima as its confidant.

Level Persona Name Level Persona Name
37 Anubis 59 Trumpeter
64 Yamato no Orochi 74 Abbadon
81 Messiah 82 Shiva
87 Michael 90 Messiah Picaro
92 Satan

Other Personas

Fool Magician Priestess
Empress Emperor Hierophant
Lovers Chariot Justice
Hermit Fortune Strength
Hangedman Death Temperance
Devil Tower Star
Moon Sun Judgement

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