Persona 5 Royal - Judgement Arcana Compendium

A list of different Personas under the Judgement Arcana in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. The personas under this arcana show awareness and view infinite possibilities.

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Judgement Arcana (XX)

Persona of the Judgment Arcana are often not the best to run with, as the Judgment Confidant can take a long time to level up. On the other hand, they normally have a variety of attacks and often have the ability to cast Almighty damage.

The Judgement is associated with realizing one’s calling. People who are under this card show a deep understanding of life. They also have a feeling of acceptance and absolution.

Persona under this arcana are deities shown at Judgement day. They are the deities that escort souls and try to keep the rest of the universe in balance. Commonly, they show that they are intelligent beings. Those under the Judgement arcana view the world to have infinite possibilities. These persona are powerful when combining their intuition with their smarts.

For the Judgement Arcana, Persona 5 has Sae Nijima as its confidant.

Persona Compendium

Judgement Arcana Compendium

Level Persona Name Level Persona Name
37 Anubis 59 Trumpeter
64 Yamata-no-Orochi 74 Abbadon
75 Abbadon (P5R) 81 Messiah
82 Shiva 87 Michael
90 Messiah Picaro 92 Satan
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Persona Compendium

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