Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Madarame Palace Guide Walkthrough

This article contains the walkthrough for Madarame Palace.

A guide for Madarame's Palace in Persona 5. Includes a step by step walkthrough for clearing the palace and all of the puzzles within.

Madarame Palace Overview

Start of Madarame Palace: Wednesday, May 18

Deadline: Friday, June 3

Recommended Level: 20

Number of Lockpicks required: 4

First Phase: Infiltration of Madarame Palace

When you first infiltrate Madarame Palace, you’ll find yourself near a row of cars. Jump on top of a nearby truck and jump over the wall to get inside. Make a right and head down the grassy entrance. Continue onward until you reach the fountain.

Once you arrive, you’ll find a couple of pedestals to climb. Jump up the pedestals and make your way across until you spot a guard. If you want to avoid the guard, make your way to a platform that connects to the arch over the roving security guard.

Continue climbing up until you find an open window on the roof. Head inside.

Art Museum: Museum Special Exhibition Room

Once inside, you’ll find yourself in the museum’s special exhibition room. Jump down from the ledge and you’ll find yourself surrounded with paintings. Don’t just leave the room yet. There are some infrared sensors in the room. Triggering them will cause problems. Slowly approach and press 〇 to dash underneath.

After passing, you’ll find yourself blocked off. There are two roving guards near two security sensors. Head to your left and wait for a guard to get close. When he gets close and turns his back, jump him to trigger a battle. You’ll find the shadow Mokoi. Defeat one of them before negotiating with the other to add him to your team.

After defeating the guard, head down the hall. If you make a left, you’ll find yourself cornered by another guard. To save yourself some trouble, head forward until you find some more sensors. Slide through them to move on.

Once you slide down through the sensors, you’ll find another guard. Wait for him to turn his back and then take him down. You’ll find yourself fighting against Hua Po. Her fire and healing skills can be helpful throughout the dungeon.

After you finish off Hua Po, run straight into the wall until you notice another guard behind the wall. Ambush him and trigger a battle with Apsaras. She has some Bufu skills and healing skills that can be very useful, so it is recommended to try negotiating with her.

When you defeat Apsaras, head through the hole to another gallery. Jump over the Infrared sensor before moving on. However, take note of the locked elevator. Unlock it before making a right into the reception area where you’ll spot two roaming Shadows. Hug the wall and head into the door where you can walk past them. Now, you’ll have two paths. You can either slide through the sensors or climb the stairs.

Slide through the sensors first and then climb the stairs. Enter through the door before making it into the hallway. Make a right before following the hallway and making a left. Jump and slide through the sensors before you finally reach the Safe Room in front of you. Enter the safe room for a checkpoint before going out to resume the infiltration.

Once out, make a right before noticing another guard roving down the hallway. Wait for him to turn his back before you can finally ambush it. Once you ambush the Shadows, you’ll find yourself against Koropokkuru. Their weak against Agi and resist Physical attacks (sans Slash). So, if you want to negotiate, lower its health using the attacks it resists.

When you’re done with that, make a left and hug the walls to make a right. You’ll spot another Shadow. If you ambush it, you’ll get Hua Po and Apsaras. After that, head back and you’ll spot a treasure chest at the other corner right above the Safe Room. Grab it and move on.

Next, head down the hall. Instead of heading tot he dead end, head to the path extending to another hall. You’ll find another shadow moving there. Ambush it to grab Mandrakes. Attack with a spell before knocking them down with your gun for an easy negotiation. If you make another right, ambush the shadow for Apsaras and Koropokkuru.

After you finish them off, walk past the arrow pointing right. Behind it, there’s a treasure chest. Next, head out and follow up the path to make a left. Once you do, you’ll find another Shadow. Ambush him and shoot down Hua Po and Mokoi. With that, head straight before opening the door on the left for a shortcut.

Head back after that, watching out for the lasers. Afterward, head up the stairs.

2nd Floor

Walk past the gold vase to trigger the cutscene. Unfortunately, you’ll have to run alone for a bit. Use your Eagle Vision to find a way to climb up the ledges on your right. Jump up and you’ll find yourself faced with a roving Shadow. Wait for the guard to turn around before rushing to the button behind a cabinet. Press it and you’ll drop the walls encasing Ann. After that, run to her to join up with her.

When you’re done, head up the wall again. This time, you’ll be able to cross to the other side to free Ryuji. When you get there, drop down and run to the portrait in front of you. Remove the portrait and activate the button. Doing so will free Ryuji. Don’t press the button near the crates. It’ll summon a Shadow.

Last is Morgana. Instead of pressing the button near the crates, climb up the crates and squeeze your way through the vent. Follow the pathway until you reach a locked security room. Head to the laptop and try to turn off the lasers. Unfortunately, you need a password. Head out and you’ll find two shadows talking to each other. Crouch and hide behind the wall to listen for the password. The password is Hello flipped – 07734.

Head back to the security room and input the password. With that, the lasers will disappear and release Morgana.

After that, approach Morgana and trigger a cutscene. Apparently, the golden vase has some appeal to it. Interact with it and a purple gem will appear. Morgana tells you to chase it. Do so and you’ll encounter the Regent. You could either kill it for heavy gains or recruit it as fusion material.

After that, run down the hallway and break one of the vases for items. Then, turn left and head over the wall. There’s a shadow there which you can take down. Head into the bathrooms for items. Next, head out of the bathrooms before making a left. Then, immediately make a right to make your way to a Safe Room.

When you’re done, head down the hallway until you reach a large room with some machines. Hug against the wall before climbing the stairs on the right. Grab the treasure chests before making your way back down again.

Once you’re downstairs, take down the Shadows roaming nearby. When you’re done, follow the pathway until you reach a gallery. There, you’ll trigger a cutscene. When you do so, several shadows will pop up and you’ll have to take them down. There’s a treasure chest at the end of the room. Take down the shadow if you want the treasure chest.

However, you’ll find that you’re still trapped. If you want to get out, look for a distorted painting. It should be a picture of a blue haired man in a black suit, a white button up, and a yellow and black striped necktie. Once you find it, take it down to find a button. Press the button and all the entrances will open up. Head out of the room through the golden door. On the map, it should be marked by a yellow line.

Golden Hall

Head down the hallway and you’ll find a room similar to the Safe Room. However, Ryuji stops you. Apparently, there’s something wrong with the place. Suddenly, everything fades out and you’ll notice the room change. Head down the path and move the dividers aside. You’ll find that there are red lasers covering the floor. There’s a security system blocking it and you can only get through it while an exhibition is going on. With that, head back to the Safe Room and head out the same way you entered. Get ready to enter the museum again the next day.

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