The Magician Confidant – Morgana [Persona 5]

Detailed guide on the Magician Arcana. We will update this as we go along.

Morgana Confidant Guide

Morgana is the next confidant you unlock. This character is focused on cat-like abilities, with “kitty talk” and “moxie” being main focuses. A black cat with blue eyes most of the time, Morgana can transform into an anthropomorphic bipedal creature.

As the Magician Arcana, he often times uses Garu spells that can turn things around. When moving to the middle levels, Morgana uses debuffs which can help tilt the battle in your favour. His persona, Zorro, is the representation of the whole Magician Arcana within the team. When maxed out, his persona evolves into Mercurius.

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Morgana is unlocked in-story.

Magician Abilities 

Rank Name Effect Date
1 Infiltration Tool Recipe When you start the arcana, you can create infiltration tools to help with your heists. 4/15
2 Baton Pass When a 1 More is triggered, you can change the turn to this character or MC. An attack boost passes on to the next character. This stacks onto every character you perform a Baton Pass on.

However, this only works on members who already have learned Baton Pass.

The day you submit the advance notice and arrive at the treasure.
3 Final Blow If MC’s attack doesn’t down the enemy, Morgana can follow up.
4 Kitty Talk When shadow negotiations break down, a follow-up can occur and you can retry negotiations. 6/20
5 Treasure Pillage When MC connects with a melee attack, you can mug items from the enemy.
6 Best Tools Recipe You are now able to produce all the tools. 7/25
7 Paper Fan Recovery Morgana can now perform condition cleanses on allies occasionally. 8/29
8 Moxie When an attack will deplete all remaining HP, there’s a chance to endure the hit and be reduced to 1 HP instead. 9/17
9 Covering When an attack will hit the weak point of MC, there’s a chance this ally will take the hit for them in his place.
10 Super awakening Morgana’s Persona Zorro will evolve into its final form: Mercurius.

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