Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Cleaner Mini-Boss Guide

Guide for Shadow Cleaner, a mini-boss in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes the mini-boss's stats, attacks, and strategy.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Cleaner Mini-Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat the Shadow Cleaner Mini-Boss

The Shadow Yakuza Cleaner is a mini-boss in the Shido Palace. The mini-boss is encountered at the engine room of the palace.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Cleaner Mini-Boss Guide

Persona 5 Shido Palace Guide  Persona 5 Royal Shido Palace Guide

Shadow Cleaner Boss Stats

Level 60
HP 5,000
SP 450
Strength 80
Magic 80
Endurance 44
Agility 51
Luck 41
EXP 6,080
Money 11,900
Item Rewards

Shadow Cleaner Mini-Boss Skills

1) Physical attacks

The boss has two physical attacks in the form of the weaker Tempest Slash and the stronger Myriad Slash.

2) Curse Amp

Amplifies curse attacks, excluding knock out spells, by 50%.

3) Maeigaon

Heavy curse damage to the entire party.

4) Rakunda

Single target defense debuff for three turns.

5) Ailment susceptibility skills

Can cast either Foul Breath which affects a single target or Stagnant Air which affects everyone on the field.

6) Mudoon

Moderate chance to deal a curse type single target knock out

7) Buffs

He can cast either Tarukaja on an ally to buff its attack, or Heat Riser to buff all of their stats.

Mini-Boss Strategy

1) Stack Buffs and Debuffs

A combination of party buffs and enemy debuffs will go a long way in this fight since Ongyo-ki has massive offensive strength and tends to prey on your debuffed allies. Cast Masukukaja to raise your party’s accuracy and evasion and follow up with attack and defense debuffs on the boss. He has a ton of health and no weakness in his boss form. Use powerful spells like Freidyne to take out a decent chunk of its health. Since the boss employs a variety of area of effect attacks, you need to maintain the party’s defense and health with the help of support units like Makoto and Morgana. To conquer this long drawn out game of cat and mouse, assign a member to counter his buffs and debuffs with your own. Persist and keep channeling all your heavy-hitting skills to eventually take him down.

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  1. somehow i managed to survive with almost zero SP, I didn’t have a way to go back and heal so I thought: Well, might as well try to kiss his ass.
    If it wasn’t for Mona’s Miracle Punch with a lot of critical hits I wouldn’t have done it haha

    • Hi! IIRC, the Shadow Cleaner has no property weakness that you can exploit. Apart from Nuke attacks, you can use Bless or Almighty attacks if available.