Persona 5 Royal - Infiltration Tools Crafting Guide

Crafting Infiltration Tools guide for in Persona 5 Royal, including how to craft, how to unlock other tools, and trophies and achievement unlocked.

Persona 5 Royal - Infiltration Tools Crafting Guide

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Infiltration Tools Crafting Guide for Persona 5 Royal

Infiltration Tools are items in Persona 5 Royal that you can use when exploring Palaces and Memento dungeons. They will come in handy in different situations in the game. Some can only be used during combat, others during exploration. Be sure to gather the required materials to make them and stock up before setting foot on a mission.

You can create Infiltration Tools, which can be used during your explorations in palaces and Mementos. Among these tools is the lockpick, which allows you to open locked treasure chests. Some tools are only usable during battles. Crafting gives you Proficiency +2.

How to Craft

To start crafting, go to your work desk in Le Blanc and speak to Morgana. Answer “Let’s make some tools” to begin. You can then choose from an array of unlocked tools to craft, each requiring certain materials. You can obtain materials from heists or by purchasing from shops like “Yumenoshima” in Yongen-jaya, or the “Old machine-parts store” in Akihabara. Each session will raise your Proficiency skill.

Initially, you can only craft in the evening, but if you raise your rank with Sadayo Kawakami, you can craft tools during class. In addition, if you unlock “Super Housework Agent” at confidant rank 7,  she can make the tools for you.

Temperance Confidant

Persona 5 Royal Crafting Update

Unlike the original, the protagonist can craft multiple infiltration tools per session. Read the book, “The ABCs of Crafting,” to have more attempts for each time you craft.


How to Unlock Other Tools

At the start of the game, you can only craft a limited amount of tools. You can update the craft when you reach confidant rank 6 with Morgana.

Magician Confidant

Battle Tools

Tool Required materials Effect
Vanish Ball Thick parchment x1, Plant balm x1 Flee from battle
Spotlight Thick parchment x2, Cork bark x2, Silk yarn x1 Draws attention of enemies to self
Limelight Condenser lens x4, Aluminum sheet x2, Tanned leather x4 Ally draws enemies’ attention
Element Set Tin clasp x3, Iron Sand x3, Cork bark x3 Receive Flame bottle, Frozen spray, Air cannon, and Stun gun
Forces Set Silk yarn x3, Iron sand x3, Condenser lens x3 Receive Psychobomb, Atomb bomb, Happy bomb, and Nuclear bomb
Megido Bomb Tanned leather x4, Red phosphorus x3, Liquid mercury x2 Nullifies elemental attributes and deals 100 damage to all enemies

Palace Tools

Tool Required materials Effect
Lockpick Silk yarn x1, Tin clasp x1 Unlocks chest
Eternal lockpick Aluminum sheet x20, Liquid mercury x10 Unlock an infinite number of chests
Stealthanol Plant balm x2 Slightly lowers enemy’s detection rate +10%
Convertizer Plant balm x2, Cork bark x2 Moderately lowers enemy’s detection rate +30%

Urgent Tools

Tool Required materials Effect
Goho-M Plant balm x1, Silk Yarn x1 Leaves dungeon instantly
Smokescreen Thicker parchment x2, Plant balm x2 Avoids enemy detection (lasts 30 seconds)
Hypno Mist Silk yarn x3, Plant balm x1, Iron sand x3 Puts surrounding enemies to sleep
Reserve Ammo Iron sand x10, Aluminum sheet x10, Red phosphorus x10 Restores gun ammo
Treasure trap Silk yarn x2, Plant balm x3, Cork bark x1 Gain higher chance to encounter Treasure demon
Calming Aroma

Craftworker Trophy

An unlockable achievement is available once you have crafted every tool at least once. While you can have Kawakami craft tools on your behalf, you need to craft them yourself to earn the trophy.

Trophy List

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  1. In P5R, you can control the amount of tools you can make, the amount of the total items you can craft is based on your proficiency, and your tool set. But can be improved by reading the ABC of Crafting or buying some tools that will help you yield more tools.

    ABC of Crafting red, Max Proficiency and Expert Crafting tools will also allow you to make at 24 tools at maxed.