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What is a Persona?

First off, what is a Persona?

In Jung’s Analytical psychology, a Persona is a mask that we all wear. The Persona is the outer part of the human personality which we also deem as socially acceptable. In a personality, there are two components – the Shadow and the Persona. When referring to the Shadow, it is a representation of our primal side. All our desires and inner feelings manifest as shadows. Because some desires may not be socially acceptable, people keep them constantly suppressed.

In Persona 5, the Shadow is a part of a Palace. The palace is a place where all distorted desires come to life. The stronger it is, the bigger the palace. If one wants to survive in the palace, they must awaken their inner selves. The persona then becomes their crystallized feelings and form. It takes the form of a mask that once ripped off, it means that one reveals their true self to the world.

Characters from Persona

While Persona 3 delves with the end of the world, Persona 4 deals with the journey to the Truth, Persona 5 has a different theme and take. As its theme is related to the injustices in society, many of the characters that are involved in the game have suffered injustice in different ways.

The protagonist is wrongly accused for sexually assaulting a woman.

Ann Takamaki is coerced into sexual favours for the sake of her friend.

Teachers label Ryuji Sakamoto as a problem student due to his issue with Kamoshida.

Futaba Sakura believes her own  mother hates her because of a falsified will.

Yusuke Kitagawa finds his works being plagiarized.

These are the few examples in the game that reflect the injustices of society.

How to get a Persona

In Persona 5, it’s not the usual card choosing after beating the enemy. They first appear as Shadows and actually have consciousnesses of their own. Each of them has a particular personality which allows them to interact with you. As they are born from a sea of souls, they also have feelings which require you to negotiate with them.

Persona Fusion

Some of the summons can be fusioned. Others, one finds them in the palace. But there are some that are unique depending on the request and area. If you want to acquire particular summon with certain skills, you have to fuse them properly. One social confidant, the Strength confidant, requires you to fuse them with specific skills.

However, the fusion also is accompanied with something known as Arcana Burst. This is an ability you can get from the Fool Arcana confidant. This grants the persona you fuse with more bonus exp. Thus, it’ll be easier to level them up when you do so.

Human Parameters

Despite the battle-based game, it is one of the few to acknowledge real-life situations. In this case, the character has particular parameters to max out. In doing so, he can accomplish a variety of things. There are certain activities that will allow you to max out your parameters. One of the main benefits is that it helps in maxing out one’s Social Confidant.

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