Persona 5 Royal - P5 Futaba Palace Overview and Infiltration Guide

A complete walkthrough and strategy guide of Futaba Palace in Persona 5. This includes a list of characters, obtainable items, equipment, enemies, infiltration guides, and a boss strategy guide for Cognitive Wakaba.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - P5 Futaba Palace Overview and Infiltration Guide

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Guide for Futaba Palace in Persona 5

Start: Tuesday, July 26

Deadline: Friday, August 19

Recommended Level: 35

Number of Lockpicks required: 3

Futaba Palace Shadows

Name Absorb Resist Weak Null
Sandman Wind Elec
Anzu Ice Gun, Nuke
Naga Wind Elec
Thoth Psi Nuke, Bless
Lamia Gun, Elec Ice Curse
Anubis Bless, Curse
Isis Psy Bless, Curse

Futaba Palace Infiltration Guide

First Infiltration Phase

As the bus arrives, a dialogue will start between the team. Head left past some columns to find a flight of steps that direct you to the palace entrance. At the entrance, there are two steps on either side. Choose the left and leap from one concrete pillar to the next to get across the other side. Examine the gate to trigger a cutscene. It seems that there must be another way to get inside. After the scene pans out, backtrack to return to the palace entrance.

As you reach the entrance, there will be a cutscene with Futaba. Interact with her for a dialogue. She sends you to search for something she lost in the nearby city. Another cutscene will play by the time you get back to the main entrance. Proceed to the elevated platform near some vegetation and inspect the ground to get a clear view of the town. A cutscene will play.

You will arrive at an alley. Head past the first intersection and go straight ahead as you dodge the eyes of the Shadow on your right. Before you cross the open area, wait for the second Shadow to move farther away. Sneak past while its back is turned and turn right. Head straight, passing by a store with a green signboard. Keep going and ignore the opening on the left, then as you pass through the blue chalice signpost. Make a right to turn by the pole. Head through the opening by the concrete barrier lined with clay pottery to trigger a cutscene. It seems that the area is abandoned. An unknown figure will appear.

As the cutscene ends, there will be a Shadow patrolling your immediate left where the figure passed through. Battle with the Shadow to encounter several Sandmen. Use Electric magic to deal tremendous amounts of damage to the Shadows. Turn right to find the path that forked earlier. As you reach a dead end, turn right to find another patrolling Shadow. Standby at the barrier and wait for it to turn around. Sneak at the back to trigger an ambush. You will face Anzu. Use guns to strike its weakness, then follow with negotiate to end the battle immediately.

Exit the shanty town. Then, return to find the thief idle on the path a bit near the first intersection. Chase after him to trigger a cutscene. Take note of the direction he went and go after him. He will idle by the opposite side. Return to the first intersection, defeat the shadow, then approach him from the front. He will now head straight to the square. Follow him to activate a cutscene. He will eventually call upon his Persona.

Mid-Boss Battle: Garuda

Garuda uses Garudyne to attack single party members and Magarudyne to hit everyone. Both deal around 63 damage each time he attacks. Use the Protagonist’s Giant Slash to deal a huge chunk of damage and prioritize Anne’s gun skills to whittle it down. By conquering the battle you will obtain the Special Key. Another cutscene will play. Head back to the Pyramid to conclude this short diversion.


A dialogue will ensue. Return to the main entrance for the second time and look for Futaba, who is standing by the steps. Interact with her to report on the status of the Stolen item. She will reward you with a Map of the Pyramid. Then, an event will occur.

Exploring the lower floor, turn right and leap across the puddle. Then, on the second obstacle, wait for the patrolling Shadow to turn its back to you. Leap and sneak for an ambush. Use Wind damage like Anzu’s attack to strike a fierce hit then negotiate with one Naga to add it to your compendium. As the battle ends, continue straight and leap across to the other side with some pottery lying around. Interact with it to find an item.

Head back past the water again, then approach the tombs to reach the upper platform. There will be two more Shadows patrolling the area. Wait for the nearby one to turn around then use Ambush. After clearing the Sand Man, approach the tomb to move to the next area. Nothing to see on this level, so reach for another Tombstone to scale to the next area. Make a left turn and leap across the water. Ambush the approaching Shadow to take it out. Interact with the door to move on to the next location.

Head up the steps. Keep going and a cutscene will play. Be wary of the patrolling quadruped Shadow; sneak behind it for an ambush. You will encounter Thoth, whose weakness is Psy magic. Knock it down and negotiate to invite it to join the roster. Keep going past the two pillars to activate a cutscene showing the path ahead is a dead end. There is another Shadow at the far end. Sneak behind it to take it out. Beyond it is a treasure chest that you can open for an item. Reach for the steps, then use ambush to find a pack of Lamia. Take out one then Negotiate with the other. Reach for the door to escape the dungeon and arrive back near the entrance.

Pyramids – Revisited

Backtrack to the site where you will find the dead end with the unique guarding Shadow situated near two towering pillars.

Mid-Boss Battle: Mot

The sarcophagus Persona is weak to Wind magic, thus if you got Anzu earlier it is recommended to use it. Mot summons Lamia to his side. Attack Lamia with Ice magic to cripple it, then focus on Mot with a combination of heavy Physical and Gun damage in addition to Wind magic such as Anzu to remove a large portion of his health. By defeating him, you will obtain an item, a generous amount of EXP, and ¥53,368. A cutscene will play.

After a short intermission, head to the right tombstone to scale to the upper platform. Dash for the door that lies ahead to move to the next area. Get across the planks that line the area to reach the opposite side. Head left to find a dead end with some pottery and a huge ballista in the corner. Inspect the corner to trigger a cutscene. Return to the bridge, this time head left to the intersection that was ignored earlier. Scale the platform to reach the upper area, then just before you climb up the second one. Wait for the Shadow to turn around so that you can use ambush to take it out. Operate the lever on the right to open the nearby door. Inspect the row of pottery in the corner for an item. Examine the mechanism for a cutscene, then inspect the wall near it to find more clues on how to operate it.

Head back to the opposite side where the Ballista was. Scale the path on the right to Ambush on the nearby Shadow. Defeat the Lamia for some EXP. Proceed to the huge gate for another dialogue. Before dropping off to the lower platform, check the Anubis head pottery for an item. Cross the bridge, turn left, scale the platform then inspect the left wall to scale to the ledge above. Cross the ledge to get to the alcove where the switch lies. Activate the switch to trigger the mechanism, opening the huge gate. Return to the huge gate and it will open.

Collecting the Anubis Statue Orbs

Enter the door ahead and check the inscription for another cutscene. Stick to the wall and wait for the patrolling quadrupedal Shadow to turn around. Strike with an Ambush to encounter Thoth and Isis. Take out Thoth and negotiate to add Isis to your compendium. Face the row of sarcophagi, then approach the second from the left to climb to the upper floor. Inspect the corner on the left to steal an item, then proceed to the door. Enter the room and inspect the Anubis statue bearing the orb on the right to activate a cutscene. Collect the item it’s holding and more Shadows will spawn outside. Wait until the nearest one turns around and ambush it. Defeat Isis, then head to the row of sarcophagi. Scale the second from the left, then face another row. Repeat to get to the uppermost floor. Ambush the lurking Shadow to take it out. Head to the end, then scale the middle sarcophagus. Enter the nearest door to find another Anubis statue. Collect the second orb. A Shadow will spawn in the other room. Ambush it to find a swarm of Lamia. Reach for the door at the far end after the fight to enter a new room with another contraption reflecting light on an adjacent wall. A cutscene immediately plays.

Approach the contraption to inspect it. Another cutscene will occur. Head to the corner and check the two urns resting there. Place the orbs on each of the urns and a cutscene will play, activating the mechanism and opening the door. Descend the inclined plane and drop to find yourself back near the entrance. Leap from pillar to pillar and ascend the steps again to trigger another cutscene. Follow the straight path. Just before the door ahead is a safe room to the right. Examine the door on the opposite side, a cutscene will commence. Follow the trail to find a door at the end. Enter it for a cutscene with Futaba.

Follow Sakura and another cutscene will play. Ignore the area where Sakura is for now, instead heading left to find a flight of steps. Ascend it and ambush the Shadow to fight Anubis. Knock it down and negotiate to add it to your party. Follow the path the Shadow was previously guarding, then leap to reach the other side. Ambush the scouting Shadow to encounter four Lamia. Take them out before entering the door on the right. On your right is a line of pillars. Jump across them to reach another row of pillars to cross. A door is waiting at the end of the path. Ignore the Anubis statue on your left and proceed through the door. Sneak behind it and use Ambush to take it out. At the dead end is another contraption; inspect it to find another cutscene. Return to the door and take the Orb from the Anubis statue. Drop to the lower platform and head back to the area with the spike trap Futaba went through.

Pursue Sakura Futaba – Lifting the Spell

Ambush the patrolling quadrupedal Shadow to fight a Thoth and Naga. Check the right section to find a treasure chest. Head to the left door and ambush the patrolling Shadow to take it out. Follow the path to find some pottery in an alcove. Examine the one in the middle to obtain an item, then reach for the door on the right end of the room. Do not enter yet, as there is a quadrupedal Shadow close by. Once it has its back to you, sneak behind it to enter the door in the middle. Exit to find that it has disappeared. Now, enter the door it was guarding. Head right, climb the left sarcophagus and enter the door. Scale the wall to reach the upper platform and open the door. Ambush the Shadow that spawns from the sarcophagus. Open the chest to obtain an accessory. Scale the platform to your left, then turn right. Inspect another Anubis statue. Place the Orb from the previous statue onto this one. Descend the steps and enter the door to progress to the next area. At the end of the area is another switch. Operate it to trigger the mechanism. Drop down to reach the ground, then head left. Scale the tomb second from the right. Go past the reflected light, then inspect the chest in the room on the end.  Exit through the left path.

Inspect the contraption in the middle. A cutscene will play. Interact with the control panel and it will bring up the painting in front of you.

Puzzle: Egyptian Painting

The aim of this puzzle is to re-arrange the sections of the painting so that it forms a logical sequence. It is a landscape divided into five sections. However, once you place one section on another, the rest will be pushed to the side. The correct order of the landscape should be bird-woman-woman’s hand-treaty-businessman-businessmen. Place the fourth panel onto the first panel, then place the second panel in the third slot. Finally, place the fifth panel into the third slot to decipher the code. A cutscene will play. Finally, the contraption will activate and unlock the door. Drop down to reach the lowest level, then scale the steps, approaching the door ahead. Another cutscene will play. Record your progress before pushing onward.


Enter the door opposite the save room to trigger a cutscene. Turn right and ambush the nearby Shadow to take it out. Follow the path and drop to the lower level to activate a cutscene with Futaba. Follow her and another cutscene will play. There’s a hole in the lower section of the wall in front of you. Crawl through for another cutscene. The floor ahead of you will crumble. Head left and pass through the gap between the sarcophagi. Turn right and open the chest for an item. Return to the path and ascend the steps. Approach the switch to trigger a cutscene. Be wary of the Shadow. Ambush it to battle against Anubis alongside two Anzu. Head straight, ignoring the door for now. Examine the inclined plank to create a bridge. Cross and reach for the door which lies ahead. Examine the slab at the end of this room. Touch the surface of the tablet to obtain a code: B01010. Exit the area and a cutscene will play.

Puzzle: Coffins

Go down the steps then inspect the switch beside the stone tablet resting on the landing. Triggering the switch will spawn a Shadow. Ambush it to take it out. Notice the coffins that illuminate. Ignore the first on the left, as it does not seem to respond when you inspect it. Use the code you obtained earlier to solve this puzzle. Start by examining the second one to turn it off, then skip the third and immediately go to the fourth and turn it off. Next, skip the fifth and finally turn off the sixth coffin. Return to the switch and press it to solve the puzzle, this unlocks the door near the stack of wooden planks.
Enter the door then turn left. Ambush and take out the Shadow. Be wary of the quadruped Shadow who is lurking nearby. Ambush it to fight against a Thoth and some Naga. After defeating them, examine the chest on the right for an item. Proceed to the door on the left to find a room with another slab. Inspect it for a cutscene. Two codes will be shown: R01100 and B10011. Return to the main area to find that all the coffins now project light.

Puzzle: Coffins 2

Similar to before, inspect the coffins and start on the right. Leave the blue one as is, then turn off the third and the fourth. Face the other line of coffins and turn off the second, fifth, and sixth. However, the count will be from right to left this time, so it should look more like 00110R. Press the switch for a cutscene.
Don’t enter the hole. Scale the sarcophagus to reach the platform to find that the balls have jammed together and won’t budge. A cutscene will play. Face the right, then scale to the platform. Leap to the ball and jump from one to another until you reach the end. Face the left to find a ledge and jump onto it. Cross the ledge, then drop down. Head to the door on your left, then turn left and ascend the steps. Reach the end then climb the third sarcophagus to reach the upper platform. Turn right to find a passage emitting light. Inspect the mechanism to trigger a cutscene.

Puzzle: Egyptian Painting 2

This is like the first painting with a twist. This time the sections are divided into eight triangle divisions. You can now additionally rotate the parts. Place the last panel onto the fourth slot, then put the first onto the third slot. Put the fifth panel on the first slot, then the sixth panel onto the second slot. Place the fifth panel in the third position, then the sixth onto the fourth. Insert the last panel into the sixth slot, then highlight the seventh one and flip it. Place the seventh into the fifth slot then, finally, put the last panel into the sixth slot to finish the puzzle.
Another path will open. Drop to the ground and head to the door ahead. A cutscene will play halfway through. Save your progress. Head inside for an overview of the area. Check the left side to find another chest. Open it with the lockpick to find a stash of items. Return to the first platform and head to the platform at the end. Examine the bust to steal an item. Ambush the Shadow as it turns around to fight Anubis. Take it out, then reach for the door at the far end with Anubis busts on either side.

As you enter the new area, head past the spikes and turn right to pass through the doorway. Ignore the right door, then head left through the indentation. Go forward and avoid the path with the quadrupedal Shadow, then follow the path straight until you come to a door. Enter it. Inside the room lined with coffins. Ambush the Shadow to face an Anubis and a Naga. Head to the center and interact with the switch. Head to the opposite door ambush the approaching Shadow to find Isis and Thoth. Head inside the labyrinth and inspect the corner of the alcove to find a chest with an item. From the alcove, head left and up to reach the top corner. Scale the sarcophagus and push the switch at the edge to remove the barricade.

Drop down to the ground again then reach for the hole. Enter the door and avoid the Shadow to enter through a door in the corner. Examine the sarcophagus in the upper right corner. Interact with it to find a switch. Push it to open another switch in a different room. Enter the door which is aligned with the bust in the center. Watch out for a group of Shadows that will ambush you. Get back to the main square with the giant Anubis statue, then enter the doorway on his right. Press the switch to open a room with a minuscule statue bearing the Orb. Be wary of another Shadow that will burst out of the nearby sarcophagus.

Return to the room at the back of the giant Anubis statue. Scale the sarcophagus then ambush the Shadow to take it out. Scale up the sarcophagus again to find an urn. Place the Orb inside to reveal a path. Drop down the right side of the cliff and cross the bridge heading straight to the door. Go down the path to enter another door. Beyond is a room with four columns. Ambush the quadrupedal Shadow, then defeat the enemies that spawn. Head to the upper left corner to find a big chest. Use a lockpick to find a stash of items.

Turn around to face another door, enter it, and record your progress in the save room ahead of you.

Make a left then go straight to find another room to trigger a cutscene with Sakura. Prepare to fight Mot, Lamia, and Naga. After clearing the site, the cutscene will continue. Head to the side to climb the sarcophagus. Approach the Anubis statue bearing an orb to take it. Now get to the coffin in the corner to scale up to the floor above. Leap across the platforms to reach the opening straight ahead. Drop down then place the orb inside the urn to open a path to cross the upper floor. Head straight then turn right, follow the ray of light hovering above. Before you go through the doorway, examine the chest on the left.

Jump across to reach the statue of the sphinx. Stick to the left and drop down to a narrow ledge, then head straight and steal the item from the bust. Head back to ascend back to your starting position. Then approach the cheek of the statue to scale to the top of its head. Go across to reach the platform beside another statue. Climb on top of it, then leap across to the platform with a pyramid resting on top. Go around it, then jump across to land on the scalp of another statue. Jump again to reach the platform in front. Go up and examine the right side for a tapering ledge. Go through, then examine the chest to find an item. Return, then head to the path on your right. Go up the stairs and enter the door. Examine the contraption in the center and press the button to find another puzzle.

Puzzle: Egyptian Painting 3

This puzzle has ten square divisions, five on top and five on the bottom. Rotation is an option, similar to the previous puzzle. The trick is to put pieces with the border on the edges first before putting the rest in the middle.
Similar to the previous paintings, solving the puzzle should unlock a path as the contraption activates. A cutscene will commence and Futaba will appear. Drop down to enter the door in front. You will come across a door barred with tape and a warning symbol. A long cutscene will ensue. Before you enter that door, record your progress inside the save room.

Once you’re ready, head back to the door for a cutscene. Enter and operate the panel to bring the lift upward. This will trigger another cutscene. Turn around. On your right will be a flight of steps. Ascend them before following another set to get upstairs. Descend to the right to ambush a Shadow and take it out. Ascend the steps to find some coffins. Ambush the Shadow nearby to find Isis, Anubis, and Anzu. Take them out one by one to find the rare Persona Stone of Scone. Use Curse spells before negotiating to end the battle quickly or it will flee. Leap across to reach the platform in front, then ambush the shadow to fight two Anubis along with Thoth. Now that the area is clear, examine the chest resting on top of the platform on your right to find an item. Return to the platform then jump across to approach the row of coffins again. Go back to the original position and take the left path up the steps. Ambush the Shadow to fight two Anubis. Go upstairs and jump across to reach the platform on the other side. Drop down to reach a group of coffins, then head up the steps ahead of you. Keep ascending the steps. Take the left side to scale another flight of steps. Eventually, you should be facing a door. Interact to trigger another long cutscene.

Prepare for a boss battle.

Futaba Palace Boss Battle

For a complete and detailed breakdown of stats, skills, and battle strategies against Cognitive Wakaba, read our boss guide:

Cognitive Wakaba Boss Guide

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