Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Futaba Palace Overview and Infiltration Guide

Contains a walkthrough of Futaba Palace in Persona 5 (P5), including phases, shadows, and bosses.

Futaba Palace Overview and Infiltration Guide

Start: Tuesday, July 26

Deadline: Friday, August 19

Recommended Level: 35

Number of Lockpicks required: 3

Futaba Infiltration Guide

First Phase: Infiltration of Futaba Palace

As the bus arrives, a dialogue will start between the team. Head left past some columns to find a flight of steps that direct you to the palace entrance. At the entrance, there are two steps on either side. Choose the left and leap from one concrete pillar to the next to get across the other side. Examine the gate to trigger a cutscene. It seems that there must be another way to get inside. After the scene pans out, backtrack to return to the palace entrance.

As you reach the entrance, there will be a cutscene with Futaba. Interact with her for a dialogue. She sends you to search for something she lost in the nearby city. Another cutscene will play by the time you get back to the main entrance. Proceed to the elevated platform near some vegetation and inspect the ground to get a clear view of the town. A cutscene will play.

You will arrive at an alley. Head past the first intersection and go straight ahead as you dodge the eyes of the Shadow on your right. Before you cross the open area, wait for the second Shadow to move farther away. Sneak past while its back is turned and turn right. Head straight, passing by a store with a green signboard. Keep going and ignore the opening on the left, then as you pass through the blue chalice signpost. Make a right to turn by the pole. Head through the opening by the concrete barrier lined with clay pottery to trigger a cutscene. It seems that the area is abandoned. An unknown figure will appear.

As the cutscene ends, there will be a Shadow patrolling your immediate left where the figure passed through. Battle with the Shadow to encounter several Sandmen. Use Electric magic to deal tremendous amounts of damage to the Shadows. Turn right to find the path that forked earlier. As you reach a dead end, turn right to find another patrolling Shadow. Standby at the barrier and wait for it to turn around. Sneak at the back to trigger an ambush. You will face Anzu. Use guns to strike its weakness, then follow with negotiate to end the battle immediately.

Exit the shanty town. Then, return to find the thief idle on the path a bit near the first intersection. Chase after him to trigger a cutscene. Take note of the direction he went and go after him. He will idle by the opposite side. Return to the first intersection, defeat the shadow, then approach him from the front. He will now head straight to the square. Follow him to activate a cutscene. He will eventually call upon his Persona.

Mid-Boss Battle: Garuda

He uses Garudyne to attack single party members and Magarudyne to hit everyone. Both deal around 63 damage each time he attacks. Use the Protagonist’s Giant Slash to deal a huge chunk of damage and prioritize Anne’s gun skills to whittle it down. By conquering the battle you will obtain the Special Key. Another cutscene will play. Head back to the Pyramid to conclude this short diversion.


A dialogue will ensue. Return to the main entrance for the second time and look for Futaba, who is standing by the steps. Interact with her to report on the status of the Stolen item. She will reward you with a Map of the Pyramid. Then, an event will occur.

Exploring the lower floor, turn right and leap across the puddle. Then, on the second obstacle, wait for the patrolling Shadow to turn its back to you. Leap and sneak for an ambush. Use Wind damage like Anzu’s attack to strike a fierce hit then negotiate with one Naga to add it to your compendium. As the battle ends, continue straight and leap across to the other side with some pottery lying around. Interact with it to find an item.

Head back past the water again, then approach the tombs to reach the upper platform. There will be two more Shadows patrolling the area. Wait for the nearby one to turn around then use Ambush. After clearing the Sand Man, approach the tomb to move to the next area. Nothing to see on this level, so reach for another Tombstone to scale to the next area. Make a left turn and leap across the water. Ambush the approaching Shadow to take it out. Interact with the door to move on to the next location.

Head up the steps. Keep going and a cutscene will play. Be wary of the patrolling quadruped Shadow; sneak behind it for an ambush. You will encounter Thoth, whose weakness is Psy magic. Knock it down and negotiate to invite it to join the roster. Keep going past the two pillars to activate a cutscene showing the path ahead is a dead end. There is another Shadow at the far end. Sneak behind it to take it out. Beyond it is a treasure chest which you can open for an item. Reach for the steps, then use ambush to find a pack of Lamia. Take out one then Negotiate with the other. Reach for the door to escape the dungeon and arrive back near the entrance.

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  1. It got me almost halfway through her Palace, but the rest is just confusing. Almost as confusing as Futaba’s Palace itself, actually.

  2. Take note, the guide has an error for the second coffin puzzle. For the second, red row of coffins, the guide says to turn off the second, fourth, and fifth coffins, when in fact, you need to turn off the second, fifth, and sixth coffins to solve the puzzle.

    The more you know!

    • Thankyou for this, i literally got stuck on this puzzle and had to redo it again,
      Could someone update this guide to the correct information please?

  3. Dunno why some say it’s hard to follow.

    This is very simple and well explained. You even have the weakness and you have link from the Shadow to the Persona corresponding to.

    Very good guide!
    Thank you very much for this ????