Persona 5 - Protagonist Character Profile [Persona 5/P5]


The protagonist is a quiet and well-mannered character. On the outside, that is. Past that, the protagonist reveals himself to be the Joker.





Age: 16

Also known as: Joker, Inmate, Prisoner, Leader, Trickster, Akira Kurusu (Manga,) Ren Amamiya (Anime)

Persona: Arsene (Fool), Satanael (Fool)

Melee Weapon: Knives

Ranged Weapon: Handguns

Height: 5’9″ ft

Affiliation: Shujin Academy, Phantom Thieves of Hearts






On the outside, he appears quiet and well-mannered. However, this behavior is nothing but a ruse. Behind that facade, he hides the heart of a rebellious trickster. The protagonist remains cocky and confident even in times of danger. He has an apparent love of showing off and making dramatic decisions. According to Hifumi Togo, he’s also shown to have a “gambler’s spirit” as well when he plays Shogi. Sadayo Kawakami notes that even with his bad reputation, going against Suguru Kamoshida shows his strong sense of justice.

Even with his taciturn demeanor, Goro Akechi notices the protagonist’s boldness and wisdom in taking action. He adds that the latter has a free heart. Even with his social standing and how others view him, he never stops choosing his own path.

When playing him, his dialogue options range from modest to downright cheeky. Because of this, the game allows a number of playful and mischievous answers such as teasing his friends. Similar to his persona, Arsene, he taunts his enemies as well.


The protagonist’s story starts when he witnesses a corrupt and powerful politician sexually harassing a woman. He tries to stop it but ends up being expelled and put on probation when the aggressor sues him. The court ruling for his crime is for him to transfer schools and live out his probation in a new city. Thus, he is sent to Shujin Academy in Tokyo to begin his new life.

However, that all changes when he earns his ability to summon Arsene. He begins to form the Phantom Thieves of Hearts with his fellow Persona users. His goal? To help transform society into a better place with reformed adults.

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