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Character information for Ann Takamaki, a main character of Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. Included is her background and role in the game.

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Ann Takamaki

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Ann Takamaki

Age: 16
Codename: Panther
Persona: Carmen (Lovers), Hecate (Lovers)
Melee Weapon: Whips
Ranged Weapon: Submachine Gun
Height: 5’6″ ft
Affiliation: Shujin Academy, Phantom Thieves of Hearts

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Held down in her daily life, Ann feels like she has no place in the world. Despite respectfulness and politeness towards her peers and elders, she’s more withdrawn and isolated than she appears. This is due to a rumor regarding her and Kamoshida. She only opens up to her best friend, Shiho. Her attachment to Shiho is so strong that she is willing to do what Kamoshida orders her to do, so long as it supports and protects Shiho. Her headstrong and fierce nature comes out if someone hurts her friends.

When she becomes a Phantom Thief, Ann becomes more lively and energetic. She displays a stronger will and more confidence in herself. Her voice actress describes her as someone who is snarky and confident. Deep down, though, she has a sense of goodness and justice. One of the few things she desires is to do something she feels is right.

While she’s confident in her looks, Ann shows signs of being flustered and embarrassed when forced into a compromising situation. She has a tendency to mock or prank people who ogle her like Ryuji.

Ann Takamaki in Persona 5 (2017)

Ann is a classmate of the Protagonist in 2-D. She and Ryuji Sakamoto were classmates in middle school. She is of mixed descent, seen in her blond hair and blue eyes despite her Japanese surname. Her foreign blood, her living abroad, and most of all, the rumors about her isolate her from her classmates. The only friend she has is Shiho Suzui, who she fiercely protects. She reluctantly makes appearances with the volleyball coach to protect her friend from him. The protagonist first meets Ann when both were waiting for the rain to stop. She is then given by Kamoshida to school.

Ann Takamaki in Persona 5 Royal

A fellow 2nd-year student at Shujin Academy. Given her American ancestry, a lot of people are drawn to her unique charms. Having said that, Ann gets her fair share of problems since her exceptional qualities struggle to fit in.

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