Persona 5 Royal - Large Shelf Decoration and Desk Decoration List

List of Large Shelf and Desk decorations in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal, including decoration name, location, prerequisites, and details.

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Large Shelf

You can decorate your room in LeBlanc with various items. By fulfilling the requirements and confidant rank, you can receive decorations from other characters.

Some decorations such as the Gi-Nyant Doll, Shumai Cushion, Nude Statue, Choco Fountain, and Balloons share the same space, so you can only place one of them at a time.

Large Shelf Decorations


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Gi-Nyant Doll Suidobashi Suidobashi Excluding Rainy days
Shumai Cushion Chinatown Must be on Sunday or Holiday Excluding Rainy days, Holiday only

Priestess Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Giant Spatula Tsukishima
Kumade Must be on 11/6

Empress Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Hamaya Meiji Shrine Excluding Rainy days
Nude Statue Ueno
Star Stickers Ikebukuro

Emperor Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Choco Fountain Shibuya
Idol Poster Harajuku Excluding Rainy days

Lovers Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Ramen Bowl Ogikubo
Featherman Doll (P5R only) Nakano Excluding Rainy days

Chariot Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Hero Figure Akihabara
I ♥ Tokyo Shirt Asakusa Excluding Rainy days

Hermit Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Sky Tower Lamp Asakusa 2nd date

Fortune Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Swan Boat Inokashira Park Excluding Rainy days

Hangedman Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Night Pennant Seaside Park 2nd date and Romance

Temperance Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Sushi Mug Ginza

Devil Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
Balloons Maihama (DestinyLand) 2nd date, holiday, and at least rank 9 Spend time with him in Asakusa before 11/3
Receive it on 10/30 or 11/3
Do not rank up to 10

Tower Confidant Guide


Name Location Prerequisites Details
King Piece Jinbocho 2nd date and at most Rank 8 Don’t use other ways to increase her points unless you go on extra dates

Star Confidant Guide

Faith (P5R only)

Name Location Prerequisites Details
Seaslug Doll Shinagawa Rank 5 Should be done before December 22

Faith Confidant Guide

Work Desk Decorations

Similarly, the protagonist can decorate his desk with stuffed toys. These can be obtained by successfully completing the crane game in Akihabara’s Gigolo’s arcade. To play one game, visit the arcade in the afternoon. You need to spend 300 yen to play a game. After winning, each prize earned will automatically be placed on the protagonist’s work desk. You can earn a total of five collectible dolls.

Each day of the month that ends with a seven (7, 17, and 27) gives you a guaranteed chance to win a doll.

Akihabara Gigolo Arcade Prizes

Name Prerequisites Details
Jack Frost doll 9/2
9/1 (P5R)
Big Bang Burger-kun doll 9/19
9/22 (P5R)
After obtaining the Jack Frost doll
Wanna-Wanna-kun doll 10/1
10/14 (P5R)
After obtaining the Big Bang Burger-kun doll
Lexy doll 10/15
11/3 (P5R)
After obtaining the Wanna-Wanna-kun doll
Stray Sheep Man doll 11/1
11/25 (P5R)
After obtaining the Lexy doll
Black Frost doll 12/15 (P5R) After obtaining Stray Sheep Man doll
Buchimaru-kun doll 1/13 (P5R) After obtaining Black Frost doll
Potato doll 1/23 (P5R) After obtaining Buchimaru-kun doll

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  1. Might want to note that in P5R you have to secure the treasure route in the sixth palace before 11/6 in order to get the invite from Haru to get the kumade.

    • Well It’s 11/6 An Haru Is Nowere To Be Found So Where Is She Why Is She Nowhere To Be Found I Did Everything You Said But There No Invite An She Nowhere To Be Found

      • yeah, sorry they’re wrong. i got it and i secured the route on 11/08. what you actually want to do is pay attention to the devil arcana (ichiko ohya) rank; it needs to be at or below rank 8 for the phone text on 11/05 night to occur. i’m not sure if having the empress arcana activated matters but it doesn’t prevent it so better safe than sorry. (i actually made this mistake myself of having completed the devil arcana before november and i restarted my end-game playthrough over it).

  2. Might want to note that in P5R you need to secure the treasure route in the sixth palace before 11/6 in order to get the invite from Haru that gives you the kumade.

  3. (P5R) It’s worth noting that the “I <3 Tokyo" shirt Futaba can give you requires you to go to the street, not the skytree itself. When you select Asakusa, it will ask which you want to go to, and the street is NOT the default option, so if you want the shirt make sure you pick that second option instead.