Morgana Character Profile [Persona 5/ P5]






Age: None

Also known as: Mona

Persona: Zorro (Magician), Mercurius (Magician)

Melee Weapon: Curved Swords

Ranged Weapon: Slingshots

Height: 50 cm

Affiliation:  Phantom Thieves of Hearts






Morgana is a cat who wishes to be more than “just a cat”. Telling them he is just a cat makes him feel that his individuality is being dwarfed. Despite it being his predominant form, Morgana gets irritated when someone calls him a “cat”.

Despite the feminine name, he in fact is a dude. He constantly attempts to be more masculine which leads to Persona Zorro’s masculine appearance. He dislikes being seen as a cute cat and wishes to be viewed as manly. While he attempts to appear extremely bold and daring, he in reality is quite insecure. Morgana dreads being abandoned and left alone. That insecurity comes out when Futaba Sakura reveals herself to be a more talented Navigator than he is.

Succumbing to the jealousy, he temporarily leaves the Phantom Thieves to prove to them and himself that he doesn’t need them. However, this instead makes him come out as Haru Okumura’s assistant. When she asks him to help her infiltrate her father’s palace, the plan backfires. Thus, he comes to his senses and apologizes profusely. He vowed to them to never let his ego and fears get in the way of his friendship with the Phantom Thieves again.

He can be a bit short on attention span. Morgana tends to mew when he’s nervous or excited. But, he quickly becomes distracted and spaced out when examining a Treasure for the first time. Though, he recovers fairly quickly.


Morgana is a mysterious shapeshifting cat-like being who joins protagonist in his heists. When Morgana becomes interested in the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto after meeting them, he decides to teach them about the other side. He watches the protagonist due to an interest in his power. However, he is unsure of his origins and seeks answers, although he is convinced he was a human at some point.

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