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List of Persona 5 Confidants. Here you’ll find information about Confidants found in Persona 5.


Confidants are useful. Certain confidants offer a variety of features that will aid you in finishing the game. Some offer a variety of items, while others grant you more features in battle. Some of these features are more passive in nature.

List of Confidants

Confidant Season/ Date Conditions Locations

4/ 12 Starts at the story. Velvet Room

4/ 14 Morgana will approach you and start the confidant chain. Attic

(Ryuji Sakamoto)
4/ 12 Starts when you begin infiltrating Kamoshida palace.
  • Hallway of the 2nd Floor in Shujin
  • Shibuya Arcade

(Ann Takamaki)
4/ 15 Begins in Kamoshida palace. Shibuya Underground mall

(Kasumi Yoshizawa)
5/30 Kasumi can be interacted with after the school’s clean-up activity. Inokashira Park

(Yutaka Kitagawa)
6/ 18 Yusuke approaches you on 6/14 due to a slump. After that, approach him on 6/18 to trigger the confidant chain. Station Square

  • Head down the stairs to reach Shibuya Underground Station

(Makoto Nijima)
Complete Kaneshiro palace. She’s either at the council room or at the school gate. Your intelligence must be at least rank 4. School Council Room School Gate

(Sakura Futaba)
8/31 Complete Futaba’s palace. After you do, she’ll ask you for help. Escort her to Akihabara. She triggers the confidant chain after. If you want to continue the confidant, you need Rank 4 Kindness. Outside Leblanc Cafe, crouching

(Haru Okumura)
10/31 Triggers after completing Okumura Palace. You need to max out Proficiency. School Rooftop in Shujin Academy.

(Sojiro Sakura)
4/ 20 Sojiro speaks to you, which triggers the Social Link’s start. After that continue speaking to him at night. Leblanc Cafe

(Takuto Maruki)
5/13 Will be introduced as Shujin Academy’s new counselor after the midterm exams. He will approach you after the event. School Walkway

(Mifune Chihaya)
6/ 22 Chihaya Mifune’s link starts after accepting a client’s request. She gives you a name and which you hunt down in Mementos. After completing it talk to Chihaya again at Shinjuku to start the link. Shinjuku

Hanged Man
(Iwai Munhisa)
5/04 Check the contents of the bag. Approach Iwai with a rank 4 in Guts. When you do so, the confidant chain starts. Airsoft Shop (Shibuya)

(Takemi Tae)
4/18 After obtaining the female doctor’s information, go to the clinic in Yongen-Jaya. Speak to Takemi and tell her you need meds for your exams. Clinic (Yongen-jaya)

(Sadayo Kawakami)
4/29 This starts after Operation: Maidwatch. When you finish that, rescue Kawakami while she’s being grilled for answers. After you do, she gives you the number for her services. If you want to use her services however, you must have Rank 2 Guts. Leblanc Cafe (use the yellow phone)

(Ichiko Ohya)
5/1-15 After being contacted by a newspaper reporter head to the Crossroads Bar in Shinjuku. Crossroads Bar Shinjuku

(Hifumi Togou)
5/12-15 You’ll receive information about a genius shogi player around 5/12-15. However to start the confidant chain, you must have Rank 3 Charm. Kanda Church

(Yuuki Mishima)
05/ 06 After completing Kamoshida palace, he approaches you.
  • Shibuya Central Street
  • Red Light District, Shinjuku

(Yoshida Toranosuke)
05/ 09
  • Grab a part time job in the Beef Bowl shop. (Night)
  • Then, approach the politician at the Shibuya Station Square.
  • Select “I’m interested” before working at the Beef Bowl shop. This has to happen twice.
  • After that approach him again and a conversation ensues. Do this twice to start the confidant.
Station Square

(Oda Shinya)
09/04 After receiving the “Cheaters Never Win” request on 9/4, you will withdraw. Once you do so, follow these steps:

  • Speak to the girl at the arcade at Shibuya.
  • After that, speak to Oda Shinya at Akihabara for his request.
  • Speak with Sakura Futaba in Yongen-Jaya.
  • Speak with Oda Shinya at the Akihabara Arcade in the daytime.
Akihabara Arcade

(Caroline and Justine)
05/18 Visit the velvet room. Velvet Room

(Goro Akechi)
6/09 Progress through story. Varies

(Sae Nijima)
07/09 Progress through story. Interrogation Room

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