Defeating Bosses 101 [Persona 5/ P5]

This article is a tips and tricks guide for defeating bosses

Defeating a Boss

Defeating a boss in Persona is taxing. In fact, it’s heavily taxing on SP especially since the dodge capabilities of the Shadows have been increased. It doesn’t help that majority of the bosses have at least two phases before you can take it out. So, what exactly can you do to make your boss fights easier?

Have healing items

In the early parts of the game, you don’t have that much SP or Recarm skills. Majority of your skills will rely on Dia or Media, depending on your level. Some persona such as Pixie and Silky have Dia skills to save your HP from dropping too much. Thus, when it comes to taking out the bosses, make sure you have healers like Morgana and Ann.

Buff and Debuff

Defeating the boss will make your life easier if you have Tarukaja and Rakunda on you. If you want to take advantage of critical hits, you can use Sukukaja to increase the crit rate. Not only that, Rakunda drops the defense and having Tarukaja on Ryuji, Makoto, or Yusuke can definitely save battles. Since they all have physical hits, they can deal heavy damage. It’s a bit pointless to use elemental spells since some of them don’t have weaknesses at all.

Watch out for your SP

Your SP is what will keep you alive, especially if you’re reliant on Diarama, Diarahan, and etc. When you use the physical attacks, it takes out a portion of your HP. Thus, if you keep the HP healed up, you can continue your attacks. However, take note also to have some SP items on you to make sure you can keep up the healing. Before using any healing skill, exercise a little discretion especially when running through a long dungeon.

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