The Chariot Confidant – Ryuji Sakamoto [Persona 5/ P5]

Detailed guide for the Chariot Arcana. Will update this as we go along. Will also translate the Japanese as soon as the English comes out.

This is a Persona 5 confidant guide for the Chariot Arcana.

Ryuji Sakamoto Confidant Guide


Commonly known as the troublemaker in school, Ryuji Sakamoto is often isolated from the other students. He is known for his disruptive behaviour which gives him a bad reputation with the teachers. However, prior to that, Ryuji was the star athlete only to have Kamoshida dash his hopes of doing so. The teacher overtrained him, resulting into a permanent injury on Ryuji.

Despite his delinquent behaviour, Ryuji is upbeat and easy going. He is similar to Junpei Iori from Persona 3 and also Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4. However, his dress code is similar to that of Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4.

Click here to see the full list of Confidants in Persona 5, as well as how to max out each of their Social Links.


When you spot the old castle, Ryuji will ask you to go with him. Upon entering the old castle, not only with the protagonist awaken to his persona but also Ryuji’s. When the latter does so, the social link immediately starts.



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Rank Name Effect
2 Baton Pass When “One More” is triggered, Ryuji can receive the baton to attack. However, he can pass the Baton also to other characters. In doing so, the attack power increases. Each time any character uses Baton Pass, adds one stack of Tarukaja.
3 Final Blow If the protagonist didn’t down the enemy, Ryuji can follow up and kill the enemy.
4 Delinquent Talk When the protagonist doesn’t persuade the shadow, Ryuji increases the chance of the protagonist having another shot.
6 Paper Fan Recovery Clears allies of any conditions occasionally.
7 Instant-Kill Ryuji increases the chance of you killing the enemy instantly. However, this only works on enemies weaker than you. You don’t get any items or EXP from the dead enemy.
8 Moxie If an attack is a sure kill, there’s a chance of Ryuji enduring the blow. He’ll have 1 HP left.
9 Covering When an enemy attacks the protagonist’s weakness, Ryuji can step in and take the blow for you.
10 Super Awakening After maxing out the arcana, Ryuji’s persona will evolve from Captain Kidd to Seiten Taisei.

Chariot Cooperation Guide

Rank Choices Effect
1 On 4/12, after checking out the situation in the old castle you automatically start this cooperation.
2 1st Choice: I’m counting on you! (+3)
2nd Choice: What about them?
3rd Choice: Do you want to go back? (+2)
Chariot Rank up 2
3 1st Choice: Let’s not fight (+1)
2nd Choice: Calm Down, Ryuuji (+2)
4 1st Choice: Are you worried about him?+3
2nd Choice: But you’re doing great! (+3)/ I know how you feel (+3)
Map of Ogikubo is obtained.
5 1st Choice: Protein Powder? +3
2nd Choice: You seem conflicted/ Do you want to rejoin? +2
3rd Choice: So he’s an asshole?+3 / So, he’s short?+2
6 1st Choice: We can train at my place +3
2nd Choice: You guys should trust Nakaoka +3 / This is no time for arguing +3
3rd Choice: Absolutely +3 / More or less +3
7 1st Choice: Let’s talk to Takeishi +3
2nd Choice: I think it’s really cool, Ryuji. +3 / Wait, what? +3
  • When Ryuji tries to find Yamauchi, the door is locked.
  • At 6/29, you can now unlock the door.
  • In order to start this, you have to agree to meet with Ryuuji at Tsukishima  via the phone text.
8 2nd Choice: Things turned out for the best +3 / You deserved it +3
3rd Choice: All I did was watch +3 / Are you going to pay me back? +3
4th Choice: But I was just standing here. +2 / You weren’t cool though +3
9 1st Choice: Are you satisfied now? +3
2nd Choice: Don’t do it +3
3rd Choice: You’re right +3 / I never realized that +3
4th Choice: I agree +3
10 1st Choice: I’m looking forward to it +3 / We can’t lose either +3 After awakening his persona, Captain Kidd will transform into Seiten Taisei.

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rank 9 choice 4 gives +2 for I agree

I relish, result in I discovered exactly what I used to be taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

You get an extra music note when you have a persona of the same arcana of the confidant