Persona 5 Royal - Daily Activities

A guide on daily routines in Persona 5 and some examples on how free time can be spent in the game.

Things to do

What is the Calendar?

You play the role of a second year high school student. In this game, you will spend some time doing all sorts of activities as time advances. On each day, certain vital events occur which distinguish them from one another. Events are spread out across different times of the day.


Start the morning by going to school. To get there, you need to board the train. If you’re lucky, you can claim a seat and pass the time. Use this opportunity to read a book to earn some stat points. While reading, you can eavesdrop on the conversations of passers-by. Listen closely and you might just hear some juicy gossip and rumors about the school.

Day Time

Once you reach the school, you will need to head to class. While listening to the lecture, sometimes your teacher will ask you to answer a question. If you have brushed up on the topics, you can ace the recitation. In doing so, you earn more stat points. Aim to impress your teacher or fulfill some conditions so that you can craft some tools in your spare time.


Now that school is over for the day, you can access some extracurricular activities. For starters, you can head to bustling cities like Shibuya or the new attraction in Kichijoji in order to prepare for upcoming heists. Visit shops to buy materials to craft tools, watch a movie, play at the batting cage, or cultivate a relationship or two. Now is also the perfect time to send a calling card.


Evenings offer the best time to unwind. Some activities include grabbing a cup of coffee at LeBlanc or hanging out. When you’re starting off, you’re forced to stay at LeBlanc. To make the most out of your time, there are other activities such as studying and playing some crossword puzzles. Fortunately, in Persona 5 Royal, you have some spare activity points to spend even after completing a palace.

Focus on meeting your goals on time to progress to the next part of the story. The beauty of this game is that you get to choose where and when to spend the majority of your activity points. On top of that, you become immersed in the life of a high school student. With the inclusion of more semesters in Persona 5 Royal, you get even more time to spend.

Kichijoji, the new hangout

As stated above, you can also choose to visit Kichijoji in your free time.

The joy of experiencing the game is not only through roleplaying but also through growth. Pay attention to the kind of activity you invest your time in. You’ll notice that you earn certain stat points for doing activities. For example, if you wish to raise your knowledge, you will need to brush up on some topics in the library. By improving your knowledge, you unlock more events and deepen your relationship with other characters. These unique bonds are called confidants.

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