Persona 5 Royal - Recommended Trait Skills

Guide on recommended trait skills in Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview, list of traits, and possible combinations.


Trait skills are new skills exclusive to Persona 5 Royal. Each of these skills has a passive effect that can be stacked with the other staple skills to bolster an effect.

Trait Skills

Recommended Traits

Focused Gaze

The trait, Focused Gaze, strengthens the damage of single-target magic skills. Can be combined with boost or amp to amplify the magic damage.

Persona Arcana Other Skills
Silky (6) Priestess
Koppa Tengu (11) Temperance
Onmoraki (12) Moon
Fuu-Ki (23) Star Wind Boost
Belphegor (37) Tower Bufudyne, Concentrate
Norn (52) Fortune Garudyne
Thor (64) Chariot Elec Amp

Peerless Gaze

Similar to Focused Gaze, Peerless Gaze capitalizes on another set of magic skills which are those that hit multiple targets.

Persona Arcana Other Skills
Orobas (17) Hierophant
Nue (20) Death Curse Boost
Atropos (39) Fortune Elec Boost, Mazionga, Concentrate
Lilith (60) Moon Freeze Boost, Mabufudyne, Mafreidyne
Mot (72) Death Concentrate
Mara (73) Tower Psy Amp, Mapsiodyne

Iron Immunity

A trait that nullifies ailments.

Persona Arcana Other Skills
Arahabaki (35) Hermit
Moloch (60) Hanged Man

Apocalyptic Fury

Apocalyptic Fury strengthens the power of physical attacks. Zaou-Gongen learns this trait and can capitalize off of unleashing his powerful Phys skill, God’s Hand. He can also stay on the field longer due to Enduring Soul, a passive that acts as an insurance against potentially fatal attacks.

Persona Arcana Other Skills
Zaou-Gongen (80) Strength God’s Hand, Enduring Soul

Sword God

Sword God is a trait that triples the effect of charge and concentrate. When learned, the effect immediately applies at the start of battle. Given Futsunushi’s default kit having some physicial skills, he can serve as a solid choice for offense. In addition, Futsunushi is a crafting material Yoshitsune.

Persona Arcana Other Skills
Futsunushi (86) Magician Myriad Slashes, Apt Pupil, Brave Blade, Matarukaja

Pandemic Gaze

Pandemic Gaze is a skill that relies on the enemy’s status. When inflicted with ailments, the persona that possesses Pandemic Gaze earns an attack power boost. The persona that naturally learn Pandemic Gaze have one or two skills that raise the chance of applying ailments on enemies. Many of them also possess powerful physical skills that complement the boost given by the trait.

Persona Arcana Other Skills
Red Rider (41) Tower Despair Boost, Negative Pile, Ominous Words
Mishaguji (52) Hierophant Ailment Boost, Brain Jack
Macabre (73) Hanged Man Death Scythe, Evil Smile, Myriad Slashes
Fafnir (86) Hermit Evil Smile, Gigantomachia


Some trait skills can thrive when paired with certain active or passive skills. Below is a list of suggested combinations.

Dying Will and Thermopylae

Dying Will forces ambush-only skills to take effect even in normal encounters. Pair that with Thermopylae to instantly earn party buffs for three turns.

Persona Arcana Useful skills to learn
Attis (82) Hanged Man Themorpylae

Lotus Dance and Auto-Maraku/Masuku skills

Lotus Dance is a trait that prolongs the effects of buffs for two more turns. Have a persona inherit one of the auto skills to automatically engage in battle with the buffs.

Persona Arcana Useful skills to learn
Lakshmi (69) Fortune
  • Auto-Maraku
  • Auto-Masuku
  • Auto-Mataru

Enlightenment and Auto-Maraku/Masuku skills

The self-buff variant of Lotus Dance, Enlightenment promotes a persona’s role as a nuker to dispose of enemies. Having longer buffs on Vohu Manah helps take down foes more comfortably since the buffs in play won’t be expiring anytime soon.

Persona Arcana Useful skills to learn
Vohu Manah (80) Consultant
  • Auto-Maraku
  • Auto-Masuku
  • Auto-Mataru
  • Divine Judgement
  • Bless Amp
  • Makougaon

Storm Born and Climate Decorum / Ambient Aid

Meanwhile, some personas can benefit from skills that rely on weather conditions regardless if it’s in play or not. With the Storm Born trait, the persona can force the weather to be present which triggers skills like Climate Decorum or Ambient Aid.

Persona Arcana Useful skills to learn
Mokoi (9) Death
  • Dazzler
  • Marin Karin
Sudama (17) Hermit Ambient Aid
Black Rider (59) Tower
  • Ambient Aid
  • Bloodbath
  • Ghastly Wail

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    • The way you describe sword hod makes it seem like you are tripling damage on top of the charge/concentrate boost and sadly it doesn’t work that way. What it does is that the modifier for that boost changes from 2.5x to 3x so you still get a nice buff but it’s not as ridiculous as the article might led you to belive.