Persona 5 Royal - Uriel Boss Guide

Boss guide for Uriel in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Uriel Boss Guide


Level 72
HP 2,000
SP 1,930
Strength 58
Magic 58
Endurance 44
Agility 42
Luck 39
Block Bless
EXP 2,186
Money 3,844
Item Rewards


1) Summon

Calls for Angels.

2) Physical attacks

Can perform either a single target Myriad Slashes, which hits two to three times, or an area of effect Deathbound, which hits one to two times.

3) Bloodbath

Another physical attack that deals moderate damage to the entire party with a chance to inflict fear.

4) Megidola

A heavy almighty attack that affects the entire party.



By this time, your party should be around the high 60s, with Sakura’s confidant maxed out to gain access to her Final Guard ability. This acts as an insurance against Uriel’s killing blow.

Keep the minions busy

Herald of Death, the first of the archangels, is no pushover. He summons shadow angels to do his bidding. They will often heal or buff him to prolong the battle. You need to incapacitate the minions to prevent Uriel from gaining buffs. When the fight begins, the boss will summon his minions. Use “-dyne” spells for a chance to inflict a status condition while striking all three of them to buy some time. The protagonist should focus on using Concentrate for some big damage next turn. Whenever the boss attacks, Yusuke can soak some damage since he shines with High Counter. Morgana helps the team survive with heals even at critically low health. For offense, pair the protagonist with Ann since she excels as a recipient of baton pass after using Concentrate. Channel your attacks on the boss when he only has one minion left, then finish the latter off afterward.

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