Persona 5 - The Empress Confidant – Haru Okumura [Persona 5]

Detailed guide for the Cooperation Guide for the Empress Arcana. We will update this as we go along.

The Empress Arcana reveals Haru Okumura as its holder. The Empress Arcana is not only symbolized by Haru, but also by her persona - Milady and Astarte.

Haru Okumura Confidant Guide

empressHaru Okumura is a sheltered, naive girl who happens to be an expert conversationalist. Her father’s occupation, however, has given her a stressful life. She is a member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. 

Click here to see the full list of Confidants in Persona 5, as well as how to max out each of their Social Links.


Find her at the school rooftop on a sunny day after school, except on Sundays.


Rank Name Effect
1 Vegetable Cultivation You can cultivate Vegetables on the rooftop with Haru.
2 Baton Pass If “One More” is triggered, Haru can pass the baton to the protagonist or receive the baton. Every time the baton is passed, the receiving character’s attack increases.
3 Final Blow Haru will perform a follow-up attack if the protagonist doesn’t down the enemy.
4 Celebrity Talk If the Shadow Negotiations fail, Haru can help increase the chances of trying a second time.
5 Selective Breeding Vegetables have a better yield.
6 Paper Fan Recovery Haru will occasionally clean the party of their conditions.
7 Soil Improvement The time to harvest the plant decreases.
8 Moxie Haru has a chance to survive otherwise fatal attacks with 1 HP.
9 Covering Haru will sometimes intercept hits that would otherwise kill the protagonist.
10 Super Awakening Causes the final evolution of the persona Haru has and a legendary trickster will be born. Haru’s persona will evolve to Astarte

Empress Cooperation Guide

Rank Dialogue Choices Notes
  • After 10/3, you can simply talk to her at the school’s rooftop or at the front gate when its closed on Sundays
  • Unlocks Cultivation (allows you to grow vegetables on the roof)
2 1st Choice: “Are you opening a cafe?” +3 / “Are you starting a farm?” +3 / “You like coffee?” +2
2nd Choice: “He sounds suspicious.” +3
3rd Choice: “This is a complex issue.” +3 / “You might be wrong.” +2 / “Maybe you should fire him.” +2
  • Dexterity/Transcendent Proficiency must be Rank 5
  • Unlocks Baton Pass (allows Haru to pass her turn to other Baton Pass users after a 1 More)
3 1st Choice: “It’ll be okay, I promise.” +3 / “They won’t find out.” +3 / “A phantom thief wouldn’t worry.” +2″
2nd Choice: “I don’t want to go with you.” +3
3rd Choice: Not yet.” +3 / “I have.” +3 / “Too many times to count.” +2
  • Unlocks Follow Up (gives Haru the chance to attack an enemy after Joker as a follow-up)
4 1st Choice: “That’s pricey.” +3 / “It must be amazing.” +3
2nd Choice: All choices give +3
3rd Choice: All choices give +3
4th Choice: “Let’s ask him.” +3
5th Choice: “I’m not really sure.” +3
  • Unlocks Celeb Talk (gives Haru the chance to step in on a failed shadow negotiation)
5 1st Choice: “Somebody’s telling the truth.” +3 / “Trust no one.” +3
2nd Choice: “There has to be another way.” +3
3rd Choice: “That doesn’t matter now.” +3 / “I don’t think so.” +3
  • Unlocks Selective Breeding (improves vegetable crop outcome)
6 1st Choice: “That’s fascinating.” +3 / “You’re so studious.” +3 / “Can you make some for me?” +3
2nd Choice: “I had no idea.” +3
3rd Choice: “That would be bad.” +3 / “Black like coffee?” +3
5th Choice: “Be strong, Haru.” +3
  • Unlocks Harisen Recovery (gives Haru the chance to heal status ailments of the party)
7 2nd Choice: “That sounds really tough…” +3 / “What do you want to do?” +3
3rd Choice: All choices are +3
4th Choice: Both choices are +3
  • Unlocks Soil Improvement (reduces the time a crop take to grow)
8 1st Choice: “The soil?” +3
2nd Choice: All choices are +3
3rd Choice: All choices are +3
  • Unlocks Endure (gives Haru the ability to withstand a killing blow)
9 2nd Choice: All choices are +3
3rd Choice: “You’re very welcome.” +3 / “You did amazing.” +3
4th Choice:

  • Romance – “I like you too, Haru.”
  • Friendship – “He saw us as good friends.”
  • Unlocks Protect (gives Haru the ability to shield Joker from a fatal attack)
10 Any choice here is irrelevant since you have maxed out this social link
  • Unlocks Second Awakening (evolves Haru’s Persona into its ultimate form)

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Im having a problem where I'm not getting the arcana bonuses despite having an Empress Persona. Can anybody help?


You made some first rate points there. I appeared on the internet for the difficulty and found most individuals will go together with along with your website.


Rank 9 skips choice 2, has choice 3 listed as choice 2 instead.


I had the same issue. Went back and found that choice 1 was inconsequential and choice 2 was full of the +3’s


Rank 3 Question 1 has the wrong choices listed.

Katherine Baskerville

Oh, it seems to be inverted. :)) Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂


prepare for feels if you dont romance her

Katherine Baskerville

I get what you mean. But my God, maxed out Proficiency just to continue the social confidant?? It’s a tall order unless you’ve been crafting thief tools and maxing out Munehisa Iwai’s Social Confidant the whole time.


for Rank 3, the 3rd choice should be the 1st choice and vice versa