Persona 5 Royal - Shadow TV President Boss Guide

Boss guide for Shadow TV President in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Shadow TV President Boss Guide

Persona 5 TV President Boss


Level 58
HP 2,600
SP 780
Strength 61
Magic 32
Endurance 35
Agility 50
Luck 50
Inherit Phys
Resists Psy, Bless
Weak Ice
EXP 4,800
Money 7,930
Item Rewards


1) Evade Ice

Chance to evade ice attacks three times.

2) Physical attacks

It has plenty of physical attacks at its disposal which range from single target attacks like Tempest Slash and Miracle Punch to multiple target ones in the form of Swift Strike.

3) Mazionga

Moderate electric damage to the entire party with a low chance to inflict shock.

4) Charge

An attack buff that makes the next attack deal 2.5x damage.

5) Taunt

High chance to inflict single target rage status.

6) Reverse Rub

Guaranteed to inflict rage status to an ally.


Amplify the damage with baton pass

This boss will be accompanied by two shadow garudas. Shadow TV President isn’t weak to electric spells, but his minions are, so strike them down with Mazionga for a chance to inflict shock. Ice spells can be chained right after which are effective against the boss. You can choose to baton pass to either Ryuji or Yusuke, depending on which element you are prioritizing. While the enemies are unable to move, have Yusuke cast Mabufula to weaken all of them. Use these spells early for a chance to prevent the boss from casting Evade Ice or allowing his minions to retaliate. You can unleash an all out attack while the enemies are down to take out a large chunk of their health. Keep casting electric and ice spells while passing the baton and you should be able to close this one out fairly quickly.

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