Persona 5 Royal - Home TV Shopping Item List and Prices

List of items and set items for sale through Home TV Shopping in Persona 5 Royal (P5R), including a list of items for each product set, their prices, and availability per month.

Persona 5 Royal - Home TV Shopping Item List and Prices

All Home TV Shopping Items for Sale in Persona 5 Royal

Below is a list of items that can be ordered through TV Shopping both in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. These items are being sold every Sunday on selected dates and are only available on the day they are offered. In Persona 5 Royal, the Protagonist can choose between two sets of items for sale.

P5R TV Shopping Products

Date Product Items Price
4/24 Spring Awake Set Caffeine Patch x1, Wide Eye Drops x10, Hot and Sour Tea x10 ¥ 1,680
Share of Spring Set Sakura Mochi x5, Spring Fruit Pack x1, Party in a Can x1 ¥ 5,980
5/1 Military Ration Set Torimeshi Ration x3, MRE Ration x2, Beef Patty Ration x2 ¥ 1,980
Muscle Workout Set Moist Protein x2, Protein x2 ¥ 4,980
5/8 Relaxation Set Recover Oil, Relax Gel x3, Alert Capsule x3 ¥ 4,600
Bio Nutrients Set Mega Fertilizer x1, Garden Energy x5 ¥ 2,680
5/15 Allergy Relief Pack Calming Mask x2 – Resist Confusion, Wide Eye Drops x20 ¥ 1,680
Cosmetic Cure Gift Aroma Machine x1, Omni-Vitamin x1 ¥ 14,800
5/22 Muscle Plus Set Stronger Lift S x2, Harder Core S x2, Accu-Speed S x2 ¥ 4,980
Outdoors Kit Blowtorch x3, Dry Ice x3, Magneto Coil x3 ¥ 7,980
5/29 Japanese Gift Set Sakura Fan x1, Katana Keychain x1, Uji Matcha Flan x1 ¥ 3,980
Folding Screen Set Elecproof Choker x1, Windproof Choker x1 ¥ 4,980
6/19 Supportive Gift Set Blaring Alarm Clock x1, Face Beautifier x1 ¥ 9,980
Busy Revival Set Revivadrin x3, Recov-R 100mg x10 ¥ 9,980
6/26 Dark Power Set Black Rock x2, Black Robe x1 ¥ 1,980
Cursed Tools Set Five-inch Nail x3, Straw Doll x10 ¥ 9,980
7/3 Body Building Set Imported Protein x1, Moist Protein x3, Protein x3 ¥ 12,800
Calm Mind Set Ambergris ST x1, Ambergris EN x1, Ambergris LU – Ryusen x1 ¥ 12,800
8/7 Phantom Thief Set Lockpick x5, Vanish Ball x5, Smoke Screen x3 ¥ 7,980
Heroic Set Vacuum Cutter x4, Psy-Wheel x4, Nuke Cracker x4 ¥ 8,980
8/14 Drink Set Second Maid x20, Water of Rebirth x20 ¥ 2,980
Floral Gift Set Glass Vase x1, Flower Basket x1 ¥ 2,980
9/25 Phantom Thief Set 2 Calming Aroma x3, Smoke Screen x5, Lockpick x5 ¥ 8,980
Thief Fun Set Phantom Wafers x5, Calling Postcard x3 ¥ 2,000
10/2 Pumpkin Ghost Set Lantern Necklace x1, Pumpkin Soup x5 ¥ 14,800
Ghost Repellent Set Baptismal Water x5, Exorcism Water x5 ¥ 9,980
11/6 Sturdy Ointment Set Physical Ointment x3, Magical Ointment x3 ¥ 19,800
Inner Muscle Set Salvation S – Heat Riser x1, Hustle S – Rebellion x5 ¥ 14,800
11/13 Instant Spray Set Ultimate Spray x5, Cleaning Spray x5, Quick Spray x5 ¥ 34,500
Meditative Set Nirvana MA x1, Nirvana EN x1, Nirvana LU x1 ¥ 29,800
11/27 Yaki-Imo Set Legendary Yaki-Imo x3, Beni-Azuma x10 ¥ 9,800
Special Sweets Set Melon Pan x3, Moon Dango x5 ¥ 4,800
12/11 Super Detox Set Refresh Aroma x3, Recover Oil x5 ¥ 39,800
Fancy Magatama Set Hell Magatama x3, Frost Magatama x3, Arc Magatama x3, Cyclone Magatama x3 ¥ 16,800
1/15 Worker Support Lucky Bag Persistent Necktie x1, Physical Ointment x3, Magical Ointment x3 ¥ 44,800
Body Remodeling Lucky Bag Imported Protein x3, St Nirvana Incense x3, Rebellion Supplement x5 ¥ 39,800
1/22 Bill Set Rasetsu Ofuda x3, Kongou Ofuda x3, Idaten Ofuda x3 ¥ 12,800
Sweet Party Satisfaction Set Strawberry Daifuku x3, Ultimate Amazake x20, Oh! Shiruko x20 ¥ 29,800
1/29 Energetic Set Empowering Ofuda x3, Tarukaja Supplement x5, Rakukaja Supplement x5, Sukukaja Supplement x5 ¥ 49,800
Transcendence Delicious Set Royal Jelly x2, Melon Pan x3 ¥ 69,800

P5 TV Shopping Products

Date Product Items Price
4/24 None Party in a Can x4 ¥ 1,980
5/8 None Calming Mask x2 ¥ 1,980
5/15 None Protein x4 ¥ 4,800
5/22 None Adhesive Bandage x50 ¥ 1,980
5/29 None Wild Clogs x2 ¥ 4,980
6/19 None Mental Floss x20 ¥ 1,980
6/26 None Uji Matcha Flan x2 ¥ 2,980
7/3 None Freeze Spray x10 ¥ 3,980
8/7 None Coolifier Pad x20 ¥ 1,980
8/14 None Second Maid x30 ¥ 1,980
9/25 None Sonic Socks x1 ¥ 4,980
10/2 None Donut-worry x20 ¥ 1,980
11/6 None Hachiman Belt x1 ¥ 9,800
11/13 None Mystery Pot x20 ¥ 9,800
11/27 None Hot Water Pouch x1 ¥ 9,800
12/11 None Hunger Charm x1 ¥ 19,800

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  1. This guide is completely wrong for Persona 5 royal. For example, on 1/29 the energetic set gives you Salvation S, Stronger Lift S, Harder Core S, and Accu-speed S.

  2. Thanks, this is super useful! Looks like just about everything TV Shop is worth getting, this’ll save me a lot of deliberation.

    • Glad it helped 🙂 hope you enjoy Persona 5 and please do check out our Website for exclusive game reviews, guides and walkthroughs 🙂