Persona 5 - Persona TV Shopping | Time and Product List [Persona 5/ P5]

This is a Persona 5 article on Tv Shopping. Here you’ll find information about Persona Tv Shopping, product list and time that is found in Persona 5.


Tv Shopping

Every sunday, the protagonist can watch the Shopping channel. Here, a number of weekly discounts or rare items are available for purchse. These are only available on the day they are offered, so be sure to jump on any you want.

Date Product  Price Effect
4/24 Party in a Can x4 1980 All Allies Recover HP 40
5/8 Calming Mask x2 1980 Resistant to confusion
5/15 Protein x4 4800 Recovery by 30%, Increases Training Efficiency
5/22 Adhesive Bandage x50 1980 Recovery by HP 20
5/29 Wild Clogs x2 4800 Resistant to fear
6/19 Mental Floss x20 1980 Recover status of ally
6/26 Uji Green Tea Pudding x2 2980 Present
7/3 Freeze Spray x10 3980 Freeze Attack; Damage 50
8/7 Coolifier Pad x20 1980 Treats Burn
8/14 Second Maid x30 1980 Recovery Hp 10
9/25 Sonic Socks 4980 Speed +5
10/2 Donut-worry x20 1980  Recovers from Fear
11/6 Hachiman Belt 9800 Physical Damage Reduction (High)
11/13 Mystery Pot x20 9800 30% Recovery, Total Capacity Reduction
11/27 Hot Water Pouch 9800 Resistant to freezing
12/11 Hunger Charm 19800 Hunger Disabled

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Thanks, this is super useful! Looks like just about everything TV Shop is worth getting, this’ll save me a lot of deliberation.


Glad it helped 🙂 hope you enjoy Persona 5 and please do check out our Website for exclusive game reviews, guides and walkthroughs 🙂