Persona 5 Royal - Home TV Shopping Item List and Prices

List of items and set items for sale through Home TV Shopping in Persona 5 Royal (P5R), including a list of items for each product set, their prices, and availability per month.

Persona 5 Royal - Home TV Shopping Item List and Prices

All Home TV Shopping Items for Sale in Persona 5 Royal

Below is a list of items that can be ordered through TV Shopping both in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. These items are being sold every Sunday on selected dates and are only available on the day they are offered. In Persona 5 Royal, the Protagonist can choose between two sets of items for sale.

P5R TV Shopping Products

Date Product Items Price
4/24 Spring Awake Set Caffeine Patch x1, Wide Eye Drops x10, Hot and Sour Tea x10 ¥ 1,680
Share of Spring Set Sakura Mochi x5, Spring Fruit Pack x1, Party in a Can x1 ¥ 5,980
5/1 Military Ration Set Torimeshi Ration x3, MRE Ration x2, Beef Patty Ration x2 ¥ 1,980
Muscle Workout Set Moist Protein x2, Protein x2 ¥ 4,980
5/8 Relaxation Set Recover Oil, Relax Gel x3, Alert Capsule x3 ¥ 4,600
Bio Nutrients Set Mega Fertilizer x1, Garden Energy x5 ¥ 2,680
5/15 Allergy Relief Pack Calming Mask x2 – Resist Confusion, Wide Eye Drops x20 ¥ 1,680
Cosmetic Cure Gift Aroma Machine x1, Omni-Vitamin x1 ¥ 14,800
5/22 Muscle Plus Set Stronger Lift S x2, Harder Core S x2, Accu-Speed S x2 ¥ 4,980
Outdoors Kit Blowtorch x3, Dry Ice x3, Magneto Coil x3 ¥ 7,980
5/29 Japanese Gift Set Sakura Fan x1, Katana Keychain x1, Uji Matcha Flan x1 ¥ 3,980
Folding Screen Set Elecproof Choker x1, Windproof Choker x1 ¥ 4,980
6/19 Supportive Gift Set Blaring Alarm Clock x1, Face Beautifier x1 ¥ 9,980
Busy Revival Set Revivadrin x3, Recov-R 100mg x10 ¥ 9,980
6/26 Dark Power Set Black Rock x2, Black Robe x1 ¥ 1,980
Cursed Tools Set Five-inch Nail x3, Straw Doll x10 ¥ 9,980
7/3 Body Building Set Imported Protein x1, Moist Protein x3, Protein x3 ¥ 12,800
Calm Mind Set Ambergris ST x1, Ambergris EN x1, Ambergris LU – Ryusen x1 ¥ 12,800
8/7 Phantom Thief Set Lockpick x5, Vanish Ball x5, Smoke Screen x3 ¥ 7,980
Heroic Set Vacuum Cutter x4, Psy-Wheel x4, Nuke Cracker x4 ¥ 8,980
8/14 Drink Set Second Maid x20, Water of Rebirth x20 ¥ 2,980
Floral Gift Set Glass Vase x1, Flower Basket x1 ¥ 2,980
9/25 Phantom Thief Set 2 Calming Aroma x3, Smoke Screen x5, Lockpick x5 ¥ 8,980
Phantom Thief Fun Set Phantom Wafers x5, Calling Postcard x3 ¥ 2,000
10/2 Pumpkin Ghost Set Lantern Necklace x1, Pumpkin Soup x5 ¥ 14,800
Haunted Repel Set Baptismal Water x5, Exorcism Water x5 ¥ 9,980
11/6 Sturdy Ointment Set Physical Ointment x3, Magical Ointment x3 ¥ 19,800
Inner Muscle Set Salvation S – Heat Riser x1, Hustle S – Rebellion x5 ¥ 14,800
11/13 Instant Spray Set Ultimate Spray x5, Cleaning Spray x5, Quick Spray x5 ¥ 34,500
Meditative Set Nirvana MA x1, Nirvana EN x1, Nirvana LU x1 ¥ 29,800
11/27 Ishiyaki Potato Set Legendary Yaki-Imo x3, Beni-Azuma x10 ¥ 9,800
Limited Sweets Set Melon Pan x3, Moon Dango x5 ¥ 4,800
12/11 Super Detox Set Refresh Aroma x3, Recover Oil x5 ¥ 39,800
Fancy Magatama Set Hell Magatama x3, Frost Magatama x3, Arc Magatama x3, Cyclone Magatama x3 ¥ 16,800
1/15 Lucky Worker Bag Pick-Me-Up Tie x1, Physical Ointment x3, Magical Ointment x3 ¥ 44,800
Lucky Muscle Bag Imported Protein x3, Nirvana ST x3, Hustle S x5 ¥ 39,800
1/22 Talisman Set Rasetsu Ofuda x3, Kongou Ofuda x3, Idaten Ofuda x3 ¥ 12,800
Sweet Delight Set Strawberry Daifuku x3, Ultimate Amazake x20, Oh! Shiruko x20 ¥ 29,800
1/29 Energetic Set Salvation S x3, Stronger Lift S x5, Harder Core S x5, Accu-Speed S x5 ¥ 49,800
Delicious Revival Set Royal Jelly x2, Melon Pan x3 ¥ 69,800

P5 TV Shopping Products

Date Product Items Price
4/24 None Party in a Can x4 ¥ 1,980
5/8 None Calming Mask x2 ¥ 1,980
5/15 None Protein x4 ¥ 4,800
5/22 None Adhesive Bandage x50 ¥ 1,980
5/29 None Wild Clogs x2 ¥ 4,980
6/19 None Mental Floss x20 ¥ 1,980
6/26 None Uji Matcha Flan x2 ¥ 2,980
7/3 None Freeze Spray x10 ¥ 3,980
8/7 None Coolifier Pad x20 ¥ 1,980
8/14 None Second Maid x30 ¥ 1,980
9/25 None Sonic Socks x1 ¥ 4,980
10/2 None Donut-worry x20 ¥ 1,980
11/6 None Hachiman Belt x1 ¥ 9,800
11/13 None Mystery Pot x20 ¥ 9,800
11/27 None Hot Water Pouch x1 ¥ 9,800
12/11 None Hunger Charm x1 ¥ 19,800

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  1. What’s the point of just listing the item names in the set? I mean, i guess it would be useful if we knew what they were, but i have no idea what any of those items are, so the list means nothing without explanations or links to what each item does. It’s dumb the game doesn’t list the items when u buy each set, making a “guide” like this even necessary, IMO. But it was also dumb to make SO MANY items that are virtually identical, except for the blurb of text & item names. It basically forces players to look these things up, sadly.

  2. This guide is completely wrong for Persona 5 royal. For example, on 1/29 the energetic set gives you Salvation S, Stronger Lift S, Harder Core S, and Accu-speed S.

    • Is that for the “energetic set”? If so, i prefer the way they listed it, because instead of the in game item names, it’s listed by the traditional SMT/Persona skill names that using the item enables when using them in a battle. The item names in this game are near meaningless, because there’s so many different item names that do identical things. Listing them by what they do, like this, is much more beneficial in a guide like this, IMO, unless it were to hotlink every item, so u could click on them & see the description/what they did.

  3. Thanks, this is super useful! Looks like just about everything TV Shop is worth getting, this’ll save me a lot of deliberation.

    • Glad it helped 🙂 hope you enjoy Persona 5 and please do check out our Website for exclusive game reviews, guides and walkthroughs 🙂