Persona 5 Royal - Thieves Den Awards

Guide on Thieves Den (My Palace) Awards in Persona 5 Royal, including information of the various awards, and their required conditions.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Thieves Den (My Palace) Awards


Thieves Den (My Palace) Awards are obtained by doing outstanding feats in school life and in battles. When you unlock an award you can receive some P Medals. To unlock an award, you need to fulfill some conditions. Currently, the award names and conditions are roughly translated. We will update this when the game comes out.

For the complete award, you need 2420 P Medals. If you wish to only have enough to use within the palace, you need 2125 P Medals.

Note that Thieves Den Awards are different from Trophies. The latter refers to achievements that do not grant any special rewards other than the trophies themselves.

Trophy List

Completion Reward

After obtaining all the P Medals, return to Thieves Den and speak with Jose to report your progress. For achieving an amazing feat, you can claim some items from the delivery box in your room. The rewards include a Letter and an Invisible Veil accessory.

Thieves Den Awards

School Life

Award Condition P Medals
Black Hole Belly Complete all 3 Big Bang Challenges in Big Bang Burger. 30
Golden Fingers Clear all 7 retro games in your room. 70
Professor Crossword Solve a total of 15 LeBlanc crosswords. 35
Home Run King Do 30 Home Runs in the Batting Cage. 60
Bathhouse Regular Use the public bath 15 times. 35
Phantom Clothes Seller Accumulate 1,000 points at the vintage clothing store in Kichijoji. 35
Working Student Perform a total of 15 bytes. 35
Leblanc’s Successor Make the best coffee and curry in LeBlanc. 35
Kung Fu Master Hit the wooden dummy at the sports gym in Shibuya very hard. 50
Charismatic Laundry Wash 10 types of used armor at the laundromat. 35
Maid-loving Master Visit the maid cafe 4 times. 35
Angler Accumulate 100,000 points by fishing at the Ichigaya fishing spot. 50
Bookworm Read 40 books. 50
WE LOVE THE ARCADE Obtain 5 crane game prizes. 35


Award Condition P Medals
Great Phantom Thieves Convene Reached maximum rank with all confidants. 50
Beloved Phantom Thief Achieved a romantic relationship with all potential romantic Confidants. 60
True Comdrade Achieved a strong bond of friendship with potential romantic Confidants. 60
Gifting Master Give a total of 10 gifts while spending time with Confidants. 50
Yusuke’s Fan Asked Yusuke to duplicate cards 10 times. 35
Spirited Darts Player Spend time playing darts at Penguin Sniper in Kichijoji 10 times. 35
Way of Jazz Spent time at Jazz Jin in Kichijoji 7 times. 35
Young Hustler Spent time playing billiards at Penguin Sniper in Kichijoji 5 times. 35
Grave Patient Spent a total of 500,000 yen at Takemi Medical Clinic in Yongen-jaya. 35
Military Buff Spend a total of 1,000,000 yen on equipment at Untouchable in Shibuya. 35
Custom Gunner Customized 20 different guns at Untouchable in Shibuya. 35
Rooftop Gardener Harvest 5 vegetables at the rooftop vegetable garden. 35


Award Condition P Medals
Perfect Combination Performed an All-Out Attack 50 times. 35
Countless Masks Obtain 30 personas during a negotiation. 35
Deadly Gunner Performed a Down Shot 30 times. 50
Expert Negotiator Initiated negotiations with Shadows a total of 100 times. 35
Shooting Master Defeat a total of 100 enemies using a gun. 50
Phantom Bombardment Defeat a total of 100 enemies using the explosion from a Disaster Shadow. 50
Phantom Technician Perform 100 technical attacks. 50
Ultimate Attack Deal 9,999 or more damage in one attack. 50
Lucky Star Encounter 30 Houma. 30
The Reaper is Reaped Defeat the Reaper 5 times. 70
Senior in Life Defeat Jose (unlocked in third semester). 50
Beyond Rehabilitation Defeat Justine and Caroline (unlocked in New Game+ mementos). 60
True Rehabilitation Defeat Lavenza (unlocked in third semester of New Game+) 70


Award Condition P Medals
Mission Complete Clear all 33 requests. 70
Mask Collector Achieve 100% registration of personas. 70
Sublime Mask Level up the protagonist’s persona to 99. 50
Unlimited Power Level up all of the parameters of the protagonist’s persona to 99. 50
Silent Killer Achieve 30 chaine wire (grappling hook) encounters. 35
The Sneaking One Perform 50 ambushes in palaces. 30
Fearless Executioner Perform 20 executions during fusion alarms. 50
Electric Mania Obtain 10 types of accessories, weapons, armor, and skill cards using the electric chair. 30
Boys over Flowers Collect 1,000 flowers in Mementos. 35
Stamp by Me Collect 150 stamps in Mementos (165 total) 60
Expert Lockpicker Open 40 treasure chests using keys. 50
Aggressive Searcher Obtain 150 items using the palace search object. 30
Escape Artist Avoid encounters 5 times using smokescreens or hypno mist after being detected by enemies. 35

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