Persona 5 Royal - Awakened Ultimate Persona List


A list of Awakened Persona obtained from maxed out Confidants in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes their new and improved abilties.

Persona 5 The Royal - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Persona 5 Royal - Walkthrough and Guide

The Awakened Persona

In Persona 5, each member of the Phantom Thieves’ Persona can awaken into a new form. Awakening allows them to gain new abilities and increased stats. Persona evolve when the protagonist reaches rank 10 in that party member’s Confidant chain.

Kamu Susano-o

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Kamu Susano-o

Owner: Yusuke Kitagawa

Arcana: Emperor

Initial Form: Goemon

Susano-o has appeared in several Shin Megami Tensei games. His most popular appearance is in Persona 4 as the evolved persona of Yosuke Hanamura. Susano-o in Persona 5 is similar to that of Yosuke’s persona save for an additional elemental skill.

Seiten Taisei

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Seiten Taisei

Owner: Ryuji Sakamoto

Arcana: Chariot

Initial Persona: Captain Kidd

Seiten Taisei didn’t initially appear in the roster. He now, however, makes his appearance as Captain Kidd’s evolution. As one of the strongest persona in the Chariot Arcana, he relies on a variety of physical attacks that strike all shadows on the field. His original design appeared that to be of a monkey in a robe, but the latest design for Seiten Taisei gives him a more metal-rock theme similar to his owner.


Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Anat

Owner: Makoto Nijima

Arcana: Priestess

Initial Persona: Johanna

Anat is Makoto’s awakened Persona after completing the Priestess Arcana. The beauty of her persona is her wide range of magic and healing skills, which can completely swing battles. While her initial persona, Johanna, was the pope, Anat is the goddess of fertility and sexuality. Makoto doesn’t ride Anat as she did Johanna.

Anat is one of the few Persona to display the new element found in Persona 5, Nuke. Anat doesn’t inflict status damage. Instead, nuke spells gain a technical bonus against enemies that are burned, frozen, or shocked. Unique to her predecessors, she has two physical attacks. Because of her specialized move set, Anat may not be beginner friendly at first. However, her abilities as a persona are still worth exploring.


Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Astarte


Owner: Haru Okumura

Arcana: Empress

Initial Persona: Milady

Astarte is the goddess of fertility, love, and war. In Greece, Astarte was known as Aphrodite. In Abrahamic lore, she was known as Ashtoreth. To the Canaanites, she was the fertility goddess and the productive power of nature itself. As the Empress Arcana, Astarte balances between inflicting conditions, physical attacks, and magical attacks.


Persona 5 - Awakened Persona, Mercurius

Owner: Morgana

Arcana: Magician

Initial Persona: Zorro

In his initial form, Zorro looks bulkier than Mercurius. Mercurius is another name for the god Hermes, retaining the staff and feathers that symbolize his speed. Hailed as the gods’ messenger, Mercurius takes pride in his speed which allows him to go wherever he pleases.

Because he’s of the Magician Arcana, he has a variety of debuff skills. These skills, such as Masukunda, can help in keeping control of the battle. Because of his speed, Mercurius often allows Morgana to strike first. This allows the player to have control over the battle.


Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Hecate

Owner: Ann Tamaki

Arcana: Lovers

Initial Persona: Carmen

Upon awakening, Carmen transforms into Hecate. Hecate is the goddess of the underworld and the goddess of witchcraft. When she appears in the game, she wears a dominatrix outfit with dog heads. Being the guardian of the underworld, Hecate is often associated with Hades. She also stands as the goddess of ice and one of the few that Cerberus will obey.

However, Hecate wields fire magic in Persona 5. Her spells often involve dealing heavy damage through Agidyne and Incineration. She also has healing magic like Diarahan. True to her nature as the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate wields a variety of magic spells she can launch at an opponent.


Persona 5 - Awakened Persona, Prometheus

Owner: Sakura Futaba

Arcana: Hermit

Initial Persona: Necronomicon

Because of Prometheus’ knowledge and wit, it’s fitting that he becomes the evolved form of Necronomicon. In Greek mythology, Prometheus angered the gods after outwitting them and granting gifts to humanity. In fact, his name itself means “forethought,” which is how he outwitted the gods. Not only did he steal the gift of fire from Zeus, but he also knew the secret of how Zeus would fall.

As the Awakened Persona of Futaba, Prometheus provides eyes and ears everywhere. Futaba can analyze opponents and figure out their weaknesses. While fighting, she can also provide valuable information that can turn the battle to your favor quickly.


Persona 5 - Awakened Persona, Satanael

Owner: Protagonist

Arcana: Fool/World

Initial Persona: Arsene

The Protagonist’s Persona always has to look the coolest. In this case, his persona is Satanael. Satanael is known as the leader of the fallen angels. He also exists in the Gnostic traditions as the angel who granted humans the knowledge to break away from the Demiurge. Because of this, he’s often depicted as a representation of Lucifer.

Satanael, unlike the others, does not have a specified move set. His move set only comes during New Game Plus when the player fuses him. Because of this, he can only learn the abilities he picked up from the Persona used to fuse him.

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  1. There’s some incorrect info in here – I don’t know if anyone reads these comments, but I’ll post some of what I’ve seen in the game that conflicts with the article:

    – Kamui Susano-o doesn’t use electric attacks – he still uses ice and physical skills like his unevolved form.

    – Seiten Taisei is correct, as far as I can tell.

    – Makoto doesn’t ride Anat as she does Johanna – when summoned, Anat drifts in from the side in motorcycle form and then, like a Transformer, turns into her humanoid form in the image and stands behind her. Also, she (and the nuclear element in general) doesn’t INFLICT status – nuclear spells gain a Technical bonus to damage when used against burned/frozen/shocked foes, so she’s good at EXPLOITING status. Also, she gets healing spells and two phys attacks.

    – I don’t think Astarte inflicts status, but she does have Amrita to heal it. She also gets the two -karn spells to hand out reflect shields.

    – Mercurius doesn’t get Dekunda, and his only debuff is Masukunda. He’s a lot like Io or Isis from P3 – wind magic and healing.

    – Carmen doesn’t learn the Recarm skills, but other than that you’re spot on.

    – Prometheus is correct, as far as I can tell.

    – The Persona mentioned on the second page (not naming it bc spoilers) does mostly rely on the skills it inherits, but also gets Curse, Almighty, and Gun attacks, as well as some powerful passive abilities.

    Nice article, though! Hope this info might help.

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      Thanks! Your info’s greatly appreciated! The article was constructed the time we didn’t have a database. But thanks for your info, it’s really helpful! 🙂

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