Boss List [Persona 5/P5]

This section contains the list of bosses in Persona 5

Persona 5 Bosses

This page contains the list of the bosses that you’ll encounter while exploring the different palaces and dungeons in Persona 5. Click the name of each boss for an in-depth guide on how to beat them.

Kamoshida Palace

Kamoshida palace is the first palace you investigate and where you awakened your powers as the Joker. The main boss in Kamoshida palace is Shadow Kamoshida and he’ll have some mini-bosses for you to deal with. Some of these bosses include Eligor and Bicorn. Another is a Torn Fragment of Desire, somewhat resembling Mara. However, he himself doesn’t really have a special mechanic other than sending a particular member to knock down the treasure.

In the New Game Plus, you can easily defeat him when summoning a high ranking persona.

Madarame Palace

Madarame Palace has at least three mini-boss fights. One is right before you earn Yusuke Kitagawa and fight Nue. Another is when you’re halfway through the palace and enter the Main Hall to fight Shiki-Ouji.

Kaneshiro Palace

Futaba Palace

Okumura Palace

Niijima Palace

Shidou Palace

World of Qliphoth

The beauty of the World of Qliphoth is that it’s so farm-able. You can quickly run through the dungeon over and over again to earn money which can carry over to your next play through. Or, you’ll also gain enough levels to fuse the bigger Persona such as Satan (Judgement), Michael (Justice), Alice (Death), Vishnu (Fool), and others.

Final Boss

Mementos Dungeon

Mementos is a general palace where the unconsciousness of all the populace congregate in one place. Majority of the time, you’ll encounter many mini-bosses which are result of the requests. Often times, Yuuki Mishima will hand out the request to you with the name on it. However, there are also times that you have to find the name of the bosses themselves. This may include using the different facilities or dealing with the confidant themselves.

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