Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Madarame/ Azazel Boss Guide

Boss guide for Shadow Madarame in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Shadow Madarame Boss Guide

Shadow Madarame has two forms: one is the picture frames and the main body. The picture frames can be annoying to put down but the main body isn’t so bad. However, if you don’t take down the main body fast enough, he can regenerate his framed form.

Tips: Was able to beat this guy around level 18. Had Shiisaa and Jack Frost on me and my teammates were around 17-16 as well. There’s a way but it can get rather dragging. Teammates used at this time were Yusuke, Morgana (he had Media at this time), and Ann.


First Form

Each part possesses the same stat distributions but vary in the attributes they drain. The mouth drains Phys and Gun, the eye drains Fire, Ice, Elec, and Wind, and the nose drains the remaining attributes save for Almighty.

Level 18
HP 300
SP 280
Strength 15
Magic 12
Endurance 12
Agility 10
Luck 10
Item Rewards

Second Form

Level 18
HP 1800
SP 1800
Strength 5
Magic 5
Endurance 5
Agility 5
Luck 5
EXP 1,260
Money 12,000
Item Rewards


First Form

1) Bite (Mouth)

Deals single target physical attack.

2) Tarukaja (Eye)

Buffs attack of an ally which lasts for three turns.

3) Rakunda (Eye)

Debuffs the target’s defense which lasts for three turns.

4) Flame Dance

Casts moderate fire damage to a single target

5) Silent Snowscape

Casts moderate ice damage to a single target

6) Thunderclap

Casts moderate electric damage to a single target.

7) Maelstrom

Casts moderate wind damage to a single target.

8) The Artist’s Grace (All)

Casts a debuff on a single target making it weak to all affinities.

9) Restore (All)

Raises one of three fallen parts with 1/4 HP.

Second Form

1) Madara Megido

Casts low Almighty damage to the entire party.


Cast debuff on its parts

Shadow Madarame

In his painting form, he has several targets: eyes, nose, mouth. In this form, he can use a variety of elemental spells such as Garu, Zio, Agi-based spells. He has Maelstrom for Garu, Thunderclap for Zio, and the respective ones for Agi and Bufu. However, take note that he can also restore a missing body part with 25% HP. When he does so, kill the newly restored body part immediately. If he transforms into a painting a second time, he’ll have a new ability: Artist’s Grace. This allows him to make a character weak to all elements. His mouth can be a bit of a pest as well as it has an occasional bite every now and then. To make things worse: the mouth heals when hit by physical moves whereas the eyes heal if hit with magic attacks.

What can make things helpful is if you have a Rakunda/Tarunda set up. If you don’t have Tarunda, use Rakukaja. But if you don’t have spells like that, it’s fine too. But if Joker has a persona that has Rakunda, use it. For my case, Shiisaa had the debuff after fusing him with a Jack Frost that had Rakunda and Makami with Frei. Use Rakunda on any part (sans the nose) of the face.

If you want to make it quick, use Rakunda on the eyes first. Keep Morgana on Media duty for a bit. Next, have Ann cast Tarunda every now and then on the mouth. Yusuke can focus physically beating down the enemy but if he already learned “Vicious Strike” so much the better. Or if you have Rampage then, that’s okay as well. It may heal the mouth but you can’t heal what hasn’t been damaged.

After felling the eyes, cast magic on the mouth. If one of your persona has Tarukaja, buff either Ann or Yusuke.

Once that’s down, he’ll change into his main form.

Stop him from using Artist’s Grace

Shadow Madarame

When he’s in this form, it starts with an all out attack. After dealing that damage, have Joker cast Rakunda every now and then. Ann can swap between Agi and Tarunda whereas Yusuke lays it thick with Bufu and Giant Slice. Have Morgana dedicate to using Media. The main body isn’t that tough; he’ll have an Almighty spell every now and then, but it shouldn’t be that damaging as long as he’s on Tarunda or you’re on Rakukaja.

If you don’t kill him in one turn, he’ll go back to his first form. If you beat him at this form then, he won’t have a chance to use Artist’s Grace. That’s if, you beat him before his second transformation. If you want to do that though, you’ll need to be at least late 20’s level. But after awhile, it shouldn’t be so hard.

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This was a hard battle for me. I don’t think I was set up for it well with Personas, and I had nothing to revive KO’d allies. I was having Morgana use Media every turn, but that alone wasn’t enough and I had to retry several times. When I started having Fox raise everyone’s evasion, along with Morgana healing, and just have MC and Ann beat the stuffing out of it, it finally came together, but that evasion was major! Thanks for this! Other guides did not help at all!


F*ckin’ amazing issues here. I’m very happy to look your post. Thank you so much and i am taking a look forward to touch you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?


they probably played on easiest dif lol


Beat him on hard at level 16 but to say it was “an ordeal” would be an understatement.


Same I beat it on hard at level 17, and boy did rampage come in handy. I downed all three arts besides mouth in 2 turns and mouth was easy as well. It wasn’t that bad but it was difficult at times when the mouth got a crit and OHK’d members.

Katherine Baskerville

Quite true but for those new to the mechanics of Persona 5, they might have a hard time. Since they added a few things that old players may be more familiar with. :))


This guide fails to mention he cant bring his face parts back to life if you try to kill them off one by one. Has wind, fire, lightning aoe spells, attack buff, and a debuff which makes one of your party members weak to all elements. This is also technically a 4 stage battle not 2 as once he goes into his human for you can only take off half of his health before he goes back into his painting form and you have do whittle that down again. If you work on cancelling his debuffs it drags the battle… Read more »


He can revive his face parts if you try to kill them one by one, it happened to me several times. It’s no big issue as long as you immediately kill the revived part again though.