Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Niijima (Leviathan) Boss Guide

Boss guide for Shadow Niijima (Leviathan) in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes the boss' stats, skills, and a strategy guide.

Shadow Sae Nijima Boss Guide

Niijima Palace Guide

Boss Stats

Level 53
HP 8000
SP 2000
Strength 56
Magic 34
Endurance 30
Agility 34
Luck 30
EXP 11,500
Money 33,000
Item Rewards

Boss Skills

1) Roulette Time

Starts a roulette game.

2) Penalty

Reduces HP to one during Roulette Time.

3) Dekaja

Nullifies buffs of the entire party.

4) Megidola

Strong Almighty damage to all foes.

5) Severing Slash

Strong Physical damage to all foes.

6) Gatling Gun

Low Gun damage to all foes.

7) Hundred Slaps

Deals strong single target Physical damage.

8) Heat Riser

Buffs ally’s attack, defense, and agility for three turns.

9) Desperation

Buffs its own attack at the cost of defense for three turns.

10) Berserker Dance

Severe Almighty damage to all foes.

11) Makarakarn

Casts a shield on an ally to repel one magic spell.

12) Tarukaja

Buffs attack of one ally for three turns.

Boss Strategy

1) Invest in certain skills

In order to have a much easier battle against this boss, we recommend having the following skills in your arsenal:

  • Death Parade – Boosts user’s attack but drops defense for 3 turns. Cannot be negated.
  • Dekaja – Negate all buff effects of all foes.
  • Heat Riser – Increase 1 ally’s Attack, Defense, and Agility for 3 turns.

Since Niijima’s attacks are quite powerful, you may have to use Heat Riser on everyone in the party to increase all of your stats. Buffing your agility grants you an ability to move first against Niijima.

2) Prioritize Debuffs

You may also want to use lower tier debuff skills like Dekunda and Tarunda. However, the main goal here is to defeat Niijima as fast as possible, so it is better if you buff your attack more instead of buffing your defense or even debuffing the boss’s stats. If Sae Niijima ever uses buff skills, immediately use Dekaja.

Also, make sure that Makoto knows Mediarama, as this healing skill will be very useful against the boss’s Berserker Dance and Megidola.

Boss Battle Video (Joker, Queen, Noir, and Crow)

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  1. There is no record of Death Parade ever existing in this game. I have found no such skill anywhere. who made this guide?

  2. Very half-assed guide. Doesn’t go into why her strengths and resistances change throughout the fight, doesn’t walk you through the battle, really doesn’t do anything at all. Doesn’t discuss psy. This was a waste of time to read.