Persona 5 Royal - Book List and Guide


List of books that can be borrowed or purchased in Persona 5 Royal. This includes their locations, how to unlock, rewards, and effects.

Persona 5 Royal - Book List and Guide

Book List and Guide in Persona 5 Royal

Similar to in Persona 4, reading books in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal will also grant the Protagonist additional social stat boost in. Certain books may also provide a boost to specific activities.

Social Stats Overview and Guide

Non-purchased Books


Name Chapters Effect How to Unlock
The Great Thief 2 Knowledge +5 Available at the start.
Pirate Legend 2 Guts +5 Available at the start.
Zorro the Outlaw 2 Kindness +5 Available at the start.
The Alluring Dancer 2 Charm +5 Available at the start.
The Gallant Rogue 2 Guts +5 After Yusuke joins
The Illusory Popess 2 Kindness +5 After Makoto joins
Cry of Cthulu 2 Guts +5 After Futaba joins
Woman in the Dark 2 Proficiency +5 After Haru joins
Dressed in Ashes 2 Charm +5 After Kasumi joins
The Hero with a Bow 2 Guts +5 After Akechi joins
Speed Reader 1 Allows you to read two chapters of a book at a time. 7/1

Bedroom (LeBlanc)

Name Chapters Effect How to Unlock
Yoncha Wanderer 04 1 Unlocks shortcut to Batting Cage
Unlocks Bathhouse
Clean your room.
Social Thought 2 Knowledge +5 Clean your room.


Name Chapters Effect How to Unlock
Chinese Sweets 1 Unlocks “Chinatown” Finish “Part-Time Job,” “Full-time Hell”
Theme Park Escort 1 Unlocks “Destinyland” Finish “We Aren’t Just your Slaves”
Shita-machi Reborn 1 Unlocks “Asakusa” Finish “Who’s Muscling in Yongen-Jaya”

Mysterious Trader Sakai

Name Chapters Effect How to Unlock
Factorization Guide 1 Increases Knowledge gained through reading. Trade for Millimeter MRE (obtained from Untouchable vending machine) from 7/26 to 7/30.

Purchased Books

Shibuya Bookstore

Name Price Chapters Effect How to Unlock
Playing the Game 700 2 Charm +5 Available at the start.
Wise Men’s Words 700 2 Knowledge +5 6/1
Ghost Encounters 700 2 Guts +5 8/3
The Art of Charm 700 2 Charm +5 Available at the start.
Buchiko’s Story 700 2 Charm +5 Available at the start.
Medjed Menace 1200 2 Knowledge +5 6/1
Weekend Parks 1800 1 Unlocks “Inokashira Park” 7/17
Fishpond Spotter 1800 1 Unlocks “Ichigaya” 8/3
Aquarium-a-Day 700 1 Unlocks “Shinagawa Aquarium” 7/17
Vague 1800 1 Unlocks “Harajuku” 5/18
Nightlife Hotspots 1800 1 Unlocks “Odaiba Seaside Park” 6/1
Musty Pages 1800 1 Unlocks “Jinbocho” 9/1
Museum of Stars 1800 1 Unlocks “Ikebukuro” 9/1
Tokyo Shrines 1800 1 Unlocks “Meiji Shrine” 9/1
Nakano Walker 1800 1 Unlocks “Nakano Shopping Mall” 10/1
Tidying the Heart 700 2 Proficiency +5 Available at the start.

Shinjuku Hinokokuya Bookstore

Name Price Chapters Effect How to Unlock
Flowerpedia 2800 1 Find a hint when crafting bouquet Finish Flower Shop Part-Time
Batting Science 2800 1 Unlocks “Third Eye” in Batting Cage Finish Batting Center for the first time
Essence of Fishing 2800 1 Unlocks “Third Eye” in Fishing After fishing for the first time
The Craft of Cinema 2800 1 Increase the effect of Watching Movies After watching a movie for the first time
(P5R only)
Game Secrets 2800 1 Lowers difficulty in Video Games After playing video games for the first time
Learn PRO Darts 2800 1 Pointer movement slows down when using the “Third Eye” in Darts. After playing Darts for the first time.
ABCs of Crafting 2,800 1 Doubles the number of infiltration tools created. After crafting an infiltration tool for the first.

Shibuya Sports Shop

Name Price Chapters Effect How to Unlock
Expert Billiards 3500 1 Unlocks trick shots when playing Billiards. After playing Billiards for the first time.
Expert Billiards 1 Unlocks more trick shots when playing Billiards. Obtained automatically after raising technical rank to 3.

Jinbocho Nagiuri Bookstore

Name Price Chapters Effect How to Unlock
Master Swordsman 8000 3 Guts +10 Available in store.
Call Me Chief 8000 3 Kindness +10 After reading Master Swordsman
Reckless Casanova 8000 3 Charm +10 After reading Call Me Chief
Heroic Revelations 8000 3 Knowledge +10 After reading Master Swordsman
The Art of Automata 12000 3 Proficiency +10 After reading Master Swordsman
Knowing the Heart 12000 1 Unlocks additional Technical combos (Brainwash – Bless; Confusion – Gun, Wind; Fear – Ice; Forget – Elec; Rage – Fire) After reading all previous books from this store.
Speed Reading 12000 1 You can read two chapters at a time After reading all previous books from this store.

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  1. I’m not sure if others encountered this issue but I can’t seem to buy “Weekend Parks” as it’s not available for purchase. I’m at 11/17 and from what I researched, is the only book I have not read. Is there a reason as to why? Or is there another book after 11/17 I still need to read instead?

    • I’m looking into that myself (11/5, it’s the only thing I haven’t read). I’m guessing that since P5R requires you to go to the park for cleaning at one point that they removed the book entirely. But that’s just a guess, don’t know if anyone has confirmed that “Weekend Parks” doesn’t exist in P5R.

  2. Alright, quick revision for you; “Playing the Game” is called “Tidying The Heart” in P5R. “Tidying The Heart” gives you a proficiency bonus, and “The Art of Charm” gives you a bonus in charm, not Proficiency.

  3. This needs to be edited. The ones with asterisk is obviously a P5R exclusive books, and the speed reading book on P5 needs only 3 books to be read so the 5 books yeah obviously is a p5r one only, so asterisk needed in that “after reading the five books above” though .