Confidants List – Unlock Schedules Guide [Persona 5 / P5]

This page contains a summary of the schedule a Confidant's relationship line can be accessed, including dates, time and locations.

Confidants of each Arcana are made available for interaction during the course of the game. They allow the player to access new abilities by raising their rank for each of the Arcanas by increasing the Confidant Level (Social Link) of their respective characters.

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Confidant Unlock Schedules Guide

Below is a summary of all Confidants in the game, including the date, time and location the Confidant Line can be accessed. Click the name of each Confidant for an in-depth guide on how to max out their social links.

Arcana Character Date Unlocked Time Location / Conditions
Fool Igor Unlocked during the Main Story
Magician Morgana Unlocked during the Main Story
Priestess Makoto Niijima 6/25 Afternoon Student Council Office entrance
Outside of the school
Empress Haru Okumura 10/31 Afternoon School rooftop
Emperor Yusuke Kitagawa 6/14 Afternoon Underground street in Shibuya
Hierophant Sojiro Sakura 4/20 Afternoon Le Blanc
Lovers Ann Takamaki 4/15 Afternoon Shibuya Station Underground Mall
Chariot Ryuji Sakamoto 4/12 Afternoon Outside of the classroom
Shibuya Game Center
Justice Gorou Akechi 6/10 Unlocked during the Main Story
Hermit Sakura Futaba 8/31 Afternoon Outside of Leblanc
Fortune Mifune Chihaya 6/22 Night Downtown Shinjuku
Strength Caroline/Justine 5/18 Velvet Room
Hanged Man Iwai Munehisa 5/6 Night Military shop
Death Tae Takemi 4/15 Afternoon Yongenjaya Clinic
Temperance Sadayo Kawakami 5/24 Night Shibuya Station Underground Mall (You’ll need to call her from the phone in Leblanc)
Devil Ohya Ichiko 6/18 Night Newcomer Bar (Shinjuku)
Tower Shinya Oda 9/4 Afternoon Akihabara Game Center
Star Hifumi Togo 6/25 Afternoon Kanda church
Moon Yuki Mishima 5/6 Night Shibuya Central District
Shinjuku Street
Sun Toranosuke Yoshida 5/6 Night In front of Shibuya Station
Judgement Sae Niijima 7/9 Unlocked during the Main Story
The World Unlocked during the Main Story

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You got 2 things wrong. Sojiro and Hifumi are night, not afternoon.

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This game is the SHIT. Gonna max some confidants.