Persona 5 Royal - Holy Grail Boss Guide

Boss guide for Holy Grail in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes the boss enemy's stats, skills, and a strategy guide.

Holy Grail Boss Guide

Persona 5 - Final Boss Guide Yaldabaoth (Holy Grail)

Recommended Level 75
Persona Roster Black Frost, Seiten Taisei, Anat, Mercurius
Recommended Team Black Frost

Boss Stats

Level 75
HP 10,000
SP 999
EXP 12,067
Money 30,000
Item Rewards

Mementos Depths Guide

Boss Skills

1) Will of the People

Casts multiple heals on itself.

2) Light Edge

Delivers a severe multi-hitting Almighty attack.

3) Arrow of Light

Launches a severe single target Almighty attack.

4) Diffraction Arrow

A multi target attack that inflicts forgetfulness.

5) Gathering Light

Charges this turn, then follows with Eternal Light.

6) Eternal Light

A charged attack that deals huge amounts of damage to the entire party.

Boss Strategy

Yaldabaoth first appears as the Holy Grail. Holy Grail focuses on healing itself in an attempt to stall you. The moment the battle starts, it will cast Will of the People which heals around 4000 health. You need to stop it from regenerating. You can send Ryuji or Morgana to detach the threads to remove its life support.

You have to deal with the boss with only three party members for the first segment. Cast Rakunda to debuff its defense, then follow up with Matarukaja or Charge to raise your attack. Chain your powerful attacks after buff/debuffing. Make use of defense buffs or heals any time you sustain damage, you can assign Makoto to use Marakukaja for support while Ryuji is charging, or Mediarahan for heals. Ryuji should still have loads of health at this point, so sacrifice some to launch Megaton Raid and shave around 10% off the boss’ health.

After finishing the first objective, Morgana will rejoin your party.  Have Morgana and Makoto support the team by removing ailments and casting defense buffs. Holy Grail will attempt to charge for an ultimate attack, so continue to debuff its defense while you raise your attack. You can even debuff its Accuracy while it’s charging to aid the party in avoiding the attack. After sustaining heavy damage, patch up with heals. Deal out as much damage as you can to try and seal the victory.

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