Persona 5 Royal - Michael Boss Guide

Boss guide for Michael in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Michael Boss Guide


Level 75
HP 5,600
SP 3,720
Strength 68
Magic 38
Endurance 51
Agility 49
Luck 29
Block Bless
EXP 7,260
Money 12,500
Item Rewards


1) Summon

Calls for Angels.

2) Charge

Buffs attack to make next physical attack deal 2.5x.

3) Sword Dance

Delivers a massive single target physical attack.

4) Divine Judgment

Single target bless type attack that halves health.

5) Maziodyne

Deals heavy electric damage which affects the entire party with a low chance to inflict shock.

6) Mabufudyne

Deals heavy ice damage which affects the entire party with a low chance to inflict freeze.

7) Cosmic Flare

Delivers severe nuke damage which affects the entire party, which has technical damage bonus on targets inflicted with shock or freeze.

8) Dekunda

Nullifies all debuff effects on self’s party.

9) Debilitate

Debuffs attack, defense, and agility of one target which lasts for three turns.

10) Megidolaon

Delivers severe almighty attack which affects the entire party.

11) Amp skills

Casts one of the four element buffs (ice, elec, nuke, and almighty) which strengthens attacks by 50%.

12) Almighty boost

Similar to amp skills, but strengthens attacks by 25%.


Team composition

By this time, your party’s level should be in the high 60s. Futaba’s confidant should be maxed out to gain access to her Final Guard ability. The protagonist can opt for a persona that casts curse spells. Nebiros could fill this role well with Maeigaon. He can later switch to Black Frost to debuff the boss, making him more vulnerable to buffed attacks. Makoto pairs well as the team’s support, able to spread buffs and heals. Ann and Ryuji can function as your main damage dealers since they can dish out even more powerful attacks upon receiving a baton pass.

Unleash powerful attacks using attack buffs and baton pass

At first glance, this takes you back to the first archangel boss battle due to the minions, but Michael is a mixture of all the archangels that preceded him. Michael not only deals area of effect damage, but, to make things worse, has a chance to deal bonus technical damage on the next turn. He also has plenty of buffs and debuffs without relying on his minions. Your team should have enough firepower to chip him down each turn, so assign one or two members from the party to always attack.

When the battle starts, have Black Frost debuff the boss to weaken his attacks. Have one of your damage dealers buff their attack and another deal some damage. Have Makoto cast Marakukaja to buff the party’s defense. When the boss summons two angels, have Joker cast a curse spell to weaken them. Repeat the same process as before and have the other ally buff their attack while the other attacks. You can finish the angels off later by having your allies use an ability that hits all of them. If the members are low on health, patch them up with Makoto. Stockpile your attack buffs, then select who to pass the baton to between Ann and Ryuji. After passing the turn, have the recipient unleash a powerful attack like Agidyne, then finish off Michael.

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