Persona 5 Royal - Knowledge Social Stat Guide


Guide on how to increase the social stat Knowledge in Persona 5 Royal. Included is an overview and the activities that raise Knowledge.

Persona 5 Royal - Knowledge Social Stat Guide

Knowledge Social Stat Guide in Persona 5 Royal

Knowledge is the social stat responsible for your academic performance. The majority of activities that deal with knowledge are school activities, however you can also earn some by solving puzzles, answering questions outside class, and even talking to the Star Confidant. Like all other stats, you’re better off doing activities that give a variety of social stat gains like the Big Bang Burger Challenge. Other than that, you should prioritize activities that don’t eat much game time like answering TV quizzes and drinking the weekly beverage in Shibuya.

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How to Increase Knowledge


Activity Detail Gains
Answer class questions correctly You can check the answers by pressing the touchpad on your controller. The correct answer should be the one with the highest number of votes.
  • +1 Knowledge

All Class Question Answers

Study sessions

Activity Detail Gains
Group study You will be notified when the exams are approaching
  • +3 Knowledge
Studying in the School library Interact with the desk in the back of the room
  • +1 Knowledge
Studying at the Diner Also raises other stats
  • +2 Knowledge if Clear skies
  • +3 Knowledge if Rainy day
Studying in Leblanc Interact with the middle table
  • +2 Knowledge


Activity Detail Gains
Answering TV Quizzes Appears on 5/19 and will become a weekly event (Thursdays)
  • +1 Knowledge
Solve crossword puzzles Can be done if there is a magazine the leftmost table
  • +2 Knowledge


Activity Detail Gains
Spend time with Hifumi Togo Unlock the Star Confidant available after 6/25
  • +1 Knowledge


Activity Detail Gains
Watch Back to the Ninja Premieres in the Shibuya movie theater from October to November
  • +3 Knowledge
Watch Soraemon Premiers at the Shinjuku movie theater from August to September
  • +3 Knowledge
Finish Reading Books Can be done in the library, on the passenger’s seat of the train, or on the stool in Leblanc

Each of these books grants +3 Knowledge:

  • The Great Thief
  • Medjed Menace
  • Wise Men’s Words
Do part-time work at the Crossroads bar and speak with the red-faced man Requires: Rank 4 Proficiency, Rank 3 Charm, and Rank 3 Guts
  • +2 Knowledge
Drink juice at Shibuya Underground Walkway Can be bought every Sunday and raises a random stat
  • +1 Knowledge
Finish the Big Bang Burger challenge once Requires: Rank 2 in Knowledge, Guts, and Proficiency
  • Comet Burger +1 Knowledge
  • Gravity Burger +2 Knowledge
  • Cosmic Tower Burger +3 Knowledge

Also raises Guts, Charm, and Proficiency by 1/2/3

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