Persona 5 Royal - Hidden Feature List

List of Hidden Elements in Persona 5 (P5), including New Game+, Dark Net, Dirty Equipment, Eternal Lockpick.

Hidden Features

There are a number of things hidden throughout Persona 5. Here we try to reveal them and teach players how they are accessed.

New Game+

After completing the game for the first time, players can go through the story again. This time, however, they start with their social stats at the same level they had been at the end of the previous playthrough. This allows players to access things, primarily confidants, that had been locked off for a while in the previous playthrough.
New Game+ Rewards

Dark Net

After purchasing a broken computer in Akihabara, players can repair it at home. Doing so will allow access to the Dark Net. Here, players can purchase a number of items not available elsewhere in the game.

Dirty Equipment

Players will regularly encounter pieces of dirty armor throughout the game. These can be washed at the laundromat and then used. Dirty equipment is rather powerful and should, therefore, be washed quickly.

Eternal Lockpick

Late in the game, players will have the option of crafting the “Eternal Lockpick.” This functions identically to other lockpicks, except it doesn’t break after use. This is extremely useful to those who don’t want to spend as much time crafting infiltration tools in order to open chests.
Eternal Lockpick

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  1. Some of the things here sound weird; it’s as if they were in a language, ran through Google Translate and then just pasted here without editing. For example, the section dedicated to Personas here is hard to understand.

    • Yeah, this is definitely Google Translated from a Japanese wiki. I play a lot of Super Robot Wars and “Hidden Elements” is always, /always/ the JP wiki translation for what you’d usually render in English as ‘secret units/pilots.’