Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Fusion Alarm Guide

Guide on fusion alarms in Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview of the event, its likelihood of occuring, and tips on how to benefit from its effects during fusion.

Persona 5 Royal - Fusion Alarm

Fusion Alarm

A fusion alarm is an event that occurs in the Velvet Room. This causes fused persona to acquire new skills or have stats that are higher than normal. Accidents, however, are also more likely to happen during fusion.

Persona Fusion Guide

How to unlock

To unlock the fusion alarm, you need to secure the treasure route in Kaneshiro Palace which occurs after 6/21.

When Does the Fusion Alarm Go Off?

The fusion alarm occurs randomly. One way to trigger a fusion alarm is to defeat Shadows in battle. Another way to make a fusion alarm go off is to raise Chihaya Mifune‘s Fortune confidant level. Upon reaching level 8, Chihaya will offer a contraindication reading that increases the chance of fusion alarms occurring.

In a fusion alarm, Persona made in a guillotine is indicated by a yellow color. When you use this Persona for execution, it results in a special “accident.” Repeat the execution to get higher chances of obtaining accidents. If you break the streak of accidents, for example if you perform guillotine and then do gallows next, the chance of getting an accident diminishes.

What happens in a Fusion Alarm?

When there’s a fusion alarm, you can obtain rare Persona called accidents. Make use of fusion to obtain a Persona with high stats. Take the opportunity to craft a powerful Persona that you plan to invest on for a long time.

New Skills

Other than stats, you can also produce other mutations such as odd skills. After the fusion is complete, the produced Persona can get skills that it can’t normally learn. Each time this happens, the word “Change!” will pop up on each of the new skills it acquires. However, everything relies on chance, so if you plan on banking on this Persona, be sure to save first. By making a file right before the fusion, you’ll be able to reroll for a desired combination of skills.

Get more experience points

Another effect of the alarm is the experience boost. In an alarm, the Houma’s base multiplier of three becomes five. You can use this time to raise the level of the Persona efficiently.

Alter the results of Itemization

Besides fusion, you can also produce better items when there’s an alarm going on.

Better effects of incenses

Last but not the least, the incenses become more potent in an alarm. Therefore, prior to a lockdown, make sure that a fusion alarm is running. You can improve the Persona’s stats more effectively with this method.

How to stop the alarm

There are two ways to stop the alarm, one is by speaking to the guard, while the other is heading outside. Keep in mind that you can’t continue with the Strength confidant while a warning is underway.

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