Persona 5 - Part-Time Job List | Job List and Additional Information [Persona 5/P5]

Part-time jobs in Persona 5. The different jobs that you take part in in Persona 5, along with their pay, rewards, and requirements for starting.



Job List

Part-Time Jobs are available starting on 4/20. By working part-time jobs other than convenience stores, you can raise not only your salary but also your social stats. Below is a list of some of the part-time jobs and their job list/time/conditions available for your character to do in order to earn cash increase social stats.

List of Part-Time Job List

Rank 2 Charm or more

When done several times, the mission “The Mindless Assault Incident” becomes available

Part-time Jobs Location Salary Available Time Rising Parameter Condition/Gain/Requirement
Convenience Store Shibuya Central Street “Triple Seven” 2800 yen Daytime None When job done 3 times, you will be able to unlock the mission “My Cat’s Death Left A Lingering Grudge”
Flower Shop Shibuya Station Underground Mall, “Rafresi Shop” 3200 yen Day and Night +2 Kindness, +3 Kindness if the customer is pleased
Beef Bowl Shop Shibuya Central Street, “My Beko” 3600 yen Night +2 Proficiency, +3 Proficiency if successful Level 2 Proficiency
Newcomer Bar Shinjuku “Newcomer Bar” 5400 yen Night Varies depending on customer served
  • Kindness (Rank 3 or more)
  • Dexterity (rank 4 or more)
  • Handiness (Rank 3 or more)

Part-Time Jobs Additional Information

Convenience Store

Found on the Central Neighborhood on Shibuya Triple Seven, this job pays 2800 yen and doesn’t raise any social stats.

After doing the job 3 times, you will a Mementos mission “My Cat’s Death Left A Lingering Grudge.”

Flower Shop

The Flower Shop is located in Shibuya Station Underground Mall (Rafresi Shop.) It is a small flower shop. You’ll be working this part-time job quite often because of the Kindness it offers. You can work here any day of the week and at any time.

After doing this job twice, a Mementos mission, “The Mindless Assault Incident”, will appear.

Occasionally, you may receive a request to arrange a certain flower bouquet for customers. You will receive more pay and “Kindness” points for successfully fulfilling the request.

Florist Strategy and Additional Information 

Request Flowers Required
I want to tell someone I love them
  • Crimson Roses
  • Beauty Carnation
  • Small Bell Run
Reddish color of the flower
  • Crimson Roses
  • Beauty Carnation
  • Gingko Run
Bouquet of gratitude to the benefactor
  • Sweet Gee
  • Rainbow-colored sage
  • Gingko-run
Sixtieth birthday celebration bouquet
  • Crimson Roses
  • Beauty Carnation
  • Million years chrysanthemum
Smallish in the calm color of the flower
  • Just Min
  • small bell run
  • Hikarijia
Scentless large flower
  • Gold Gerbera
  • million years chrysanthemum
  • Hikarijia
Smell of strong and showy flowers
  • Crimson rose
  • suite Gee
  • Kinmoku Mercury
Large flowers in showy colors
  • Crimson rose
  • gold gerbera
  • ginkgo orchid
  • million years chrysanthemum
Gift to a friend’s baby
  • Rainbow-colored sage
  • happiness lily
  • gold gerbera

Beef Bowl Shop/ Gyudon Shop

The Beef Bowl Shop is located on Shibuya Central Street, “Ore no Beko.” Much like at the Flower Shop, you can work this part-time job any day and at any time. To unlock the the Sun Arcana Social Link, you will have to work this job twice after speaking to him in front of the train station at Shibuya.

Occasionally, this job gets busy and there will be a flood of customers that come in. You will have to remember their orders and repeat them after they are made. Get their orders right and you will get higher pay for the evening.

Crossroads Bar

Found in Shibuya, this bar starts hiring in the second quarter of the game. You will have to start the Co-op route with the Devil Arcana to begin this part-time job.The attributes that you will be gaining while working here is dependent on the customers you choose to speak with while you are on your shift.

Customer Attribute Gained
Women of the night dress Charm +2
Scary like an uncle Courage +2
Red-faced salaryman Knowledge +2
Woman looking down Kindness +2
Black Suit Handiness +2

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Ikki Messias dos Santos

Para eu começar a trabalhar, eu devo aumentar algum parlamento Humano? Pq quando eu vou na loja não aparece a função de trabalhar, olha que eu já terminei o palácio do Kamoshida 3 dias antes

Caio Miranda

Depende de qual trabalho. Na Crossroads vc precisa de charme nivel 4 ou 5 se não me engano.


This is pretty upsetting to see that this hasn’t been updated yet.


Has anyone got an English list of the correct flower names?


@FireCloud42 thanks for the heads up, will be updating it asap.


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