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Guide on Hangout Spots in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. Included is an overview and their locations.

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Hangout Spots are optional places that you can visit alone or with confidants. A few spots can be accessed from the get go, while a couple of spots will appear as your progress through the story. However, some require reading certain books or boosting certain confidant ranks to unlock. To avoid losing time, always prioritize raising your Confidant ranks over reading books.

Hangout spots


Unlocked at the start of the game. Having access to these spots allows you to purchase medicine, take a bath, buy weapons, and visit the library.

Number Spot
1 Yongen-Jaya
2 Shibuya
3 Aoyama-Itchome

Chariot Confidant

Number Spot Details
4 Ogikubo Rank 4
5 Tsukishima Rank 7

Lovers Confidant

Number Spot Details
6 Inokashira Park Rank 3
7 Asakusa Rank 7
8 Seaside Park Rank 10

Emperor Confidant

When you unlock Kanda, you will obtain the Star confidant, retrieve past skills, and purchase items every Sunday.

Number Spot Details
9 Ueno Rank 3
10 Kanda Rank 5

Star Confidant

Number Spot Details
11 Jinbocho Rank 4


By unlocking these spots, you can purchase video games from the retro store.

Number Spot Details
12 Akasake 6/9
13 Suidobashi Dome Town 6/10
14 Shinjuku 6/18
16 Ginza 7/24
20 Miura Beach 8/29
21 Akihabara 8/31
22 Roppongi Unlock Spaceport of Greed Palace 9/19
23 Miahama 10/11
24 Nagatacho 11/24


Once unlocked you can go fishing for a fee.

Number Spot Details
15 Ichigaya Read Fishpond Spotter or accept Ryuji’s invitation on 7/3
17 Ikebukuro Read Museum of Stars or accept Mishima’s invitation on 7/28
18 Harajuku Read Vague or accept Mishima’s invitation on 8/3
19 Meji Shrine Read Tokyo Shrines or accept Ann’s invitation on 8/5
25 China Town Read Chinese Sweets
Shinagawa Aquarium Read Everyday Aquarium (7/17, P5R only)
Nakano Shopping Mall Read A Walk Down Nakano Street (10/1, P5R only)

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