Mementos Dungeon [Persona 5/P5]

This article explains basic information, prerequisite, weather condition changes, paths and checkpoints, "Reaping" Shadows, and layers of Mementos Dungeon. We will be updating this as we go along.

Mementos Dungeon

This article explains the Mementos Dungeon which includes the basic information, prerequisite, weather condition changes, paths and checkpoints, “Reaping” Shadows, and layers of Mementos.


Main article: Mementos Dungeon Walkthrough


A massive dungeon, Mementos offers Free Missions to capture human hearts. Navigating inside the dungeon utilizes Morgana’s unique Bus transformation to provide convenient transportation from one section to the next. In the initial stages, it serves as a favorable map for grinding Exp, and as an avenue for initiating optional Missions outside of the Main one. The sections of the dungeon are divided as “paths,”* connected to each other through train tracks, while chains and bars cover the outer areas akin to a prison cell.


Only two hierarchies are available during the first infiltration, however as you progress further in the Main Mission, you will soon discover more. It is likely that the Shadows that appear will depend on the hierarchies unlocked.

Path Number of “areas”* Rest Floor
Qimranut 2
Aiyatsbus 7 4
Chemdah 8 5
Kaitul 10 6
Akzeriyyuth 12 4, 8
Adyeshach 13 5, 9
Sheriruth 14 6, 10
Iweleth 1

How to reach the Dungeon

As the date rolls over to 5/7, the Main Mission will require you to infiltrate the Dungeon for the first time. The second visit happens during Yuuki Mishima’s Kaito Request Channel*. Subsequent visits will then become voluntary after the second visit.

Weather Condition Effects

Main article: Weather Conditions Guide

Since specific weather conditions spread certain status ailments with some chance on the Shadows that inhabit the Mementos Dungeon, it is recommended to infiltrate the dungeon during favorable weather conditions. This puts the team in a good position while doing certain encounters, such as in the case of Boss fights.

Morgana Bus


Bear in mind that you cannot perform a cover while navigating the dungeon since everyone will be aboard the bus. You can take shortcuts when going through certain “areas.”

This summarizes the mechanics of moving in, through, and out of the Dungeon:

  • The Morgana Bus is the chief mode of transportation
  • If you find a “home,” it is accessible regardless of which area you are currently in
  • Certain locations such as the Entrance, Waiting Room, and “depths” provide an opportunity to build shortcuts
  • To go back to the real world, you can pass through the Mementos Dungeon entrance

Appearance of “Reaping”* Shadows

One of the unique features of Mementos Dungeon is that by staying in the same “area” for some time, you will eventually encounter “Reaping” Shadows. These enemies are more powerful variants, and during the encounter, it prohibits the team from fleeing. With stats being higher than the Last Boss’s, it is recommended to escape from the encounter before it even starts. A good indicator of when a “Reaping” Shadow is approaching is when “chain” sounds are heard from a distance.

However, if you defeat them, it will reward you with a Trophy.

*-Currently the terminologies used are rough translations.

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