Shidou Palace Guide Walkthrough [Persona 5/P5]

This article contains the Walkthrough for Shidou Palace.

Shidou Palace Overview

Start: Friday, November 25

Deadline: Saturday, December 15

Recommended Level: 60

Number of Lockpicks required: 3

Walkthrough Summary

1. Collect information from fellows Collect introduction letters for
2. 5 sheets
3. Go to the Restaurant
4. Obtain a Membership Card
5. Collect letters of introduction for the remaining four
6. Head for the Pool Deck
7. Introduction of the remaining three Collect the state
8. Head towards the entertainment hall
9. Collect the introduction letters of the remaining two.
10. Find the president of the IT
11. Go to the Restaurant
12. Head towards the Side Deck
13. Head towards the Target Room
14. Head towards the Engine Room
15 Pick up at the Main Conference Hall

Passenger Boat / Front Hall

  •  Enter the Palace.

  • Ascend the 2 floors then enter the door found on 3F. Be wary and ambush the Shadows lurking around the corner.

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Cerberus  – Fire Nuclear Ice Arcana: Chariot
Personality: Short-Tempered
Dakini Fire Arcana: Empress
Personality: Hilarious
Emperor’s Amulet Ice, Electric, Wind, Psi, Nuclear Gun, Bless, Curse Physical * Rare
Arcana: Hanged Man

Passenger Ship / Central Aisle & Hall

  • Search for the VIPs to obtain their referral. Descend the path at the South wing then go upstairs to reach the next area. Go down 1 floor then continue approaching Southeast to follow the trail which directs to the restaurant.

Passenger Ship / Central Passage & Hall (Second Time)

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Sarasvati Ice Electric Nuclear Arcana: Priestess
Personality: ?
Narcissus Electric Wind, Bless Fire Arcana: Lovers
Personality: ?
  • Go through then talk to the waiter that you will encounter. He informs you that a membership card is required to be admitted to the restaurant. Return to the preceding site.
  • Go upstairs then proceed to the Northwest section of 2F. This takes you to a gathering of several socialites and gentlemen. Listen to their conversation to obtain a clue. Go down then find the bartender situated at the Northeast. Speak to him to obtain the membership card. Advance to the Southeast corner to enter the Restaurant.

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