Persona 5 Royal - P5 Shido Palace Overview and Infiltration Guide

A complete walkthrough and strategy guide of Shido Palace in Persona 5. This includes a list of characters, obtainable items, equipment, enemies, infiltration guides, and a boss strategy guide for Black Mask and Shadow Shido

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - P5 Shido Palace Overview and Infiltration Guide

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Guide for Shido Palace in Persona 5

Start: Friday, November 25

Deadline: Saturday, December 15

Recommended Level: 60

Number of Lockpicks required: 3

Shido Palace Infiltration Guide

1. Collect information from fellows Collect introduction letters for
2. 5 sheets
3. Go to the Restaurant
4. Obtain a Membership Card
5. Collect letters of introduction for the remaining four
6. Head for the Pool Deck
7. Introduction of the remaining three Collect the state
8. Head towards the entertainment hall
9. Collect the introduction letters of the remaining two.
10. Find the president of the IT
11. Go to the Restaurant
12. Head towards the Side Deck
13. Head towards the Target Room
14. Head towards the Engine Room
15 Pick up at the Main Conference Hall

Passenger Boat / Front Hall

  • Enter the Palace.

  • Ascend the 2 floors then enter the door found on 3F. Be wary and ambush the Shadows lurking around the corner.

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Cerberus  Fire Fire Nuke Ice Arcana: Chariot
Personality: Short-Tempered
Dakini Phys Fire Arcana: Empress
Personality: Hilarious
Emperor’s Amulet Ice, Elec, Wind, Psi, Nuke Gun, Bless, Curse Phys * Rare
Arcana: Hanged Man

Passenger Ship / Central Aisle & Hall

  • Search for the VIPs to obtain their referral. Descend the path at the South wing then go upstairs to reach the next area. Go down 1 floor then continue approaching Southeast to follow the trail which directs to the restaurant.

Passenger Ship / Central Passage & Hall (Second Time)

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Sarasvati Recover Ice Elec Nuke Arcana: Priestess
Personality: ?
Narcissus Ailment Elec Wind, Bless Fire Arcana: Lovers
Personality: ?
  • Go through then talk to the waiter that you will encounter. He informs you that a membership card is required to be admitted to the restaurant. Return to the preceding site.
  • Go upstairs then proceed to the Northwest section of 2F. This takes you to a gathering of several socialites and gentlemen. Listen to their conversation to obtain a clue. Go down then find the bartender situated at the Northeast. Speak to him to obtain the membership card. Advance to the Southeast corner to enter the Restaurant.

Passenger Ship / Restaurant

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Politician Ooe Ice Psi Use Critical
  • Show the membership card to the waiter to enter the restaurant. An event will commence, choose whichever to proceed to continue the event. Defeat Politician Ooe using Critical attacks (Physical / Gun). Make sure to counter his buffs with debuffs, and his debuffs with your buffs to mitigate the damage dealt. Be wary of his Ice Skills. Once you defeat him, he hands you the first letter.
  • Exit the restaurant approaching Northwest then enter the lift.

Passenger boat / Starboard Middle Class Passenger Aisle

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
King Frost Ice Ice Bless Arcana: Emperor
Personality: Cheerful
Titania Nuke Nuke, Bless, Curse Psi Arcana: Empress
Personality: Bearish
  • Climb upstairs then go inside the room with the Shido monument. An event will occur. In spite of this predicament, this allows you to crawl into ducts and vents that normally cannot be reached and sneak behind Shadows. Bear in mind that you cannot open doors in this way.
  • Search the east wall for a ventilation, crawl in then remove the door lock at the south side. Proceed to the north then enter the door.
  • Go through the West wing to enter an expansive room. Be wary of lurking Shadows in this area. Head to the north wall then approach the side at the east, inspect for a ventilation then go through. Unlock the door which lies at the far West section of the hall. Go through the rooms to discover the monument that resembles a lantern. Inspect it to trigger the mechanism, allowing you to go through the area with ease.
  • Return to the Eastern path, then turn South, go inside the room. Go through the door following south then take the first left turn to reach the first area.
  • Continue along the Eastern path, then move South through the door. Remove the door lock at the West section, then continue along the Southern route.
  • Moving along the Southern path (Map’s East Section approaching the lift) you can move to the middle path formed by 3 western sections at your own discretion to find a lone treasure chest. Head far South to reach the route lying at the west. Enter the door stationed at the end, then access the lift on the far end.

Passenger Ship / Pool Deck

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Parvati Psi Ice Psi, Bless Curse Arcana: Lovers
Personality: Bearish
Former Noble Nuke, Bless, Curse Elec Ryuji, Healers
  • As you enter the Pool Deck, there is a safe room at the south side to take note of. There is also a Treasure Demon lurking by the Northeast section (close to the door) to be wary of.
  • Follow the North path to reach the pool deck, then interact with the Gentleman whose idling at the Southwest side.
  • Talk to the socialite at the Southeast portion of the pool deck to obtain some information.
  • Return to the West section of this area then converse with the Waiter by the bar.
  • Go to the back of the stairs from where you descended then inspect for a ventilation, squeeze through it to enter the site of the fitting rooms.
  • You will obtain another referral, however you will encounter the first Sub-boss. Have Ryuji and a Healer in the party, then focus on using Electric attacks (Zio) to strike his weak point. Haru’s ailment recovery Spells do wonders in case he inflicts Brainwash to one of your allies.
  • Once you emerged victorious, go to the pool deck then head to the Northeast side.

Passenger Boat / Starboard Middle Class Passenger Aisle

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Kurama Tengu Wind Wind Bless, Curse Ice Arcana: Hermit
Personality: Short-Tempered
Barong Elec Bless Gun, Eelc Wind, Curse Arcana: Emperor
Personality: Bearish
  • In this area, make the first left turn approaching north passing through the hall, you will arrive at a hall and another event will occur. This hall is teeming with Shido statues.
  • Approach the East path, then crawl through the vents by the southern wall, then the doors. Ambush the Shadows at the South hall that lies directly in front of the ones infested with Shido statues. With the doors unlocked, it’s safe to go through the passage without any interference.
  • Clear the eastern path and all that’s left is to head south. Proceed south, climb upstairs then follow the path approaching West to remove the door’s lock. Continue down the hall to enter the next area.
  • If you plan to take the treasure lying at the north and ambush the patrolling Shadow, operate the lantern to turn off the mechanism.
  • After putting the lantern back on, head through the room at the West side, this prompts an event. You may now squeeze through the vent in the room’s Southeast edge.
  • Before you proceed, wait for the Shadow to pass by then Ambush it while its back is exposed. Proceed to the first hall you will find, then remove the northern door lock. Head to the lantern and switch the mechanism off.
  • Return to the hall then follow the East route to enter the door at the east. Head to the room found at the far end of the hall then Ambush the Shadow to clear this path “for later.” Continue along the first path heading North, this forks between the East and North path, choose whichever you prefer to proceed.
  • From where you arrive, head North then West to open the door. Operate the lantern once again to switch it on. Proceed through the room lying by the east corner of the hall parallel to the one positioned at the south. Squeeze through the vent to arrive at the next hall.
  • Remove the lock by the far west then turn off the lantern’s mechanism again. Continue to the East path to reach the next site.
  • Keep going East through the hall then go North to reach the site’s exit. Find the door lying to the west of the north door to remove the lock, then go through the North room.
  • Move to the east then go through the door to leave this area.

Passenger Ship / Back Deck

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Forneus Psi Ice Psi Elec Arcana: Hierophant
Personality: Bearish
Baphomet Almighty Curse Fire Bless Arcana: Devil
Personality: Bearish
  • Tread carefully as this area houses Shadows that deal Gun attacks.
  • Proceed to the level below the deck to find a Safe Room lying by the steps.
  • Facing the safe room, go around the steps then follow the North path to encounter a door. As you approach it, an event will ensue. Defeat the enemies using Bless attribute Skills, be wary of the Ice and Electric. Search below the stairs for a chest then follow the path to reach the next area.

Passenger boat / Entertainment hall

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Garuda Wind Bless Wind Gun Arcana: Star
Personality: Short-Tempered
TV Station President (Boss) Fire Ice Ryuji, Yusuke
  • Descend the stairs to reach the Main Area. Look for the grand staircase, first proceed north then go along the south. Descend and you will stumble upon a Safe Room near the stairs.
  • Go down the stairs in the floor’s central section to find the Second Sub-Boss. Receive the referral then prepare for an encounter.
  • The Raging Bird Gods despise Electric, while the Second Sub-Boss is vulnerable to Ice, therefore have Ryuji and Yusuke to deal with them respectively.
  • As you defeat them, return upstairs then enter the door at the Northwest.

Passenger Boat / Port Lower Passenger Passages

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Baphomet Almighty Curse Fire Bless Arcana: Devil
Personality: Bearish
Oberon Elec Psi Elec Nuke Arcana: Empress
Personality: Short-Tempered
  • Enter the spacious room then head across to stick to the West wall to go through the door at the South.
  • Move south then enter the South door, ignore the one on the west. Check the map to find the Checkmark, defeat the Shadow as you go, then trigger the lantern’s mechanism.
  • Proceed to the far South section of this hallway, then squeeze through the vent. Open the door from that side, then switch the lantern’s mechanism off. Return to the room then enter the door at the north.
  • Remove the East door’s lock, then head west. As you enter a room, continue west then follow the North path.
  • Go through the East section, then open the door from that side. Proceed to the North path.
  • Moving along the path, remove the lock in the first hall you will arrive to (this provides a shortcut to the Safe Room), then continue along the path to reach for the door at the far corner.
  • Follow the straight path to find a room, turn the lantern on. Head back to the corridor, you can now squeeze through the vent by the wall at the South.
  • Continue along the Western path then remove the door lock. Switch the lantern’s mechanism off again. Return to the previous room and move south. Keep going then go through the second room by the east side, ambush the Shadow then remove the West door’s lock.
  • Return to the lantern to turn it back on, now go to the other room (west). With the door unlocked, go through then crawl through the vent indented at the wall (North). In this corridor, remove the door lock at the West section to provide a shortcut if you need to backtrack.
  • Head east, then continue south. Head to the East wall then crawl to the vent. Remove the door lock by the south to gain access to the spacious area. Head inside then go through the small vent which lies at the South section of this room, it is close to the door at the south.
  • If you need to return, turn the lantern off then go south exit.

Detailed Route

Passenger Ship / Side Deck

  • Over at the West is a Safe Room that you might want to take a pit-stop at. Starting at the Safe Room, proceed west to encounter Shadows. Strike them down with Bless Skills, after sweeping the area, keep going West.

Passenger Boat · Port Lower Passenger Passages

  • This area houses several Strong Shadows that you can battle with to your liking. Basically, to get to the next area you have to manipulate the lantern mechanism to your advantange.
  • Start from the far Southeast room then head north (mechanism off), west (mechanism on), west (mechanism off), north, east (mechanism off), north (mechanism on), west and finally take the elevator to exit.

Passenger Ship / Central Passage & Hall (3rd ) & Restaurant & Side Deck

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Titania Nuke Nuke, Bless, Curse Psi ?
IT President (Boss) Psi Nuke Makoto
  • As you return to Central Hall, dash through to enter the Restaurant.
  • From the Restaurant, search for the Waiter to receive some clues on the whereabouts of the person of interest. Return to the Side Deck.
  • Follow the trail of smoke which is blowing from the wall vent, then get across the wall. Continue along to reach the IT Company President’s Room. Note the West section takes you to the area you came from.
  • A cutscene will occur. Prepare to battle the 3rd Sub-Boss. This is a tough battle since his Bless Skills deals one-hit KOs, be prepared to have an ally ready to raise the fallen in case the worst case scenario occurs. Take advantage of Psi to take out the other Shadows. As soon as you’re left against the 3rd Sub-Boss, have Makoto fire away with Nuclear attacks to strike him heavily. Once you clear this section, go down one floor then inspect the vent, squeeze through to reach the Engine Room. Record your progress at the Side Deck before you continue.

Passenger Ship / Engine Room

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
4th Sub-Boss Curse Fire Bless ?
5th Sub-Boss Bless ?
6th Sub-Boss Electricity Bless ?
7th Sub-Boss Fire Bless ?
  • Another battle will commence, use Bless to strike the Cleaner’s Shadows weakness.
  • Pursue the Cleaner, ignore the path he took, go around to reach the West section then go over the Red Crate. Squeeze through the vent, challenge him to a battle.
  • He’s a tough cookie with Maeigaon, Myriad Slashes, and Mudoon in his arsenal. A recommended Persona to use is Rangda.
  • After defeating him, make sure to have the team fully restored in HP and SP then speak to Gorou Akechi.

Boss Fight: Black Mask

Black Mask Boss Guide

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Black Mask Bless, Curse Haru, Ann
  • The first fight pits you against Gorou and 2 vicious Shadows. Note that they will initiate with Desperation to drastically increase their Attack at the expense of Defense. Strike them with the best of your ability, while making sure to have the party’s HP constantly up.
  • After you defeat Gorou, a cutscene will occur. Prepare for another battle. He wields both Curse and Bless attacks with his Persona. After you shave 50% of his HP, he will begin to use Megidolaon a powerful multi-target Skill.
  • The next round will have you face him running Berserk. In comparison to the previous match, he now moves twice in 1 turn. Haru is recommended for this fight as she can cast her own barriers, which pairs well alongside Ann who doubles as a providing Support/ dealing Damage/ casting Debuffs.
  • Removing additional chunk of his health makes him shift to focusing on Magic Skills. As you continue to shave off more of his health, he will now have possession of one of the most destructive Curse Skills in the game.
  • Once you have finally defeated him, a cutscene will commence.
  • Exit this area to reach the Central Passage.
  • Send the Calling Card to infiltrate the Palace immediately.
  • Proceed to the Main Assembly Hall to finish this off once and for all.

Shido Palace Boss Battle

Shadow Name Inherit Reflects Absorbs Block Resists Weak Remarks
Beast Physical, Gun ?
Wings All except Physical and Gun Team: Ryuji, Yusuke, Healer, Haru
Tomb ?
Masayoshi Samael Shidou 1 Ann
Masayoshi Samael Shidou 2 ?
  • The Final Battle comes in 2 Sections namely the Manifestation and the Berserk Shadow Shido. For the first part it consists of 3 Sections namely: Beast, Wings, and Pyramid. These occur depending on how much HP it has remaining. Bear in mind that the first section has Shido spend 2 actions per turn.
  • You will first challenge the Majestic Shido Mount (Beast), Avoid using Down Shot, and lift the effects of Rage when necessary. Once it begins to charge, the next turn will inflict heavy damage, thus if you can whittle down its HP in time, it will not connect.
  • Its second form (Wings). Prepare the party with Ryuji and Yusuke for damage, and one Healing character. Haru serves as a good ally to occupy the last slot of the party since she can cast Makarakarn while the others whittle it down, and the healer keeps the Party’s HP at a safe level.
  • It will now morph into a Pyramid (Tomb). Feel free to use whichever team composition you’re comfortable with to defeat it.
  • This marks the beginning of the Berserk Shadow Shido, it will be split into two, with the former going back to consuming 1 action per turn, and the latter having him not only spend 2 actions, but also puts him back to full HP with new Skills to boot.
  • Don’t bother choosing as he does not have weaknesses nor resistances. As you get his HP down to half, he will now perform Deathbound. To maximize Damage dealt, be sure to lift the effects of Fear immediately.
  • With 1/4 HP remaining, Shido will have Heat Riser up. Apart from that his attack pattern might consist of either Deathbound, Deathbound or Deathbound, Megidola. If you have Ann, her Dekaja works wonders.
  • When you almost finish, he will now change to his second Phase, making him more powerful than ever before.
  • By the time you get his HP to half, he will start to spam Accuracy/Evasion increase and will debuff your party’s. Keep attacking while have one of your members counter back with their own Buffs and Debuffs. At 1/4 HP, he sticks with his previous tactic and twists it up with Mudoon.
  • Once you defeat him, the cutscenes and eventually the credits will roll.

For a complete and detailed breakdown of stats, skills, and battle strategies against Shadow Shido, read our boss guide:

Shadow Shido (Samael) Boss Guide

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