Persona 5 Royal - Famitsu Article Teased New Features and Confidants

One of the latest articles on famitsu showcased new elements and confidants in Persona 5 Royal. Details include new events, tips, and teases new bonds.


Persona 5 Royal introduces a number of new features to the game in order to keep new players just as enticed with this enhanced edition as those new to the series.

New Elements

According to Famitsu, Persona 5 Royal introduces multiple changes. Those still with the original version of the game fresh in their memory will have to pay attention to as they restart stealing the hearts of Tokyo.

Characters and Objects Added to Cutscenes or Environment

In Persona 5 Royal, you can now see another character like Haru walking in the same path. Also, a cat strolling by the alley near LeBlanc, are shown for the first time.

Listen carefully

For longtime fans, some class questions might be simple since the correct answer to those asked might not change in Persona 5 Royal. However, it is highly recommended to revisit the story as you would a brand new game. Pay attention to what the teacher has to say during the lecture. Letting your attention wander could be a problem should the player miss the answer to a question asked to them during class.

A new teased location is the family restaurant. This place is a popular spot for raising social stats. While it was revealed to open some time around the fourth month, the restaurant remains closed in that month in this version.

Social Stats

What are Confidants?

One of Persona 5 Royal’s many charms is the Confidants. The Confidant system involves deepening bonds between the protagonist and another character. You can choose to spend time with someone after school or in the evening. As the character warms up to you, you will learn about his or her problems and gain insight on how to solve them.

Each of the bonds that you nurture in this game plays a role in school life and heists. After raising a bond or two, you can unlock special actions that help in combat or exploration. In this version, you can also receive phone calls from characters that you have previously interacted with. On top of that, there are three more confidants to build in this version of Persona 5.

Kasumi, the Faith Confidant

Transfer student and skilled gymnast Kasumi appears as one of the three new confidants. Kasumi treats the protagonists as her senior.

Faith Confidant Guide

Takuto, the Counselor Confidant

Takuto, the school counselor, introduces himself to the group after it forms. According to famitsu, Takuto seems like a rare case as an adult working alongside the Phantom Thieves. Having prior knowledge of the composition of Persona 5’s demographic, Takuto seems one-of-a-kind as a guidance figure given that the majority of the other adults are villains.

Consultant Confidant Guide

Akechi, the Justice Confidant

Previously, Akechi’s rank grew as the player advanced through the main story. Persona 5 Royal changes this and gives the player a chance to develop his bond with the detective on his own time. It seems that Akechi is the key to solving the mysteries surrounding this version.

Justice Confidant Guide

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