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An overview and guide about Treasure Personas in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This include a list of different Treasure Personas that can be encountered.

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The Treasure Persona are rare Persona that appear in random battles. However, these Persona don’t work well in combat. In fact, Treasure Persona are very useful as fusion materials. These particular Persona contain certain skills which can pass on to other Persona after fusion. Each Persona has its own abilities and weaknesses, depending on the level.

However, each of these Persona has its own weaknesses. Exploit these to register them into the compendium or kill them for large amounts of EXP and money. Treasures Personas can be tough to not because of their strength but their tendency to flee when the battle gets dragging. Be sure to utilize combat techniques to trigger a Hold Up.

In Persona 5 Royal, you may also find them in regular encounters.

Unlocking the trophies

Knocking a Treasure Persona down requires that you land a critical hit or hit their single weakness, thereby leaving them exposed for a Hold Up. Unlike other persona, though, you don’t need to negotiate to record their data. Simply talk to it to obtain the Persona. You will also receive the “A Phantom Thief’s Duty” trophy. If you wish to obtain all trophies, you will need to talk to all of them to receive the “Mask Collector” trophy.

Increasing your Chances of Criticals

The first few Treasure Persona might be easier to knock down because of their weaknesses, however, the weakness of some can be rather difficult to find. To raise your chance of landing a critical hit, you need to work on your Tower Confidant. Aim for at least rank 1 to learn the Down Shot ability. Using this ability guarantees that the Treasure Persona will fall for a Hold Up. You can choose to continue raising the Tower Confidant rank to 6 to lower the ammunition cost when using this ability for later encounters.

Treasure Persona Compendium


Treasure Weakness Palace/ Other Mementos Path
  • Psy, Nuke
  • Nuke (P5R)
Madarame Qimranut, Aiyatsbus
Queen’s Necklace
  • Gun
  • Psy (P5R)
Kaneshiro Chemdah
Stone of Scone
  • Curse
  • Fire (P5R)
Futaba Kaitul
  • Gun (P5R)
Okumura Akzeriyyuth
  • Curse (P5R)
Niijima Adyeshach
Emperor’s Amulet
  • Elec (P5R)
Shido Adyeshach
Hope Diamond
  • Ice (P5R)
Mementos Depths Da’at
Crystal Skull
  • Wind (P5R)
Qliphoth Da’at
Orichalcum (P5R)
  • Bless
Research Lab

Persona Compendium

Persona Compendium
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  1. Crystal Skull is in none of areas listed. Hunted for 5 hours, only found Emperor’s Amulet, Hope Diamond, and Regent.