How to Make All Infiltration Tools [Persona 5 / P5]

This page contains a guide on how to make every infiltration tool in Persona 5, including required materials and their effects.

Infiltration Tools

Infiltration Tools are items you can use when exploring Palaces and Memento dungeons. They will come in handy in different situations in the game. Some can only be used during combat, others during exploration. Be sure to gather the required materials to make them and stock up before setting foot on a mission.

Combat Tools

Tool Name Materials Effect
Vanish Ball Thick Parchment ×1
Plant Balm x1
Allows you to escape a battle.
Spotlight Thick Parchment ×2
Cork Bark ×2
Silk Yarn ×1
Make the hero more likely to be targeted by enemies.
Limelight Condenser Lens ×4
Aluminum Sheet ×2
Tanned Leather ×4
Make an ally more likely to be targeted by enemies.
Element Set Tin Clasp ×3
Plant Balm × 3
Cork Bark×3
Get Flame Bottle, Frozen Spray, Air Cannon and Stun Gun.
Forces Set Silk Yarn ×3
Iron Sand ×3
Condenser Lens ×3
Get Psychobomb, Atom Bomb, Happy Bomb and Nuclear Bomb.
Megido Bomb Tanned Leather ×4
Red Phosphorus ×3
Liquid Mercury ×2
Deal 100 damage to enemies, ignoring attributes.

Search Tools

Tool Name Materials Effect
Lockpick Silk Yarn ×1
Tin clasp ×1
Opens a locked treasure chest.
Eternal Lockpick Aluminum Sheet ×20
Liquid Mercury ×10
Reusable lockpick to open locked treasure chests.
Stealthanol Plant Balm ×2 Reduces enemy detection by 10%.
Convertizer Plant Balm ×2
Cork Bark×2
Reduces enemy detection by 30%.
Goho-M Plant Balm x1
Silk Yarn ×1
Instantly escape from a dungeon.
Smokescreen Thicker Parchment ×2
Plant Balm ×2
Avoid enemy detection for 30 seconds.
Hypno Mist Silk Yarn x3
Plant Balm x1
Iron Sand ×3
Put surrounding enemies to sleep.
Reserve Ammo Iron Sand ×10
Aluminum Sheet ×10
Red Phosphorus ×10
Replenish your maximum ammo.
Treasure Trap Silk Yarn ×2
Plant Balm x3
Cork bark x1
Increases the likelihood of encountering a Treasure Demon.

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