Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Former Noble Boss Guide

Boss guide for Shadow Former Noble in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Shadow Former Noble Boss Guide

Persona 5 Former Noble Boss


Level 57
HP 3,500
SP 800
Strength 38
Magic 80
Endurance 25
Agility 41
Luck 26
Inherit Psy
Absorbs Ice
Block Psy
Weak Elec
EXP 4,100
Money 5,950
Item Rewards


1) Psi-attacks

Doles out heavy psy spells which can either hit single targets or affect multiple targets with an added technical damage to anyone suffering from mental ailments.

2) Psi-buffs

Has Psi Boost and Psi Amp, which raise its psy damage by 25% and 50% respectively.

3) Marin Karin

High chance to inflict single target brainwash, which counts as a mental ailment.

4) Pulinpa

High chance to inflict single target confuse.

5) Foul Breath and Stagnant Air

Increases ailment susceptibility.

6) Tarukaja

Casts a single target attack buff which lasts for three turns.

7) Concentrate

Buffs magic spells to deal 2.5x damage.

8) Fast Heal

Halves the time it takes for ailments to wear off.


Have a dedicated support unit

Forneus is an annoying boss since it spreads damage and ailments each turn, especially brainwash which forces members to attack one another. When the battle starts, debuff Forneus’ attack with Matarunda, then have everyone attack with electric abilities to zap its weakness when able. Morgana shines as a support since he can patch everyone up with Mediarama each time the boss unleashes Mapsiodyne.

There are multiple options to deal with the boss. If you have Haru instead of Morgana, check against ailments by curing members with Amrita Drop or Amrita Shower and casting magic walls to soak the boss’ Psy attacks. If you have Yusuke, cast Masukukaja to raise accuracy and evasion. Ryuji pairs well with the protagonist by chaining electric spells through baton pass. If anyone still suffers from brainwash during your turn, you can pop a Recovery gel to cure them. Continue whittling it down to seal victory.

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  1. There is an easy way to make this fight literally THE easiest in the game, create the persona Kali with the trait rare antibody and the skill fast heal which halves delay of ailment.