Persona 5 Royal - P5 Okumura Palace Overview and Infiltration Guide

A complete walkthrough and strategy guide of Okumura Palace in Persona 5. This includes a list of characters, obtainable items, equipment, enemies, infiltration guides, and a boss strategy guide for Shadow Okumura

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - P5 Okumura Palace Overview and Infiltration Guide

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Guide for Okumura Palace in Persona 5

Start of Okumura Palace: Monday, September 19

Deadline: Monday, October 10

Recommended Level: 40

Number of Lockpicks required: at least 10

Okumura Infiltration Guide

Meeting Haru and Morgana

As the thieves enter the palace, they find themselves in the middle of some nexus-like area.

Approach the console in front of you. There, you’ll see another cut-scene. Press the button on the console.

After taking the elevator, you’ll reach the control room. Turn left and head down the hallway before making your way into the next room. Once you reach the next room, another cut-scene will play.

When the cut-scene finishes, follow the balcony all the way to the other door at the end of the hall. Next, head into the other room. There’s an item in the far northwest corner. Then, approach the floating blue disk in the middle for a little info. However, when you approach the door, another cut-scene ensues. You need some sort of password to open the door.

Make your way to the Palace and a small cut-scene plays.

You’ll have to follow Morgana down the train tracks. Keep running down the tracks until you see the track split into three directions. Choose the path heading right where you’ll find Morgana. Approach the car as Morgana nearly runs you over.

Chase after Morgana again and run straight from the path you took. There, you’ll approach the intersection where you’ll find Morgana toppled over. Approach the car and another cut-scene will play.

After the lengthy cut-scenes, you’ll now have the chance to start the palace infiltration.

Infiltration pt. 2

Head back to the console area where you can take the lift down as an elevator. Go down the elevator and take out the shadow, Arahabaki. You can also negotiate with it to take on its power. Next, head to the left path and follow the balcony path. Take out the incoming shadows. One of them has Decarabia and the other shadow has Black Ooze.

Next, head into the room at the end of the balcony. There’s a roving shadow with Black Ooze, so take it out. Grab the item at the northwest corner before heading out the door. Haru will help open the door, giving you a chance to enter. When the door does open, a cut-scene will play. Then, you’ll be made to fight an angry shadow.

Mini-boss: Haru’s Fiancee

The robot has two other robots accompanying it. You’ll have Haru Okumura in your party. The main big boss is weak against Psy attacks. The two smaller shadows are weak against Wind. Your best bet for party members is Morgana for wind skills and any persona that has Psy skills. That way, you can take full advantage of an all-out attack.

Destroy the smaller robots first as they are softer and weak against wind. They also have healing skills which can be a pain to deal with. After dealing with them, take down the big boss. You’ll be heavily reliant on Haru for it. If she’s the only one with Psy skills, abuse those and take advantage of all-out attacks.

After defeating the boss, another cut-scene will occur.

Second Phase: Making Your Way To The Treasure

Facility Passageway

Once you regain control, look to your right for a treasure chest. After that, approach the console or what appears as a big yellow dot on the map. Once the elevator goes down, another cut-scene plays.

First, head toward the door on the right. You’ll find another roving Shadow which you can take out. When you’re done, make your way to the end of the hallway and you’ll see a shut door. Unfortunately, you can’t open it, but you can climb a ledge on your right. Use L1 to help you find the “!” to figure out a path.

Once you get through the vent, you’ll reach a path that runs in a circle. Run counter-clockwise for a better clue. Look for a Shadow roving nearby. Climb and jump across platforms until you reach a terminal. After messing with the terminal, you will have a map of the palace.

When you’re done with that, hop onto the platform in front of you and follow the path before climbing the barrels. As you climb up the barrels, you’ll find a vent. Go through the vent and you will find yourself right behind the door that refused to open. You can open it for a shortcut. After you do so, make a right and you will find an elevator. Unfortunately, it won’t budge. Instead, head to the next room with the path to the right of the elevator. You’ll find yourself near another ledge and a new door. However, this door will need a card to open.

Return back to the elevator and a cut-scene will ensue. After the cut-scene ends, head inside the elevator to move on to the next floor.


When you reach the barracks, several robots will be going around. You’re going to have to find which one has the card. As such, this place may get a little messy and even somewhat annoying.

For the first part, run straight ahead into a room full of little blue robots. Sneak in and gather whatever information you can about grabbing the chief clerk’s ID. Next, head down to the intersection and make a left. Take out the shadow roving there and make a left through the long hallway. However, there’s a door with a tiny room on your right. Head in there for a Safe Room.

Once you’re done, head straight until you reach the end of the hallway. Take out the Shadow roving around there before crossing to the other side. Continue until you reach another path. Both of the paths lead to robots who can possibly be the chief clerk. With the information on hand, turn right. Head to the far end of the hall until you confront the robot. Tell him you’re a bunch of salesmen and that you have sweets for him. With that, take him down.

The two smaller robots are weak to Wind skills, so have Morgana handle them. The main guy’s weak to Fire so take him out with Ann handle it. You’ll get the chief clerk’s ID when he finally goes down. More robots show up after. Don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with them yet. Leave the room where you found the ID before making a right at the first corner. You’ll reach another circular room. Go through the hall until you find a split path. One leads to a dead end and the other leads you to another room with a robot in it. There are actually two that are side-by-side on the map, but you only need the one that’s closest to you.

Head toward the closest “!” and defeat the robot for his ID. His mini-robots are weak to Fire while he’s weak himself to Wind. You get the Section Chief’s ID for defeating him and another shift change occurs. This time, you’ll finally draw out the Chief Director. Head out of the room and down to the south part of the map where you’ll see two “!”. If you’re looking at the map, head to the “!” nearest to the Safe Room. There, talk to him for a bit and ask him about the past to finally trigger a battle.

Mini Boss Fight: CEO Robot with Minions

The big boss is weak to Psy skills while the small ones are weak to Fire skills. Its est if you have Morgana with you to easily perform a Baton Pass. However, watch out for your SP. You’ll need a lot of it later. After defeating him, you’ll get the Chief Director’s ID.

When you’re done, head down back to the Barracks’ entrance.

Facility Passageway

When you descend down the elevator, head back to the door that didn’t want to open the first time. Use the card and you’ll finally be able to use the lift to go up to the next area. Follow the way through until you reach two doors that lead you to the Spaceport Facility Surroundings.

Spaceport Facility Surroundings

From the entrance, take the platform across to the landing. Be sure to save in the safe room before proceeding. After that, jump across the platforms across from the Safe Room. It’s relatively straight forward. Climb the ledges to get to the higher parts until you reach a point where you can either go up or down. Since the higher platform’s a dead end, head to the lower left platform.

You’ll reach a platform that leads to a long path. There’s a Shadow guarding it, so take him out. There are small, round, floating Shadows that you can also defeat for extra EXP. When you’re done, head through the door at the end of the path to continue to the next area.

Spaceport Export Line

When you enter the new area, head south. There’s another Safe Room to save in here. If you want the treasure chest, climb the ramp and then onto the pipes above. After that, proceed to the main area.

As soon as you get to the main area, proceed down the eastmost path. It’s toward the end and leads to another door. Suddenly, one of the assembly line machines breaks and blocks your path.

With that now blocking your path, head south and go down the walkway. Keep following it until you find a console with a blue flashing light on top. Using this allows you to change the machines’ speed. Crank it up to the max until the controls break. This then will break the machinery and form a bridge.

Make your way over the broken arm and head north until you spot a ramp. Head up it and into the room above to come across another console. Do the same as before and break the other arm. Head back down and you’ll see a new bridge at the bottom of the ramp. Cross it and use the console to break a third arm.

You can’t cross the arm right away. Head back up the ramp from before and go to the platform past the room with a console. Then, jump down from there and use the arm to reach the door.

Spaceport Production Line

Head up the path north and up a small ramp. Make your way toward the checkmark to find a new console. This will stop the machinery and let you pass through. However, the “Lunch” and “Break” options only stop the machines temporarily. Use the “Lunch” option and you’ll have 30 seconds to move past previously moving machinery. Fighting doesn’t stop the clock, so try to avoid shadows as much as possible.

When you’re ready, set the console to lunch. Sprint down the ramp to your right and over to the blue machine presses. Quickly run toward them and head to the one closer to the console to the east. This takes you where you want to go, so don’t jump over the closer of the two. However, if you want to grab the chest there, there’s a console you can use.

When you get across, access the purple console to trigger the “Lunch.” With that, the purple press stops across from the blue press. Once across, you don’t have to worry about the timer. If you want to head back, check the purple console near the door, but if you have nothing left to do, continue on.

Disposal Line

Before anything, head southeast on the platform. There’s a Safe Room nearby.

When you’re done, head down to the lower part of the platform. There’s a console with a purple light on it. Interact with it just like before. Crank up the arm speed to break it and create a bridge you can cross. Head to the far west side and you’ll spot another console.

You can’t go there yet. Lasers will appear and block you if you try. Instead, use the console and set it to “Lunch.” Afterward, head back to the first landing you were on.

Ignore the console near where you land since it just stops the same blue press. Instead, keep on moving. Take down all the Shadows in the area before starting to make your life easier. There’s a long stretch of running to do and you don’t want to get interrupted.

When you finish up, there’s a console with a blue light on the north side of the platform across from where you landed. Use it to make a bridge to cross to the next platform. Make sure to remember where the yellow press is.

When you’re done with that, head south across the arm and hit the yellow console. There’s a chest around the corner from it, though. Activate the yellow console and sprint across the arm before crossing over the yellow press. Then, approach the shadows for a fight.

Mini Fight: Golden Corporobo MDL-CH

Since they’re weak to Ice and Psy, bring Fox and Noir. For the third member, bring in a healer with Ann, Makoto, or Morgana. As long as you have Mapsio and Mabufu, you should be able to finish this fight easily with all-out attacks.

After defeating them, head through the door at the other side of the room. Take the lift and head into the next area.

Spaceport Central Factory

Follow the path. On your left, you’ll find a door leading to the Safe Room.

After saving in the Safe Room, head toward the window with the alpha sign on it. Interact with the window and it’ll suck you in before shooting you out the other side. When you land, grab the two items in the corners before crossing over to the elevator.

Transfer Line

1st Level

When you enter this area, head through the first and only airlock you find. Then, head through the east one. Ignore the nearby control panel to go through the east airlock. After that, activate the control panel in this room before heading through the eastern airlock moving you south.

Once you get there, activate the control panel to the east. Then, go west until you see two airlocks. Go through the one that leads into another room almost right next to it. You’ll spot three airlocks, but you only need the one in the middle. Activate the control panel in that room before heading back.

When you’re back in the previous room, head all the way east and activate the control panel again. Then, head through the airlock to the far west going north.

When you reach the next room, activate the control panel and head through the airlock on the west wall. This will move you into a small square room. After that, head through the northern airlock before using the elevator. Don’t forget to save up in the Safe Room.

2nd Level

Once you enter the second level, head north. Then, head through the eastern airlock. When you get there, ignore the control panel there before going south to the eastern green airlock. However, once you go through it, it will disable itself and enable another airlock. Because of this, go through the north and then east airlocks in order.

When you’re done with that, head to the east end of the hallway. Go through the north airlock. Among the three, it’s the easternmost one. Go through the west airlock and head west after that. Here, use the control panel to switch open the airlocks before going through the south one.

Back in the long room you were in before, head through the center airlock and then through the east one and the north one after that.

After that, you’ll find yourself in the long room you were before. Head through the center airlock before heading through the east one. Follow it up with the north airlock after that. Because when you do so, you’ll find yourself in another room. Go through the north airlock directly across from where you landed. When you do so, ignore the control panel and instead head through the airlock on the south-west side.

Finally, head through the south-west airlock if you want to grab the chest. If you don’t want it, head through the northeast airlock. Then, head through the north airlock to activate the control panel. When you finish up with that, head back through the southwest airlock and down through the southwest. With that, you’ll move on to the next area.

Secret Weaponry Area

From the entrance, make a right to grab the treasure box. Follow the path down from the treasure box until you can make a left. You should find a door on your right leading to the Safe Room. From the Safe Room, take the ramp on your right. When you reach the end of the ramp, make another right and head straight toward the Big Bang Burger for a cut-scene. With that, you will also find the Okumura Palace Treasure!

Now all that’s left is to send him a notification.

Third Phase: Making the Treasure Appear

When you decide to send a notification, a whole cascade of events will happen. Assuming you did get all of the Safe Rooms, just teleport to the one that is nearest to the treasure. Head to where you found the treasure’s immaterial form and a cut-scene will play.

After the cut-scene, run up the ramp in the treasure room that was previously blocked. Follow the pathway all the way up until you reach the doors. Open the doors and head into the next room. Take out the shadow as to have fewer problems. Multiple shadows will appear, so you’ll have to eliminate them quickly if you want to get to the treasure. Keep following the pathway until you reach the elevator. Activate it to head up.

Once you’re up, run up to the ramp with a platform. If you have enough time, grab the treasure chest.

When you activate the platform, you’ll trigger another set of cut-scenes.

Okumura Palace Boss Battle

Shadow Kunikazu Okumura, otherwise known as Mammon, isn’t all that threatening. The real challenge here, however, is preserving your SP.

For a complete and detailed breakdown of stats, skills, and battle strategies against Shadow Okumura, read our boss guide:

Shadow Okumura (Mammon) Boss Guide

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  2. Number of Lockpicks required: at least 10
    ??? Wtf, I found only 3 locked chests. And now I stuck with 12 unused lockpicks…

  3. Small Pawn Robots: Weak to Fire, and Wind
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    Skinny Tall Blue Robot (2nd Sec Chief): Weak to Wind
    Big Green Robot (Chief Director): Weak to Psych

    Also Katherine Baskerville you seem to say ‘weak to wind skills so have Ann handle that part’, and again you mention ‘the small ones are weak against Agi skills. Best if you have Morgana with you to easily perform a Baton Pass’. Little bit confusing.

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  4. Note, in the fight with the Chief Clerk and two robot minions, thee guide incorrectly labels the minion robot’s weakness as Fire. This is incorrect, the maintain their wind weakness from the first time you encountered them with Haru’s fiance.

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