Persona 5 Royal - Character List

A list of main characters from Persona 5 Royal. Included are each character's information and their voice actor/actress.

Persona 5 Royal - Character List

All Characters in Persona 5 Royal

Below is a list of the main and playable characters in Persona 5 Royal. Included are their background information and their voice acting artist.

The Phantom Thieves

Character Background VA Artist
Persona 5 Royal - ProtagonistProtagonist The Protagonist is a transfer 2nd-year student at Shujin Academy. Despite looking quiet and well-mannered, he hides within himself a heart of a rebellious trickster. He is the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and calls himself Joker. His Personas are Arsene, Satanael, and Raoul (P5R only).
VA (JP): Jun Fukuyama
VA (EN): Xander Mobus
Persona 5 Royal - MorganaMorgana Morgana or Mona is an anthropomorphic and biped black cat who is the second-in-command of the Phantom Thieves. Mona is often snarky and cocky but he also has a kind side. His Personas are Zorro, Mercurius, and Diego (P5R only).
VA (JP): Ikue Otani
VA (EN): Cassandra Lee Morris
Persona 5 Royal - Ryuji SakamotoRyuji Sakamoto Ryuji is a fellow 2nd-year student and classmate of the Protagonist at Shujin Academy. He is also a former track and field athlete but was sidelined due to injuries. His Phantom Thief codename is Skull and his Personas are Captain Kidd, Seiten Taisei, and William (P5R only).
VA (JP): Mamoru Miyano
VA (EN): Max Mittelman
Persona 5 Royal - Ann TakamakiAnn Takamaki Ann is another fellow 2nd-year student and classmate of the Protagonist. She is of mixed ethnicity composed of Japanese and American heritage. Her Phantom Thief codename is Panther and her Personas are Carmen, Hecate, and Celestine (P5R only).
VA (JP): Nana Mizuki
VA (EN): Erika Harlacher
Persona 5 Royal - Yusuke KitagawaYusuke Kitagawa Yusuke is a 3rd-year art student at Kosei High School. He is passionate about art and looks for ways to broaden his horizons in becoming a great artist. His Phantom Thief codename is Fox and his Personas are Goemon, Kamu Susano-o, and Gorokichi (P5R only).
VA (JP): Tomokazu Sugita
VA (EN): Matthew Mercer
Persona 5 Royal - Makoto NiijimaMakoto Niijima Makoto is a 3rd-year student and student council president at Shujin Academy. She is very unpopular among the student body because she is perceived as arrogant and a control freak. Her Phantom Thief codename is Queen and her Personas are Johanna, Anat, and Agnes (P5R only).
VA (JP): Rina Satō
VA (EN): Cherami Leigh
Persona 5 Royal - Futaba SakuraFutaba Sakura Futaba is a middle school-aged girl and a shut-in who does not attend school. She suffers from multiple psychological problems and relies on the internet to communicate with others. Her Phantom Thief codename is Oracle and her Personas are Necronomicon, Prometheus, and Al Azif (P5R only). VA (JP): Aoi Yūki
VA (EN): Erica Lindbeck
Persona 5 Royal - Haru OkumuraHaru Okumura Haru is a fellow 3rd-year student at Shujin Academy. She is a wealthy daughter of a food business owner and is perceived as eccentric due to her hesitation to interact with her fellow students. Her Phantom Thief codename is Noir and her Personas are Milady, Astarte, and Lucy (P5R only).
VA (JP): Haruka Tomatsu
VA (EN): Xanthe Huynh
Persona 5 Royal - Goro AkechiGoro Akechi Akechi is both a high school student and a young ace detective who investigates the mysterious Phantom Thieves of Hearts. He is pretty popular but is still quite lonely when being alone. His Phantom Thief codename is Crow and his Personas are Robin Hood, Loki, and Hereward (P5R only).
VA (JP): Sōichirō Hoshi
VA (EN): Robbie Daymond
Persona 5 Royal - Kasumi YoshizawaKasumi Yoshizawa (P5R only) Kasumi is the new phantom thief introduced in Persona 5 Royal. She is a transfer 1st-year Shujin Academy student and an accomplished rhythmic gymnast. Her Phantom Thief codename is Violet and her Personas are Cendrillon (P5R only), Vanadis (P5R only), and Ella (P5R only).
VA (JP): Sora Amamiya
VA (EN): Laura Post

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