Persona 5 - Tower Arcana Compendium [Persona 5/ P5]

This article contains a guide for the Tower Arcana.

The Tower Arcana often signals disaster and omen. Considered the worst card in the deck, this arcana also depicts the destruction of oneself due to pride.

Tower Arcana(XVI)

The Tower Arcana never really has a positive aspect. This major arcana appears as the Tower of Babel. Lightning strikes and shatters the tower at the top. Along with that, there are two people spiraling down to their deaths. When one takes a look at it, it appears to display someone’s fall from grace. The pride of staying at the top of the Tower and looking down has brought nothing but disaster. When this card is drawn out, this often means a drastic event or a disaster that will occur in one’s life. Unfortunately, this card often spells destruction and is the worst card in the deck.

When using these persona, expect pure physical attacks. They normally have bad affinities, the Chariot or Strength arcana becoming better choices. Those classified under the Tower Arcana appear as heroes that were once well-loved. However, a terrible event breaks their spirit and sends them falling from grace. Other times, the persona under the Tower associate themselves with righteousness or destruction.

If a character represents the Tower, they often have the common trait of arrogance. However, they often find themselves in bad situations. Then, they fall from grace and learn humility. For Persona 5, the representative for the Tower Social Confidant is Shinya Oda. When you max out the link, he grants you the ability to create Mada.

Level Persona Name Level Persona Name
32 Jatayu 37 Belphegor
41 Red Rider 44 Magatsu Izanagi
48 Magatsu-Izanagi Picaro  51 Seth
59 Black Rider 73 Mara
79 Yoshitsune 85 Mada

Other Persona

Fool Magician Priestess
Empress Emperor Hierophant
Lovers Chariot Justice
Hermit Fortune Strength
Hangedman Death Temperance
Devil Tower Star
Moon Sun Judgement

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