The Emperor Confidant – Yusuke Kitagawa [Persona 5]

This section contains details about the Emperor Arcana confidant

This is a Persona 5 confidant guide for the Emperor Arcana. For other confidant guides, head over to the Persona 5 top page.

Yusuke Kitagawa Confidant Guide

emperorYusuke is a tall, dark, and handsome fellow.  A smooth operator, he is methodical and quick-thinking. Yusuke kicks ass with an assault rifle and a katana. When fighting, he uses the mask of the Fox while summoning his persona – Goemon.

Despite his calm demeanour, Yusuke may come off as someone a little creepy at times. Because he was raised in a sheltered environment, his approaches to others may come off as stalker-like and creepy.

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You can find  Yusuke in Shibuya Underground Station after school everyday.


Rank Name Effect
1 Card Reproduction You can now produce low level skill cards. At the start, you also receive a Recarm Skill card.
2 Baton Pass If “One More” occurs, you can change into either Yusuke or the protagonist. Whenever you  pass the baton, the attack stacks.
3 Final Blow If the protagonist doesn’t down the enemy, Yusuke will perform a follow-up attack.
4 Artist Talk If the shadow refuses to cooperate, Yusuke can help you try again to bribe the Shadow.
5 Card Reproduction You can now produce medium level skill cards.
6 Paper Fan Recovery Heals the party’s conditions occasionally.
7 Card Reproduction You can now produce High level cards (ex. Diarahan, Bufudyne, and etc.)
8 Moxie If  the attack will kill Yusuke, there’s a chance he may endure it.
9 Covering If the enemy attacks the protagonist’s weakness, Yusuke can take the blow for him.
10 Super Awakening From Goemon, his persona will evolve into Kamui Susanowo.

Emperor Cooperation Guide

Rank Dialogue Choices
1  After the events that transpired in 6/18, head to the train station’s underground passageway to find him.
  • Unlocks Novice Duplication (allows Yusuke to produce low-level skill cards for you)
2 1st Choice: “It’s novel.” +2 / “It’s enigmatic.” +2
2nd Choice: “I can’t wait.” +3 / “I hope you’re right.” +3
  •  Unlocks Baton Pass (lets Yusuke pass his turn to other Baton Pass users after a 1 More)
3 1st Choice: “Don’t let it bother you.” +2
3rd Choice: “This isn’t like you.” +3 / “You’re really giving up?” +2
4th Choice: All choices are +2
  • Unlocks Follow Up (gives Yusuke the chance to attack an enemy after Joker as a follow-up)
  • Unlocks Ueno Museum location
4 1st Choice: “Why are we in a boat?” +2 / “I should bring a girl here.” +2
2nd Choice: “Love comes in all forms.” +3 / “Maybe you should train more.” +2
  • Unlocks Artist Talk (gives Yusuke the chance to step in on a failed shadow negotiation)
  • Unlocks Inokashira Park location
5 1st Choice: “Do you want me to strip?” +3 / “I dunno if I can do it…” +2
2nd Choice: “I’m sure you will.” +3 / “It doesn’t look like it.” +3 / “Do you want to give up?” +2
  • Unlocks Adept Duplication (allows Yusuke to create medium-level skills cards)
  • Unlocks Kanda Church location
6 1st Choice: “It feels nostalgic” +2

3rd Choice: “Maybe he was sympathetic” +3

  • Rank 4  Proficiency required
  • Unlocks Harisen Recovery (gives Yusuke the chance to step in and heal status ailments of party members)
7 1st Choice: “What do you mean?” +2
2nd Choice: “The truth is within you.” +3
  • Unlocks Master Duplication (allows Yusuke to create high-end skill cards)
8 1st Choice: “It has to be Ann.” +2
2nd Choice: “You’ve really grown, Yusuke.” +3
  • Unlocks Endure (gives Yusuke the chance to withstand a killing blow)
9 1st Choice: “Her love for her son.” +3 / “The pain of separation.” +3
2nd Choice: “You’ve really changed, Yusuke.” +3
  • Unlocks Protect (gives Yusuke the ability to shield Joker from a fatal attack)
10 Any choice here is irrelevant since you have reached the MAX rank.
  • Unlocks Second Awakening (evolves Yusuke’s Persona into its ultimate form)

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rank SIX option 3: Maybe he was sympathetic = +3

Katherine Baskerville

Hi, thanks for letting us know LeafSenpai! The current game save has a low proficiency at the moment. XD Kinda hard to max it out. :))