Persona 5 Royal - Classroom Answer List and Guide


List of clasroom answers for the questions asked by the teacher both in Persona 5 Royal, including the specific dates they will be given.

Persona 5 Royal - Classroom Answer List and Guide

Classroom Answer List and Guide in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal - Classroom Answer List and Guide

While attending class at Shujin Academy in Persona 5 Royal, the Protagonist will be occasionally called to answer class questions asked by their teacher.

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Persona 5 Royal - Classroom Question by Kawakami

Class questions are usually tests of your knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, similar to taking exams or answering crossword puzzles at LeBlanc café.

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If you answered correctly to a question, the Protagonist’s Knowledge social stat will rise by +2.

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List of All Classroom Answers

Here is a list of classroom answers in Persona 5 Royal organized by month and day:

April Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal - April Classroom Answers

Date Answer
4/12 Option C: Villains.
4/19 Option C: They’re the same.
4/23 Option D: All of them.
4/25 Option A: You unquestioningly support it.
Option C: You have a duty to correct it.
4/27 Option B: Four color theorem.
4/30 Option B: Wonder.
Option B: Child.
Option C: A prodigy.
P5 April Walkthrough P5R April Walkthrough

May Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal - May Classroom Answers

Date Answer
5/7 Option C: Fatal Woman.
5/10 Option C: Heian period.
5/16 Option C: The placebo effect.
5/19 Option B: Katsushika Hokusai.
5/21 Option B: 1:1 414.
5/23 Option C: Together.
Option B: Senses.
Option B: Senses coming together.
5/26 Option B: Arthur Conan Doyle.
5/31 Option D: John Silver.
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June Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal - June Classroom Answers

Date Answer
6/4 Option B: The halo effect.
6/7 Option C: The number of legs.
6/8 Option C: Controlling public thought.
6/13 Option B: Green.
6/15  Option B: Coins.
6/20 Option B: Smartphone.
6/23 Option C: A pope.
6/27 Option C: Dogs.
6/29 Option B: Gold.
P5 June Walkthrough P5R June Walkthrough

July Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal - July Classroom Answers

Date Answer
7/1 Option C: Barbarian’s Head.
7/4 Option B: Julius and Augustus.
7/7 Option B: The Milky Way.
Option A: Soumen’s noodles.
7/9 Option D: A triangle.
7/11 Option B: Memories that last a long time.
Option C: Infinite.
Option C: Forever.
7/12 Option D: Thievery.
P5 July Walkthrough P5R July Walkthrough

September Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal - September Classroom Answers

Date Answer
9/3 Option C: Prosperity.
9/6 Option B: Chronostasis.
9/14 Option A: Money loans for collateral.
9/17 Option B: Cats eating human tongues.
9/21 Option B: Central Europe.
9/24 Option B: 20 white, 12 black.
9/28 Phantom, Vibration, Syndrome.
9/29 Imperial Household Agency.
P5 September Walkthrough P5R September Walkthrough

October Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal - October Classroom Answers

Date Answer
10/3 Option B: Stars.
10/6 Option D: Joseph-Ignace Guillotin.
10/11 Option B: Bouba.
10/22 Option A: 15.
10/24 Option B: Memory bias.
P5 October Walkthrough P5R October Walkthrough

November Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal - November Classroom Answers

Date Answer
11/2 Option C: A share of stolen goods.
11/4 Option B: A sword.
11/8 Option A: Any age.
11/10 Option B: Crows eyes are hard to see.
11/12 Option B: Because the voice is synthetic.
11/14 Option C: Because of high altitude.
11/15 Option C: His head was put on display.
11/17 Option B: Cochleoid.
P5 November Walkthrough P5R November Walkthrough

January Classroom Answers

Persona 5 Royal - January Classroom Answers

Date Answer
1/11 Option C: How numerous they are.
The Eight Million Gods.
1/14 Iwate.
1/18 Option B: Impressive.
1/20 Option B: A snake.
1/24 Kind-hearted.
1/27 Option B:  To friends of friends of friends.

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