Persona 5 Royal - Shadow IT President Boss Guide

Boss guide for Shadow IT President in Persona 5 (P5), including stats, attacks, and strategy.

Shadow IT President

Persona 5 IT President Boss


Level 59
HP 3,500
SP 560
Strength 37
Magic 52
Endurance 30
Agility 60
Luck 34
Inherit Elec
Block Psy
Resists Elec
Weak Nuke
EXP 5,000
Money 9,920
Item Rewards


1) Summon

Summons Titania.

2) Nocturnal Flash

Moderate chance to inflict dizziness to each member of the party.

3) Maziodyne

Heavy electric damage to the entire party with a low chance to inflict shock.

4) Brave Blade

Powerful single target physical damage.

5) Hama Boost

Raises the chance of dealing a bless element insta-death.

6) Hamaon

Moderate chance of inflicting a bless element single target knock out.


Defeat the boss while stalling the minions

Shadow IT President is escorted by two Shadow Titanias. The boss will continually call for reinforcements to pester your party. The minions are weak to Psy while the boss suffers against Nuke.

When the battle starts, have the protagonist call for a persona with a powerful Psy skill like Mapsio. Note that this only works against the summons since the boss is immune to Psy. A workaround is to pair this skill with Nuke spells. Have the protagonist use Mapsio to blast the minions and pin them down, then baton pass to Makoto to knock down the boss. You can dedicate one member to casting Mapsio each turn to prevent the minions from getting back on their feet. That said, defeating them is not a priority. While the boss is crippled, channel your attacks on him until he gets knocked out. You can finish the minions off with a combination of the protagonist’s and Haru’s Psy skills.

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