Persona 5 Royal - Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki Boss Guide

Boss guide for Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes the boss' stats, skills, and a strategy guide.

Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki Boss Guide

Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki carries plenty of attacks that can affect the entire party, either inflicting damage or inducing status ailments. Think about which member to send in for the latter segment and don’t forget to have everyone use Guard when necessary.

Futaba Palace Guide

Boss Stats

Level 34
HP 11000
SP 1000
Strength 38
Magic 28
Endurance 23
Agility 21
Luck 20
Weak Physical*
EXP 4,600
Money 22,000
Item Rewards

Boss receives five times damage from physical attacks, however, it does not treat it as its weakness.

Boss Skills

1) Slam

Strong physical damage to a single target.

2) Wing Blast

Moderate wind damage to a random number of targets, with a chance to inflict dizzy.

3) Sphinx Swipe

Moderate physical damage to the entire party.

4) Dreadful Scream

Moderate chance to inflict despair to the entire party.

5) Rapid Ascent

Charges for an attack and becomes immune to attacks for at most three turns.

6) Sphinx Dive

Severe physical damage to the entire party after using Rapid Ascent.

Boss Strategy

1) Arranging the Party

Morgana is highly recommended for this battle since his Persona, Zorro, has recovery skills that aid the entire party like Media and Mediarama, the latter of which he acquires at level 34. Yusuke is also recommended as his Counter allows him a 10% chance to reflect physical attacks. Ryuji does not have any efficient magic skills, however, his physical skills work effectively instead. Makoto has Energy Shower to lift Despair from party members. Finally, Anne should avoid using magic skills and concentrate on using Gun attacks.

The protagonist should prepare by summoning appropriate Persona for the encounter. There are two Persona that are particularly effective against Ishiki Wakaba: Arahabaki and Shiki-Ouji. Arahabaki belongs to the Hermit Arcana and has access to Makarakarn, an innate skill that allows him to deflect magic spells. On the other hand, Shiki-Ouji of the Chariot Arcana is obtainable at level 21. He blocks physical and gun attacks, which make him useful when defending.

2) Guard the Charged Attack

Ishiki Wakaba’s Sphinx Swipe removes a chunk of health from the party members, therefore have everyone Guard each time you anticipate the attack coming.

If you decide to use Arahabaki, MC becomes a durable ally against magic attacks with Makarakarn.

However, midway through the battle, Futaba’s Persona will awaken. When this happens, the party will be able to wield the Ballista. You need to send one party member to operate the Ballista, as this will deal heavy damage to the boss while she’s gliding. The boss will fall after you hit it a few times with the ballista. Use this opportunity to channel some heavy physical attacks as you power up an ally by casting Rakunda and Tarukaja.

Boss Battle Video (Joker, Mona, Skull, and Panther)

Boss Battle Video (Joker, Mona, Fox, and Queen)

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