New Game Plus Rewards! [Persona 5/ P5]

This article contains the rewards you can carry over to the next playthrough of Persona 5.

New Game Plus

After completing Persona 5 the first time, you get to play New Game Plus. This means some elements from your earlier gameplay can be carried over. When it does, not only will it make your life easier but also, you can play the harder levels. Certain persona such as Satanael are only usable in New Game Plus. This also involves certain items such as Christmas Gifts and even Valentine’s Chocolate.

New Game Plus Elements

Name Meaning
 Persona Compendium Any Persona you gained from your first playthrough can easily be summoned. In the New Game Plus, you can just approach the twins Caroline and Justine to open the compendium.
Human Parameters In Persona 5, your human parameters from the initial playthrough will remain the same. This makes it easier if you want specific characters to become romantically involved with you.
Equipment This somewhat makes you overpowered but, it’s worth it. All your equipment from the previous playthrough will stick with you.
Amount of money Since money’s a bit annoying to farm, it’s good that you can carry it over. That way, you can devote more to buying healing items and other items to get you home.
Christmas Gifts When you get involved with a romantic partner, they drop off Christmas gifts. This can help increase the CO-OP in the next run.
Valentines Chocolate This is another valuable item to help with the confidants.
Final Items Before leaving the area and finishing the game, the characters you’ve built social links with will give you items.
Fishing Rod You get this from the mini-game.

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Do you keep the monster fusion options that you’ve unlocked but not created yet?

how many times can you play a NG+ using each NG+ carry over items. For example let’s say in my first play through I didn’t get rank 10 on the moon confidant so no final item. Then on my NG+ I get moon the confidant final item can I still play a 2nd NG+ with the new moon final item?


I’m also curious if you can keep doing new game+ each completion and retain your previous items.

Ultimately I’d like a game with all the christmas gifts if possible…

They roll over

you’ll have to play the game over 7 times and that over 100 hours each

Wont take 100 hours second time around, less grindy with high lvl personas