Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - New Game Plus Rewards [Persona 5/P5]

This article contains the rewards you can carry over to the next playthrough of Persona 5.

The New Game Plus is the part that people get when they finish the initial playthrough of Persona 5. This allows you to carry over certain rewards.

New Game Plus

After completing Persona 5 the first time, you can restart the game in New Game+ mode. This allows some elements from your first playthrough to be carried over. This not only makes your life easier, but also allows access to harder levels faster. Certain persona like Satanael are only usable in New Game Plus.

New Game Plus Elements

Name Meaning
Persona Compendium The entirety of the player’s Persona Compendium carries over to New Game+. Should the character get the funds, they can summon any registered Persona in the Velvet Room.
Social Stats All social stats carry over, allowing the player to start with max stats if they were diligent the first time. This can make accessing certain events or confidants much easier.
Equipment All equipment obtained in the first playthrough carries over, allowing for easy dispatch of any enemies the second time around.
Amount of money All of the player’s
Christmas Gifts When you get involved with a romantic partner, they drop off Christmas gifts. This can help increase their social link in New Game Plus.
Valentines Chocolate This is another valuable item that carries between playthroughs.
Final Items Before leaving the area and finishing the game, all of your Confidants will give you items. These are present in the next playthrough.
Fishing Rod You get this from the mini-game.

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  1. how many times can you play a NG+ using each NG+ carry over items. For example let’s say in my first play through I didn’t get rank 10 on the moon confidant so no final item. Then on my NG+ I get moon the confidant final item can I still play a 2nd NG+ with the new moon final item?